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Nursing assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Nursing - identification ExampleMeanwhile, public-private interventions include the 5-a-day Consortium.Methods used to analyze the intersectoral/interagency collaboration and publicprivate partnerships include the well-disposed determinants of wellness which analyze the units of interventions, intersectoral/interagency and inter-program relationships, publicprivate partnerships, and capacity to influence policy.Findings of the study found out that interviewees assumed that the price of fruits and vegetables is too high, particularly for the poorest among the population. Access to fruit and vegetable content of school meals ar slow and accessibility of fresh fruit is scant. The 5-a-day Consortium has addressed acceptability and improvement of quality and access to fruits and vegetables.Despite proposed solutions to development intake of fruits and vegetables among Chilean population and to enhanced partnerships between interlocal agencies and public and private sectors, conflict s between commercial and social interests still occur and created a significant effect on public policies.As documented by the WHO, increasing individual fruit and vegetable consumption to up to 600 g daily would reduce the intercontinental burden of ischemic heart disease, ischemic stroke, esophageal, lung and colorectal cancer, cardiovascular diseases, cancer, diabetes, chronic pulmonary obstructive diseases, and some other chronic noncommunicable diseases. In addition, the study also affect the collaboration between interlocal agencies and different sectors as political actions are also important determinants of health in resolving issues related to oppression of underserved Chilean in terms of fruit and vegetable consumption.Based upon the social determinants/pathway of Chilean population, deep inequities are observed between income levels, ethnic groups, regions affecting mainly women, children and underemployed workers food intake are alter by global trends in

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Ethics Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 2

Ethics - Case Study Exampleethics of the captain standards which permits her to prevent slash, undue influence and conflict of interests of others to override work judgments or professionals.The stakeholders that will be affect by the unethical decision which may arise following the request made by Mr. Rashid, the managing music director, includes the customers, the investors, the business partners and shareholders. The stakeholders deserve to be told the truth pertaining to the performance of the business (Amat & Gowthorpe, 2013). This can only be do if the correct, in force(p) and accurate figures are recorded.Maryam Mohammed should refer the managing director to relevant regulations and laws that are against such an action. She should tell Mr. Rashid that the action is against the principle of ethics in the accountant profession (Amat & Gowthorpe, 2013). She has a professional obligation of ensuring that silver dollar and accuracy is done and she should not be involved in actions that discredit her profession.Maryam should be able to report the unethical discharge to the companys audit and financial committee or her supervisor at the place of work. A professional accountant has an obligation of preventing undue influence, conflict of interest as well as bias of others to override business judgment or profession (Amat & Gowthorpe, 2013). She should do follow up to ensure that the Managing director is punished.Ethics can be defined as the discipline that deals with what is bad or good and with good obligations and duty. Accounting is the process that involves describing the business processes in numbers. The bookkeeping numbers of a companys chronicle records should be accurate and honest in order to be considered ethical. Ethical dilemmas in accounting think of a supervisor directing a subordinate to interfere with the actual financial figures. Accuracy and honesty are the ethical issues in accountings. Accountants as well as bookkeepers have an obligation of ensuring information is

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Busniess Environment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Busniess environment - Essay ExampleFrom the Olympic organizing committee Gurgaon-Based Luca Wines is preparation to toast the London Olympics. This is a good curriculum for advertisement of the firm considering their products exit be supplied in restaurants and hotels. Besides, a public limited firm that depart derive from the London Olympics is the British Airways, which is the aviation transport industry. Many of the athletes are likely to use the reputable airlines services to and fro the country. Going by the state of economy and the companies that fall in either category, GlaxoSmithKline plc is one of the firms that are set to be impact directly from the London, 2012 Olympics. The firm falls in the manufacturing orbit under the pharmaceutical industry. The company produces a variety of products for common ailments such as virus control, infections, mental health, digestive condition and asthma. Notably, in the primary area firms in the agricultural and fishing indus try sector will have a lot to benefit due to their sensitivity in terms of nutriment production and supply. The tertiary sector has various firms that will be affected by the London 2012 Olympics. In fact, the banking and other service sectors such as hotel management and hospitality sector. For example, Barclays bank has a lot to benefit from the London Olympics. ... They also include non-profit organizations, which may use it to offer services to the consumers. The cooperative businesses will be directly affected by the games. For example, the Banna Housing Cooperative is one of business that will be affected by the games during the Olympics. In addition, other cooperatives in the financial sector and housing sector are set to be affected directly or indirectly the games. Other Organizations Furthermore, it can be noted that the Olympics will affect other governmental organization and non-governmental organization either directly or indirectly. For instance, environmental place that is concerned with protection of the environment will be indirectly affected through their duty to jibe a healthy and fresh environment of the participants. Therefore, there are potentials of possible pollution and the accompanying litigations that cleverness occur consequentially. Whats more, some non-governmental organizations are also set to be affected. For instance, UNICEF, which is a non-governmental organization that cares for the rights of children. motley sponsors in relation to cooperate business firms will be involved in the support of the games. Purposes of organizations From the in a higher place discussion, it is clear that organizations such as Banna Housing Cooperative have a mission to grow and refine into a bigger firm based on the high demand for housing. The influx of visitors into the famous urban center calls for grooming of shelter. Therefore, the housing sector has a main goal to provide room for everyone with comfort. In provision of good quality homes Banna Housing has intentions to build its reputation to the highest level to better the lives of members. On the other hand, the banking sector has

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Writing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Writing - Essay causeNot that she was interested, she always told herself, but it felt nice that even the chubby seventeen-year-old Roger was all calf-eyed approximately her.Brian was the tall, wiry sort with a passion for rock-climbing and biking. After a whole day spent rafting on the river, he was leading the pack on to what he called a little jaunt on the rocks. Lisa had always been alarmed of heights, but never let on in front of Brian or the others. The group of reckless youngsters kept climbing, and she followed. Brian was way fore of her, exhorting the group to keep going. Come on, you all, we havent got all day she heard him say.Lisa could hear the river gurgling below, and the pile seemed somehow empty of air. She kept going, until suddenly the report she had gripped with her left(p) hand slithered out of the loose undercoat like a clumsy snake, with nothing else around to grasp, only sheer, smooth, rock. She was hanging on to the trunk of a sapling with her righ t hand. When Lisa glanced down, she realized that in climbing up a short incline of a a couple of(prenominal) feet, she was actually hanging above a thrust a few hundred feet deep with her feet on loose rock.She choked, and the sound made Roger, w... Lisa could hear the river gurgling below, and the hill seemed somehow empty of air. She kept going, until suddenly the root she had gripped with her left hand slithered out of the loose earth like a clumsy snake, with nothing else around to grasp, only sheer, smooth, rock. She was hanging on to the trunk of a sapling with her right hand. When Lisa glanced down, she realized that in climbing up a short incline of a few feet, she was actually hanging above a gorge a few hundred feet deep with her feet on loose rock.She choked, and the sound made Roger, who was puffing ahead of her, look down. Hold on, he said, I will come fetch you. Lisa could barely breathe, her ears ringing, and she merely nodded her head. Her muscles sidesplitter un der the strain, she held on, not daring to move an inch. She wanted to cry out for Brian, but he was nowhere in sight. Roger was calm, all reassurance Give me your hand, dont worry, I wont let you go. Fear squeezing her heart, she put her left hand in his and with a wrench let go of the sapling and gave him her right hand as well. She felt a sharp, half decaying tang of mortality in her breath, and then Roger had pulled her up. Are you alright offered Roger, and she nodded, drawing in long shaking breaths, Thanks, Im alright now.. thanks to you.As she sat ona rock on that sun-dappled afternoon, she did not go through quite so invincible, and realized that this is perhaps why the hu objet dart race is given fear, pain and death. She pattern of that intense, spontaneous burst of prayer that issued from her soul as she let go of her grip on the hill, a prayer of surrender into hands more powerful than her own, than Rogers, more powerful even than those of even the strongest man on ea rth. It

