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Questios about graphs Lab Report Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Questios about graphs - Lab Report ExampleSuch is the best solution rather than closing down the company. The number of firms system steady in neither short-run, whereby no firm can enter nor exit. When the market footing exceeds the average variable embody, the revenue generated by the firms will accordingly cover the variable cost and some revenue left over to offset the fixed costs. The quantity supplied by each company will come down and remain steady to where it can sustain to operate in the conditions. Thus, the quantity supplied in the market may not meet the required demand by the customers since the quantity will neither decrease nor increase till the firms are out of operating at loss (Caimcross 66).Q3. b) Monopoly is a market where production is beneath the control of a single supply. The marginal revenue is less than the average revenue because when the monopolists wants to sell more, they must reduce the price on each building block this prevents the competition f rom happening.Q4. b) Economic profits are driven to zero when the demand curve, as well as the average total cost curves, are suntan to each other. In this case, the prices are equal to average total cost and thus the firms will earn zero economic profits. The quantity of outputs in the noncompetitive competition is much smaller than the quantity that minimizes average total cost. But in perfect competition, price is equal to the minimum average total cost thus the companies produce at their efficient scale. The price in monopolistic competition is greater than marginal cost since the firm has the market power contrary in perfect competition where it is equal to marginal cost.Q5. b) Oligopoly is where a few firms exist in the market. The oligopolies face the downward sloping demand curve. In this case, the oppose firms cannot follow a price increase by one firm hence demand will be relatively elastic and rises in the price that will lead to a fall in total revenue of the firm. A lso, the rivals