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Italy Centripetal and Centrifugal Forces Term Paper

Italy Centripetal and Centrifugal Forces - call Paper ExampleNew Europe shares 3 common divisors Hellenism, Germanic migration and Christianity. The Germanic who ran into the Roman empire about the 1st century A.D. was changed to Christianity Catholicism in final years of Western Roman Empire. In 800 A.D. the pope laurelled Karl Karl der Grosse, the king of Germanic Frank, as the Emperor of Western Roman Empire. Karls enthronement was a historical milepost intending that the Rome society which transmitted Hellenism Culture was mixed with the Teutonic by Christianity. thenceforth Western Roman Empire was separated into 3 different territories, inherited by Karls 3 grandkids severally, and they turned the source of present Germany, France, and Italy.2 sources of the European centripetal force are in universal recognized to have motivated the European conjugation following the World War II 3 common divisors Hellenism, Christianity and Germanic attitude which Europe has been dealing a fter the fourth century, and balancing of Germany and France which had been in competition for numerous years. However 3 European common divisors never exist in parallel temper they made multilayer structures, lapping in numerous layers in strain relations. Likewise, Germany-France association had formerly been under the implication of such multilevel constructions even earlier than the enthronement of Karl, whom both France and Germany admire as the founder of a nation. Then how and when such multilevel constructions were made and what do they do to the conjugation of Europe today? lets take a nearer look. Chapter II refines on how centripetal forces were integrated into multilevel shapes.

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Evaluate Unilever's financial strategy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Evaluate Unilevers financial strategy - Essay ExampleThen the sources of finance is analysed using Modigliani-Miller Theorem and it reveals that the debt to equity situation of the disposal is good and has significant impact on its market value. However, the currency position of the company is not stable and requires attention from the management. The Dividend policy of the organization is lusty and looks at riches maximization of the shareholders. The managers are concerned about the dividend re disco biscuit and regularly review the dividend policies. Moreover, the economic condition is instead unstable and a sluggish product is expected. In this regards it is recommended that the organization should give attention towards their cash position and should enhance other activities through which their profitability can be enhanced. The organization is also suggested to maintain healthy debt equity ratio, having higher debt may negatively impact their firm value. Introduction The Unilever Group started their operations in 1885 but was not established until 1930 when the argumentation actually joined forces to create the well established business prior to the start of 20th century. The corporate vision of the organization aims towards helping the people in night club to look and feel good and get more out of their life. The organization aims to create a sustainable living place and a better future through their services and brands (Unilever, 2013a). The front priority for the organization is their consumers and then comes the employees, communities and the suppliers. The organization aims to fulfil their responsibilities by serving their customers and make their shareholders eventually rewarded. Financial strategy plays a major role in the sustainability of an organization. Financial strategy is a portfolio that includes corporate strategic plans that involves financing decision and optimum investment that helps in attaining the specified objectives. It is an area of managerial policies that determines the financial and investment decisions, which in turn leads to the wealth maximization of the shareholders (Hill, 2009). This paper focuses on the financial strategy of the organization and provides recommendation on the solid ground of that. Corporate Life Cycle The Corporate life cycle can be segregated into quartet branchs through which an organization passes. The four stages are introduction, growth, matured and compensate. The introduction stage is the point where the organization first places its product and services in the market for the customers. In this stage it starts capturing the market share. The next stage is the growth stage in which the organization with the best quality product or service is at the transcend of the competition. The sales increases and the organization spend money in building the brand. The demands of the consumers are at the highest point. The third stage is maturity where the organization has maximised their profit and is operating at a stable place in the market. present the organization decides whether to withdraw their product or services from the market or to bring some knowledgeableness in them such that they remain in the market. The main focus is on the sustainability of the business. The last stage is the decline stage. At this stage the organization has already introduced their new products or next generation product. The

Evidence Law - Victoria (Australia) Legal Case Commentary Essay

Evidence Law - Victoria (Australia) Legal Case Commentary - Essay eventThe rationale appears to be that a confession obtained involuntarily can not be relied upon for the truth of its contents. The judicatures dilemma was succinctly stated by Gibbs J in Driscoll v The Queen, who said that, it is truly common for an accused person to deny that he made an oral confession which police witnesses certify that he made. The accused has an obvious motive to claim that police testimony of this kind is false. On the another(prenominal) hand it would be unreal to imagine that every police officer in every human face is too scrupulous to succumb to the temptation to attempt to secure the conviction of a person whom he believes to be guilty by saying that he has confessed to the crime with which he is charged when in event he has not done so. This aspect of the voluntary nature of confession statement becomes tricky in instances where police use unconventional means in the course of obtain ing a confession statement. The court act to draw the line in balancing these conflicting motives for the admissibility of confession statements by restating the applicable test an applying it to a scenario where police used what amounted to entrapment in R v Tofilau

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Food and Beverage Operations Management (Unit 5) Assignment - 1

fodder and Beverage Operations Management (Unit 5) - Assignment ExampleFood production systems vary in methods of preparation, readying and serving of the nutrition to the customer. The variation is in terms of the actual location where food production takes place, the do time taken from preparation to service, the number of staff required, quantity of food produced and the level of hygiene observed. The principal(prenominal) considerations in food production consist of quality of raw materials, food hygiene, minimal wastage, proper food storage, suitable preparation of every food item, and employees compliance with food handling regulations.In the central dissemination system of food production, food is produced in bulk off-site. This system is often adopted by astronomical chains who are seeking to outsource part or all of their food production.This is also know as vacuum cooking goods are brought in, prepared, cooked and portioned into plastic pouches which are and so vacu um packed. The food is then chilled and refrigerated. When a customer orders meals, the sealed poaches are re-heated then the pouch is cut open and the food is served on plates.The conventional food production system is applied in the majority of kitchen establishments. The processes involved are transport goods into the kitchen, storage (freezing, refrigeration or dry store), and preparation, taking order from customer, cooking and serving. During the cooking process foods quarter be cooked in a variety of methods.Menu is a statement of the food and beverage items available or offered by restaurants fundamentally based on consumer demand and intended to achieve specific purposes. The bill of fare is the foremost sales tool for products and drives the concepts, image, theme, quality and the overall mission of the restaurant. An efficient menu relies on precise combination of food items, prepared perfectly to the satisfaction of the guests.a) Consumers Food and beverage operator s are obligated to

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Role Of Values Based Education In the Global Society..Possible title Essay

billet Of Values Based Education In the Global Society..Possible title - Essay ExampleCertainly, enabling wholeness to make a living by ones familiarity and skills is an important aspect of schooling yet, education is something more than that (Stafford, 2003). Definitively, building of character stands to be and should be the top priority of any schoolman institution. Grand canon University is just the kind of institution that not only stimulates its students to develop a endocarp solid character, exclusively, rather approaches the task of character building in a much holistic way, spot varied facets of human personality.Truly speaking, the four pillars of Grand Canyon University stand to constitute the most fritter away proof and sufficient program for developing a character and personality that is just the right aggregate of ethics and pragmatism.The first pillar committed to academic advancement not merely implores the students to gain knowledge, but rather nudges them t o evaluate the imbibed knowledge in the laboratory of critical thinking and analytical evaluation. Mere knowledge makes a well informed person, but, approaching knowledge with a critical bent of mind makes a creative and original personality. At Grand Canyon University, the learning styles resorted to are such that they push a student to extend ones intellect and ingenuity to its limits, thereby shattering all gestate notions and challenging the inherent biases, prejudices and myths. The outcome of such an approach appears in the form of students who possess an open and inquiring attitude towards life, resting securely on dependable and time tested spiritual and moral foundations. Grand Canyon University encourages its students to develop a personality that is just the right blend of grass root practicality and an essentially Christian vision.The second pillar that is Christian camaraderie not only intends to facilitate an interactive and friendly mentality towards

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DIGITAL AND INTERACTIVE MARKETING Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3750 words

DIGITAL AND INTERACTIVE MARKETING - Essay ExampleCompany profile and creation Aviva plc is one of the worlds largest insurance companies. It has about 46000 employees and 28 countries. In UK the companys outline is to establish itself as a single global organization that is relatively quicker at fulfilling guest needs. And to support this strategy of theirs they needed a modern human capital management system. Later in 2010 Aviva introduced workday as a global solution to this concern. (Stobbart) Aviva has been a market leader in UK and was outdo known with its older name which was Norwich union. The companys main spheres of operations are in atomic number 63 and although it offers general insurance and other financial services, it generates most of its revenues from pensions and life insurance. The selling team of aviva takes care of its marketing and retention strategies, member benefit development for the health insurance business and product strategy. Avivas gross sales te am looks after the development and delivery of sales of aviva in its markets Issues with online presence When Aviva started to venture online it met different degrees of success. barely some issues faced by the company with its online presence was because of the conservative nature of the insurance industry. There are quite a lot of technical issues that are becoming a chore. Also the complexity of each the technology involved in internet marketing has been very challenging for the company. Much of the technology use by Aviva is used to automate instead of changing already existing business processes. (Ward) The basic problem with the use of websites in internet marketing is that most of the times websites dont appear in internet results for search words related to your business as a result of which your customers end up never having an access to your website. (Ashmore) In Avivas case Aviva has found online solutions for increasing its efficiency and to cut bulge on some paper w ork. These online solutions mainly focus on the needs of financial advisers. This was launched by Aviva in the UK. (Staff) Developing online strategy using new tools understanding and definitions This solution is for advisors e-commerce platform that was launched in June 2009 and now provides to about 40 000 investors tax, product and technical support related information. (Mail) One of the new features added to the company now shew the advisors capable of monitoring and tradeing notes online on more than about 1.6 million investment bonds, group, stakeholder and idiosyncratic personal pensions New feature is e-documents which provide the advisors an access to electronic version of client correspondence. (Stobbart) The online funds switch solution also has some other features like now customer contacts are not call for as the online services get hold of the entire customers information and removes the need for their signature every time a switch is needed. Moreover, the polic y fund research tool lets the advisors know which funds are available to switch and an online compliance record of each switch is available. Lastly, a client confirmation letter is automatically issued for each client after every fund switch is done. (Publications) (Berthon) Now talk about the e- documents system, it gives to the advisors access

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Business to Business Marketing Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Business to Business Marketing - appellation ExampleThe company under question Cloud inventive Solutions Ltd. is found to work more found on the ray of light of personal selling while reaching the goods and services produced to the customers. Other than focusing on personal selling alone the company can also render focus on a vainglorious number of some some other selling communication tools while marketing its different services conducted in the marketing sphere. The different marketing communication tools consist of both traditional means and also other sophisticated modes which depend on the usage of net profit and digital media. Traditional tools of marketing communication consists of announce activities on a media plane similar use of magazines, newspapers and through with(predicate) other visual and audio modes like radio and television. Moreover advertisements made at various places through the use of billboards can also be employ by the company. Cloud Creative S olutions can also market the range of services offered through pasting of advertisements on transport vehicles and in pastime venues like cinema houses. Other forms of marketing communication tools used by retail companies are using different forms of signage both inside and outside the store to pass the attention of consumers. Again the company can work to sponsor grand number of events like sports, entertainment and other arts and crafts activities to help gain the views of large number of people. This also helps in enhancing the social video of the company to the external world. The company can also focus on the generation of events like handle shows wherein the consumers get the enlarged view of the different products and services marketed by the company from time to time. Cloud Creative Solutions can also create huge customer hype through the rendering of discounts, promotional coupons, tribute and other price and economy packs to the consumers. The company can also engag e in the generation of contests and other sweepstakes to encourage the consumers participate in such events in large numbers and thereby gain penetration and knowledge of the services rendered. Thus Cloud Creative Solutions can depend greatly on the higher up discussed marketing tools rather than depending greatly on public relations and personal selling to market the large sphere of marketing services. These marketing communication tools in total constitute the realm of promotional tools in the marketing activities of the company (Shimp, 2008, p.7-8). While analyzing the above marketing communication tools it can be inferred that the emergence of the internet would effectively help service marketing companies like Cloud Creative Solutions to gain the attention of large number of consumers both in local and international markets. Moreover through the help of internet marketing the companies can present to the customers lucrative websites containing a large array of information per taining to the different products and services rendered and thus helps the consumers to make effective choices. Again the internet is used as an effective marketing communication tool in that it helps in the spreading of marketing messages of the company to users spread along international boundaries in a highly faster mode than that of other traditional marketing tools depending on digital and printed media. Further the use of mobile communication is also considered as an effective mode for marketing communi

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The effect of inbreeding on natural selection in a seed-feeding beetle Article

The effect of inbreeding on natural selection in a seed-feeding mallet - Article ExampleThe objective of the study is to understand whether offspring survival related to nut case size is affected by inbreeding or not.To conduct the experiment beetle population was collected from Acacia gregii and bred in the laboratory for almost 12 generation before experimentation. Seed pods from both A. gr addictii and P.florida trees were used to fulfill the seeds need in the experiment and the seeds of the individual trees were thoroughly mixed to control seed coat variation among the seeds. spare-time activity the experimental design outbred females were pair with one sibling or non-sibling outbred male beetle after which the female laid their eggs on P.florida to record survival of all the offspring age A.greggii was used for rearing owing to the high rate of larval survival. These first generation bounteouss when emerged from the seeds were used to frame a second generation of both inb red and outbred offspring. The beetle pair was put in Petri dishes containing 20 seeds of P.florida and only one larva per seed was allowed to develop inside a chamber controlled at a temperature of 29-30 degrees. In the experiment, 2-3 eggs were measured per Petri dish using a dissecting scope and finally 460 eggs from females mated to sibling males and 512 eggs from females mated to non-sibling males were collected. To illustrate the relation in the midst of the offspring survival and the size of the egg GAM model and linear probability models were used.The conclusive results showed that egg size did not differ much between females that were inbred and out bred however, inbreeding vastly affected the survival rate. Eggs resulting from outbreeding survived more than those that were inbred. The values for egg to adult survival 0.66 in case of outbred offspring but a reduction of about 29.5% was seen in case of inbred ones. Linear probability model revealed that larva from larger eg gs survived more than those emerging from smaller ones.It was evident from the logistic regression

The History of the American Association of Adult and Continuing Research Paper

The History of the American Association of handsome and act bringing up (1926) - Research Paper ExampleHistory of AAACE Adult bringing up operations in the united States have been dependant on interaction of five dimensions including institutional, content, geographical, personnel, and activity (Henschke). Numerous types of voluntary fully grown education institutions mainly included professional societies or associations. In the opinion of Knowles (as cited in Henschke), the braggart(a) educational contribution has two perspectives (1) facilitating adult education by means of earthations, conferences, and educational travel, and (2) motivating different associations and general public by providing educational resources regarding their areas of interest through various channels including mass media and publications. In the United States, adult education had not obtained considerable importance before 1924. In 1921, The National Education Association establish the Department of Immigrant Education ( gag) in order to extent its operations to adult education field the DIE was renamed to Department of Adult Education (NEA/DAE) after broadening its scope in 1924. Kessner and Rosenblum (1999) report that in 1923, Frederick P. Keppel, professorship of the Carnegie familiarity envisioned an association that could work effectively to unify adult education programs in the country. Carnegie Corporation called a series of regional conferences by 1925 and early 1926 with intent to achieve its goal of establishing a unexampled national organization for adult education. As a result of these intense efforts, the American Association for Adult Education (AAAE) was established on 26th March 1926 at a national organizational meeting held in Chicago. Since purposes, programs, and memberships of both the NEA/DAE and AAAE were extensively overlapped, a strong sentiment developed for the merging of these two associations by 1949 which resulted in the formation of Adult Education Association of the United States on May 14, 1951. In 1952, the AEA/ ground forces approved the operations of National Association for Public School Adult Education with intent to centre on the educational requirement of adult educators serving in public schools. The NAPSAE became a department of NEA in 1955. During the next thirty years, the NAPSAE grew into a separate organization and its name was changed to the National Association for Public proceed Adult Education (NAPCAE). On realizing that they shared many members and objectives but had only limited resources, both AEA/ regular army and NAPCAE decided to integrate its operations. Consequently, AEA/USA and NAPCAE were amalgamated to form the American Association for Adult and Continuing Education (AAACE) during the National Conferences held at San Antonio in Texas in 1982 (Adult education association). Even though the AAACE continued to serve as the primary association for adult education, it restructured its goals and strategies to meet the different interests of a wide range of audiences in adult education. The Commission of Professors of Adult Education (CPAE) was formed in 1955 on the strength of the financial assistance provided by the W. K. Kellogg Foundation. The CPAE worked very closely with AAACE and its main was to assist the full time professors to carefully evaluate their own work, butt decisions on common issues, and choose most preferable courses of action. As Kasworm, Rose and Ross-Gordon

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Air and Land Pollution Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

line of credit and Land Pollution - Assignment ExampleBesides the adverse effects of land pollution on the human health, thither are other effects of land pollution. These effects include changes in the climatical cycles, effects on the wildlife environmental impacts such global warming among other effects. on that point are possible measures that should be put in place so as to combat the effects of land pollution. First, people should be made aware about waste recycling and reuse. Farmers should be encouraged to reduce the usage of fertilizers and pesticides in their agricultural activities. People should buy biodegradable products and dumping sites should be located away from residential places.Deforestation is situations where there are large number of trees cut down without plant more. Deforestation can lead to ecological imbalances and climate changes. Global warming is gradual rise in average temperatures on earth out-of-doors and ocean.Air pollution is the accumulation of substances in the atmosphere that are a threat to human and animal health. There have been increased cases of air pollution all over the world and mostly in genuine countries. Polluted air contains one or more hazardous contaminants or pollutants that are dangerous to customary health. The increased air pollution has been as a result of quick growth in urban population, increased industrialized and the increased demand for motor vehicles and energy. Other causes of air pollution are despicable production technology, poor environmental regulation, poorly maintained cars and congested.

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The comperison of BNY Mellon and Barclay's bank Research Paper

The comperison of BNY Mellon and Barclays bank - look into Paper Example3 Introduction 4 Strengths and Weaknesses of the banks 4 Profitability of the bank over a span of 5 years 5 Mission and vision of the banks 6 Banks fiscal Position 8 Projected Profitability of the banks 9 Conclusion 11 The above paper held a comparison between the monetary states of BNY Mellon and Barclays bank with an aim of examining the extent to which each of them could withstand the brunt of the financial crisis and the way that they are prepared in meeting any such crises in future. The paper tried and true to assess their profitability and financial positions and found the degree of resilience of Barclays to be far high than that of BNY Mellon. However, as far as their investment in assets are concerned, that of BNY Mellon is found to be in a better position than that of its peer. 11 References 11 Abstract The yield paper aims at examining the financial positions of dickens leading banks namely, BNY Mellon and Barclays Plc through a close investigation of their individual financial ratios. Moreover, the paper targets at evaluating the strengths and weaknesses as well as the mission and vision of both banks. ... Both banks faced the brunt of the crisis which was reflected in their respective key financial ratios. The crisis had mainly been the outcome of poorly framed monetary policies which implemented a excise in the rate of interest initially and followed it by a sudden hike in the same. This fickle mindedness took a toll over the financial state of the economy and exposed the frail fundamentals of many another(prenominal) of its financial houses. However, the intrinsic strength of many of them were also displayed which prevented these institutions from being fully victimized by the crisis. The present paper tries to draw a comparison between the features which characterize Bank of New York Mellon (BK) and Barclays Bank (BCLYF) on the basis of their respective financial f igures over the last 5 years (2006-2010). A close interrogatory into the historical key ratio values can possibly deduce the errors committed and precision adhered to by these banks, which determined the degree of their sustenance. Moreover, it also attempts to figure out the profitability of these banks provided fluctuations in the Fed rate. As the idea portrayed by any organization is highly important while assessing its strengths and weaknesses, they too would be inspected though the format of the entire paper will be of a comparative nature. Strengths and Weaknesses of the banks Bank of New York Mellon nub assets of the bank used to consist mostly of fixed assets rather than current assets initially although this factor had been better over time, implying that the banks liquidity position is improving over time. Moreover, the banks assets in comparison to its total liabilities are also improving over time. Its increasing reliability on equity financing is also remarkable wh ich promises of the

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Failed States and Effective Division of Labor Strategy in the Future Assignment

Failed States and Effective discrepancy of Labor Strategy in the Future Post-Conflict Reconstruction Projects - Assignment ExampleSomalia, a artless rated as number one failed state in the world, is either have gotled by the foreign military or by the Al-Shabab militia. Warships from several countries patrol the waters off Somalia to curb the pirates (Kaplan, 2010). It is estimated that about 2 million people present fled Somalia and sought asylum elsewhere (Foreign Policy, 2010). This has likewise been seen in Afghanistan where the Taliban and foreign troops have more control of the country. Failing or failed states experience an economic decline, this is the case in Zimbabwe and North Korea where tyrannical regimes have stolen currency from their economies leaving their markets on a verge of collapse. This has led to inequality with few elites benefiting from the national resources while the absolute majority remains poor. This has also been witnessed in Democratic Republic of Congo and Sudan. In Niger, a country also rated as a failing state, the government cannot provide vital services such as healthcare and education leading to a high illiteracy rate and high infant mortality rates. Zimbabwe has experient a high rate of brain drain and it is estimated that one out five Zimbabweans has left the country in such of greener pastures. Failed states have also experienced a high rate of human rights departure as is the case with Sudan where brutality has been employed to subdue rebelling regions. This has led the president to be indicted for war crimes (Foreign Policy, 2010). family of labor among states, international institutions, and non-governmental organizations should follow the following guidelines to ensure that they are effective in the context of in store(predicate) post-conflict reconstruction projects. Leadership roles should be left to the people of that country. The international community should just come in to provide assistance in sol ving the problems of that country.

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I am Legend Essay Example for Free

I am Legend EssayWhen thinking of abomination learns, simple features get to headway for what you need to produce a good moving-picture show. Monsters ar always a big plus in order to get a good scare circumstanceor. A good horror film exit have drama that unremarkably leads to the death of a important character or other support characters. I bank I Am Legend is a good contender for a hushed horror film. Under the direction of Francis Lawrence was a film written by Mark Protosevich. In 2007 this image was a big hit in the theaters, for its incredibly gritty and strong story line.Actor bequeath Smith played the part of the Main character Robert Neville, who thought he found the cure for pubic louse but in fact spread a disease kayoed through the world. The whole movie is played in forward-looking York City, were David a scientist announces he has a cure for cancer when in fact it is a plague that turn the people into monsters. So the plot of the movie is David Sur viving in New York by himself, trying to test rats for the cure to the virus. That catch to the movie is that all the monsters are contagious and totally come out at sun down to find other humans to spread the virus.In this movie you had a lot of glimpses and scenes that would show that this movie could be a horror film. The two examples of horror films I used in the first paragraph are shown in many scenes of I Am Legend. The virus that spread through the people made them monsters and in a good horror film you need a scary, deadly, nasty monster to be the antagonist. The monsters in I Am Legend are the typical creature for a horror film. They are not easy to look at which gives into a scarier character. They are very mean and ruthless and show no mercy.The last feature that is a main feature is that they will pour down with no questions. The drama part of a horror film usually ends with death and the scene usually has a lot of anticipation on it to put you on the knock against o f your seat. In I Am Legend when David is out doing his rounds and gets baited into a booby trap he gets knocked out and wakes up in the trap a little too late. The monsters are waiting for the sun to come down to attack and infect David. In a showing of great effort but epochal downfall Davids dog Sam) is attacked and becomes infected.Al approximately turning on its own owner David is forced to kill his only sort of companionship and is left alone for the time being. The director did a good transaction with this movie because he produced a good storyline built with a lot of anticipation. I believe that he did try and put in that scary horror effect with the darkness of the movie and the scare creatures. Even though I Am Legend is characterized as a dramatic thriller, in most instances it can definitely be considered a horror film.

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Code of Ethics Essay Example for Free

Code of ethical motive EssayThe primary purpose of a code of morality is to safeguard the welf ar of nodes by providing what is in their best interest. It is also designed to safeguard the public and to reach professionals in their work so that they pile provide the best service possible. All professional guidances are obligated to perform by a code of ethics.The American Counseling Association (ACA) provides guidance in resolving moral problems that professionals may encounter, whereas Christian counselors non only abide by the ACA Code of Ethics but also by the American Association of Christian Counselors AACC code, which promotes excellence and brings unity to Christian counselors, and gives recognise to delivery boy Christ. This paper get out address the broad similarities and differences amidst the two codes, as well as comparisons in the specific areas of Confidentiality, Sexual Intimacies and Discrimination.Codes of Ethics Comparison A code of ethics is a opi nionated statement of ethical standards that represent the moral convictions and guide the practice behavior of a group (Clinton and Ohlschlager, 2002). With that in mind, every counseling discipline has an ethics code which is continuously revised and updated to stay current with uphill issue, and to promote elevated clarity and direction to the profession. Thus, the ACA and AACC codes of ethics were both created to assist their members to better serve their lymph glands. They also define values and behavioral standards necessary for ethical counseling.Yet while they are similar in intent, they are distinct in their foundational premise. General Similarities and Differences two codes stress the greatness of promoting the welfare of consumers, practicing within the grasp of ones competence, doing no harm to the client, protecting clients confidentiality and privacy, acting ethic eachy and responsibly, avoiding exploitation, and upholding the single of the profession by strivin g for aspirational practice (Corey, p. 6). However, the biggest difference between the two codes rests in the streams of influence, whereas the AACC code is grow in a biblical worldview.In other words, the primary goal of the AACC is to bring honor to Jesus Christ and his church, promote excellence in Christian counseling and bring unity to Christian counselors (AACC, 2004). However, the ACAs goals are educational, scientific, and professional. It strives to enhance the quality of life in society by promoting the development of professional counselors, locomote the counseling profession, and using the profession and practice of counseling to promote respect for human dignity and variety show (ACA, 2005).The primary goal of the AACC is to bring honor to Jesus Christ and is church, promote excellence in Christian counseling and bring unity to Christian counselors (AACC, 2004) Specific Comparisons Both codes express a high precedency on client confidentiality. Also, they express th e value of discussing and securing written consent from the client. They also both discuss the importance of client disclosure in that protecting confidential communication is always the first response of the counselor.The counselor is mandated to disclose information in life threaten or abusive situations. However, the distinct difference between the AACC and the ACA is in the area of privileged communication. While both associations require that counselors do not disclose client information as it relates to training, research or publication, the AACC adds that Christian counselors do not disclose confidential client communications in any supervisory, consultation, teaching, preaching, publishing, or other activity without written or other statutory authorization by the client (AACC, 2004).The ACA and the AACC codes differ greatly in the concept of internal Intimacies. In fact, The ACA (2005) apply the term sexual or romantic interactions or relationship. In other words The ACA (2005) does not forbid, but sets guidelines pertaining to any participation of sexual or romantic interaction with any current or formal clients for a period of 5 years following the last professional contact. However, the AACC declared that all forms of sexual interactions or relationships outside of marriage are unethical.The only exception to this rule is marriage, which the AACC (2004) declared as honorable before God. Thus, guidelines have been appropriated to allow for such a case. In addition, Christian counselors are also forbidden to counsel current or former sexual partners and or marital partners. (AACC, 2004 )Discrimination can result in serious problems for both the people that hold them and the people that they are prejudiced against.Both associations agree that non-discrimination is the best practice, for clients should not be denied service based on age, religion, sexual orientation etc. However, the AACC maintains its biblical perspective in that counselors are to encourage biblical principles. While Christian counselors must not discriminate, they also cannot condone certain practices that conflict with biblical principles. For instance, in the area of sexual orientation, Christian counselors will not deny service.However they will encourage sexual celibacy or biblically prescribed sexual behavior while such issues are being addressed (AACC, 2004). Conclusion There are umpteen similarities and differences relating to the code of ethics for the American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC) and the American Counseling Association (ACA). Through these areas we perform that the code of ethics sets boundaries and regulations for all professional counselors and without them, counselors could not be effective or productive in their true calling.

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A Lesson Before Dying Essay Example for Free

A Lesson Before Dying examineA Lesson Before Dying takes place in a small Louisiana Cajun community in the late 1940s. In the novel, Jefferson, a young black man, is an unwitting party to a liquor break in shoot out in which three men are killed being the exactly survivor, he is convicted of a murder and sentenced to death. To portray this novel Gaines displays respectable lit erary devices like orbit, greenback, and characterization therefore helping I as the reader feel the emotions of Jefferson from his point of view. In the initial setting of the novel, Jefferson sits in a act of justice located in countrified Louisiana, which is filled with anger, tension, isolation, and quietness from the people in the room. This setting of the book supports Jeffersons personality in chapter nine when Jeffersons character is introduced. Jeffersons kiosk could be considered the second setting or Jeffersons setting in the book. Jeffersons relationship to the courtroom (initial settin g) supports Jeffersons personality in the prison.He is isolated just like in the courtroom. There was an empty cell between Jefferson and the emit of the prisoners (Gaines 71). Jeffersons cell was not only isolated like a courtroom in rural Louisiana, but quiet. Jeffersons been quiet . . . He didnt answer (Gaines 71). Due to Jeffersons isolation and quietness, he has built anger inside. An anger which had been construction up since the courtroom conviction. Nothing dont matter, he said looking up at the ceiling.The first setting of the novel is similar to Jeffersons cell setting. The three settings The courtrooms, location and time era of the town, and prison all have similarities to Jeffersons character traits. The court trial scene embodies everything that is contained within the novel. All events that occur throughout the entire novel are a repercussion of Jeffersons court case. These circumstances set up the tone that is simply perceived throughout the novel. Gaines tone in the novel shifts as the novel progresses.Gaines made the novel begin with a pessimism view everything seemed horrific and negative especially the court trial. Gaines shows us this disgust tone by telling us the dilate of the jury members. The xii white jury members of the case shows us that Jefferson felt dominated by the whites. As the novel goes on Gaines tone shifts and Jefferson seems more aware and confident, the anger and disgust diminishes the longer Jefferson sits in jail.The twelve white jury members were also Gaines way of showing the dominance, and power of the whites during this ime, only thinking that blacks are only good for working, and is incapable of thinking for themselves Do you see a modicum of intelligence? A trait genetic from his ancestors in the deepest jungle of blackest Africa What you see here is a thing that acts on command. (Gaines7). Understanding this time era is important for the tone, and Gaines gives good examples representing the era to the tone. Gainess style is unique because the metaphorical language that he uses improves the readers mental picture.For example, when Gaines was describing sink Emma at the beginning of the novel he says she became as immobile as a great rock or as one of our oak cypress stumps(Gaines 36). This allowed me as the reader to picture Miss Emma and the hold that she is in with a mental image throughout the entire novel. He also used figurative language while he describes in chapter fourteen the Louisiana Countryside. Gaines told in great detail the necropolis appearance as Grant walked through and then explain the smells and feelings he has while Grant explores the bread Cane Planation with Vivian.The literary devices were greatly put to use by Gaines to explain, and portray his novel to any reader. He has made a novel enjoyable for an audience that may not like reading ascribable to his sarcasm (tone), and figurative language to set up numerous scenes. The settings are a main building bloc k for this novel because the court room and the jail cell is when the story line is put together. distributively trial, and everyday described by Gaines about Jefferson in jail puts the novel together into one painful novel that I will be sure to recommend.

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Crucible Analyzing John Proctor Essay Example for Free

Crucible Analyzing John invigilate EssayAnalyzing John Proctor as a Tragic Hero In the Crucible, a count by Arthur Miller, John Proctor is the tragic triggerman. A tragic hero is defined as individual who has great courage that ends up dying at the end of the story. The reason John Proctor is the tragic hero of this play is because he has so much to lose.John Proctor fulfills my requirements of a tragic hero throughout the play. He decides to go to court and expose the girls. The girls turn on him and he gets accused. He is provided trying to do well, exactly gets falsely accused. John Proctor is also a very tidy man who can detect others as being fraudulent, however he questions his own moral. He questions himself because of his use with Abigail which was his only flaw throughout the play. In spite of this I still consider him an honorable man. other thing he did was save his wife from being put to death, and also refusing to confess practicing delightcraft. He proves he is a tragic hero when he explains to the judge that since he gave his soul to leave his name. With this plea, Proctor has eliminated all hopes of living and has established himself as the tragic hero.John Proctor is a man of sufficient elevation in that he is given the choice to save himself at the end of the play, but does not. He does restrict his affair secretive, but that is only thing that made him seem like the villain. He did not be to die at the end of the play, but that is one of the requirements to make him considered a tragic hero. Proctor serves as the voice of justice in the play. He came out and told everyone about Abigail falsely accusing others of being witches. He also came out and ripped the warrant and told the men to leave. In the end, he comes close to confessing being a witch but realizes it disgraces his good name, which is all his children will know him by.The issues leading to John Proctors death are not universal. I believe that he should not have be en the one getting the punishment in the end, but that is why he is the tragic hero. Throughout the play he was a man of integrity and nobleness. He confessed to practicing witchcraft, in which he reallydidnt. This is why he died saving his wife from death.

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Humorits Essay Example for Free

Humorits EssaySome men see things as they argon and ask why. Others dreaming things that never were and why not, said by George Bernard Shaw (miscellaneous quotes). In inn today, many people go about with things and dont ask why they do such matter. In the article, Corn-p ace opinions by moderate Twain, he uses a good example he utters that fashion has established itself it is admired, now, and no one laughs. In other words, fashion is created, and people go along with it and never ask why they do so. Alain de Botton argues that humorists are not to entertain simply to convey with impunity messages that might be dangerous or impossible to state directly. In agreement, humorists undertake a vital role in society. As an illustration to how humorists play a vital role in society is in the article A Modest marriage proposal by Jonathan Swift, who creates a plan for eating Irish babies. Swift, is criticizing the English for their abuses against the Irish. Swift thought that eat ing the Irish babies would solve the Irish problem. However, the plan is ridiculous because it is used to describe how the Irish is being treated.The significance thats being read in the article is that English dont value the Irish life. Instead of Swift reflection so, he uses the comparison of eating babies and the abusing of Irish people. For this purpose, criticisms are being made and people dont take in them but they send a strong message. Another example of how humorists play a vital role is society is in the article Corn-pone Opinions, Twain shows another example by stating Our table manners, and company manners and street manners change from time to time, but the changes are not reasoned out we merely calling card and conformed.In this quote Twain tries to describe the fact that many things are changing and no one take the time to notice it they just gone along with it. In addition, society does not realize things that is going on. They just feel that when something is b eing said or done that it may be the right thing so they just go along with it because they feel they need self-approval from one another and never notice that it is affecting our society.

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Australian Corporations Law Essay Example for Free

Australian Corporations Law EssayThere are two bon ton classifications, trademarked and public. Most Australian companies are proprietary limited companies because this classification and type suits the needs of around businesses. (i) evidences to contain a Proprietary club A proprietary order by comparison to a public company has simpler and therefore lower cost reporting obligations, is limited to 50 non employee shareholders, and between 1 to 50 members , a public company can have more. A proprietary company requires a minimum of one theatre director a public company requires a minimum of three directors. The director or directors of proprietary company must ordinarily reside in Australia and be 18 years of age or older. A public company can be listed on the stock swop and raise funds directly from the public by offering shares or debentures for sale a proprietary company cannot, however a proprietary company can offer shares to existing shareholders or employees. (b ) Company Types There are two types of proprietary companies, companies limited by shares and companies unlimited with share capital. (i) Reason to Choose a Company Limited by SharesIn the event that a company limited by shares does not have sufficient assets to meet its debts, each member is only reasonable for the amount, if any, that remains unpaid on their shares , Limited liability nitty-gritty that members of a company are not personally liable(p) for the rich extent of their companys debts. This limitation of personal liability is the great advantage of this type of company. (ii) Reason Not to Choose a Company Unlimited with Share Capital An unlimited company means a company whose members have no limit startd on their liability for their companys debts. Unlimited companies are rarely used. Company Names A company ready is optional the companys ACN can be used instead. The name Sai Kung has been chosen and so an activity for reservation of the name, hold 410, must be pointd with ASIC prior to the application to register the company. go out attachment 1. A limited proprietary company must have the words Proprietary Limited or Pty Ltd at the end of its name. B occupation for Registration 1 Application Form To register the company, ASIC form 201 must be completed and lodged with ASIC. See attachment 2. 2 Additional Information Required for RegistrationIn addition to the classification, type and proposed name of the company the following information must be provided the name and address of each person who consents to construct a member the present disposed(p) and family name, all former given and family names and the date and place of birth of each person who consents in musical composition to become a director the present given and family name, all former given and family names and the date and place of birth of each person who consents in writing to become a company secretary A proprietary company is not essential to have a secretary the address of the companys registered office the address of the companys proposed principal place of business (if it is not the address of the proposed registered office) the number of shares each member agrees in writing to take up The price of each share, whether the share will be fully paid on registration, if not fully paid, the amount that will be unpaid on each share and whether or not the shares each member agrees to take up will be beneficially owned by the member on registration of the company. 3 Consents and Agreements Consents and agreements of nominated directors, secretary and members must be obtained prior to the application for registration being accepted by ASIC. 4 Rules for Internal Management of a CompanyRegarding the rules for the intrinsic management of a company, a company can either use the replaceable rules as utter in the Corporation Act, or form a constitution, the companys own rules, or a combination of replaceable rules and the constitution. C Registration by ASIC Registration is at ASICs discretion. 1 wall socket of Certificate of Registration Sai Kung Pty Ltd will not exist, will not become incorporated, until ASIC registers the company and issues a credentials of registration. 2 Corporate Key Within two days of registration, ASIC will also issue a corporate key to the companys registered office address. This is an eight digit number used to lodge forms with ASIC, access company records and receive annual statements online. This number should be kept confidential. D Alternative A Shelf CompanyIf you do not wish to go through the process of registration instead you could purchase a shelf company, this is a company that has already been registered and is therefore available for immediate use. A shelf company can be renamed with the name of your choosing. The Facts 5 January Toto acting as a promoter, entered into a cause on behalf of Sai Kung (SK), a yet to be registered company. The reduce was with Television Broadcasts Limite d (TVB), to pay TVB for their master key and technical assistance in producing a television receiver seafood cooking show. 12 January SK was registered by ASIC, the company did not adopt a constitution, did choose to have a common seal and Flora and Toto were twain official as directors.SK did not appoint a company secretary. TVB commenced providing SK with professional and technical assistance to produce the television show. 2 February The contract with TVB was ratified by SK on 2 February. 20 February As at 20 February the shows production has not commenced and TVB has not been paid for its assistance. B The Law Applied to the Facts When Toto, on behalf of SK, entered into the contract with TVB, he acted as a promoter, anyone who exerts themselves on behalf of a not-existent company . Toto the promoter was liable to pay TVB for their services in the event that SK did not register or SK did register but did not ratify the contract.On 2 February SK, a registered company since 12 January, ratified the contract with TVB. SK is now liable and bound by the contract made on its behalf on 5 January. However, in the event that SK does not pay TVB part or all of what is owed, Toto, as the promoter, remains liable. If Toto had obtained a release from TVB he would no longer be liable or an alternative way in which a company SK can become primarily liable is where the company SK and the other caller TVB substitute a new contract in place of the pre-registration contract (otherwise known as novation). This discharges any liability of the promoter Toto in relation to the pre-registration contract.An effective novation requires the consent of both the company SK and the third party TVB. C The Objective of the Section 133 of the Corporations Act At common law, if a pre-registration contract was not performed neither the company nor the promoter were liable. The innocent other party was left with an unenforceable contract, an example is the case Black v Smallwood . A promoter was only bound if they mean to be bound as in the case Kelner v Baxter where the court examined the written contract and imputed and use by the promoter Baxter to bind himself personally. Section 133 of the Corporations Act states that Part 2B. replaces any rights or liabilities anyone would otherwise have on the pre-registration contract , ending the uncertainty arising out of the laws of agency and contract. The issue of where liability lay for not fulfilling obligations incurred under(a) pre-registration contracts is now governed entirely by the Corporations Act and its overriding aim is to ensure that the innocent other party in this case TVB is not left without legal remedy.

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Planning for the Chevy Volt Essay Example for Free

cookery for the evoke Volt EssayWhat Does the annoy Volt Case Tell about the Nature of Strategic Decision-making at a Large Complex Organization like usual Motors? Chevy Volt issues show how strategic decision-making at the leading complex company, for example, General Motors can be hard and exceptionally challenging. This is because they need much time to watch sure that you have convinced other(a) stakeholders to support the images for new work strategies (Holstein, 2009). In the case it showed that General Motors vice chairman and the head of RDD had agreed to make this in 2003, though other managers let them down but later, in 2007, other managers joined their hands for Chevy Volt throw aways succeeder. The strategy is based on the assumption of reducing the emission of carbon and urges the citizens to avoid the make grow of carbon in the environment (Holstein, 2009).The External Environmental Trends That Favored the Pursuit of Chevy Volt run across The external environmental trends that favored the Chevy Volt Project are lowering the oil prices. conception of lithium-ion sports cars by Tesla Motors in the market place, concern for global warming issues which can end up to the tighter laws put in place to control the emission of carbon, falling costs for manufacturing batteries made of lithium-ion and selling of Toyota hybrid Prius indicated that clients demanded for vehicles that use dismiss but do not produce carbon that affects the environment, causing environmental degradation ((Holstein, 2009).Impediments of Pursuing Chevy Volt Project Which Existed Within General Motors The factors that prevented the outcome of this project within General Motors are the pay and lack of enough support, needed towards the project, existence afraid of disregarding once more at producing the non-working galvanizing vehicles and the issue in acquiring new technology to manufacture more lithium-ion battery. Finally, the total cost to get on the pro ject was extremely spunky. The lack of agreement between General Motors managers for having different opinions hence finale up disagreeing. Chevy Volt Planning Seems To Be Based On The Assumptions Of anele Prices Going Up, While In Late 2008, The Oil Prices Reduced And Even Weakened International Economic.The Nature of Strategic PlanningThe idea was mainly based on the existing trends and the market situation at that particular time. The strategic throw should focus on the present and future. Good company mean should be realistic and easy to fill out, specific and easy to track the outcome against the plan. Before making a decision, a good planning mechanism should be put in place to avoid future interruption ((Holstein, 2009). Strategic Planning Should Be Based On the Present and the Future The falling of oil prices means potential success of Chevy Volt. Specialists believe that the oil prices will remain uplifted because supply of the commodity in the market is low, while t he economy tries to recovers, the plea of the product rises and hence the return of a gallon gasoline.Will The Oil Prices Remain Low As Claimed By The Experts?No. Experts believe that the oil prices will remain high as the world economy grows. What will it take for the Chevy Volt to Be Successful? In order for the Chevy Volt to be successful, there should be introduction of new models and designs of vehicles that are being sold in the market and their ranking in the market and rise in fuel and mathematical product of competitive vehicles in the field of vehicle manufacture as compared to other companies producing the same product.It is necessary to make sure of proper marketing of its product through advance advertising of General Motors products in the exceed TV movies and even through celebrity shows to continue marketing of the new products. Proper advertising is through to the General Motors products, through appearing in hit movies, music videos, TV shows and other media (Gav arone, 2011). The choice of strong method of distribution depends on the market demand. The Analysis of How Risky Is It to Invest or Venture In General Motors When the new commodity does not sell in the market as expected or flops. Chevy Volt launching tends to be more expensive as it requires more finance and for General Motors to enjoy the benefits or return it will take several years. It can lead to disappointment because less(prenominal) return produced by the company at the selling time (Gavarone, 2011).The Costs of Failure of General Motors discipline in sales may be a result of recession in demand as compared to the previous years and hence losing clients to other companies. It may lead to the closure of General Motors due to worthless management and production of new products in the market which could not be sold hence ending up in large loses (Gavarone, 2011). It failed as the company was unable to produce enough sales because of high prices and ignoring states rules and regulations. It may lead to the loss of more customers to other companies doing the same project suitable more successful.The Costs of Not Pursuing the Chevy Volt ProjectGeneral Motors will fail if new brand of the car is the same with the one they have replaced. The cost of failure will be unusually high. This is due to the new products flop in the market and losses incurred during selling the new product that fails in the market (Gavarone, 2011).ReferencesGavarone, G. (2011). Integrated marketing communications plan for the Chevrolet Volt. St.Bonaventure, N.Y Jandoli School of journalism and Mass Communication, St.Bonaventure University. Holstein, W. J. (2009). Why GM matters Inside the race to transform an American icon. NewYork Walker.

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Creating False Memories Essay Example for Free

Creating bogus Memories EssayThe brain works in odd ways. The bind entitled Creating False Memories, by Elizabeth F. Loftus, is an condition about just that. The studies included in the article are proof that the brain can fold certain memories in order to fit them to a suggestion made by someone else or a suggestion can create entire treacherously memories. Some people are more(prenominal) susceptible than others to concoct a false memory when a suggestion is made, but it is likely that anyone could remember a false memory. The article seemed to full point out that older memories that would be less clear to demoralise with, such as childhood memories, are easier for suggestions to twist than a memory that happened in recent years. time reading the section subtitled Imagination Inflation, it became obvious that even one that was reading the article, if one took the specimen suggestions given in the article, then it would be incredibly tempting to remember things that were imagined. One would realize that it was unaccompanied imaging at work, but if asked a few days later what was remembered about it, it would be well-situated to believe that it was a real memory.How can one truly distinguish between memory and imagination? Then again, is the memory of an act of imagination not a certain memory in itself? in that respect are umteen ways that one could be confused on this subject, because technically, memories of imagined things can be true memories. Memory and imagination are so closely related that it would be very difficult to tell the difference between the two. What was especially incredible about this article was the section subtitled Impossible Memories. Individuals actually remembered aspects from their atomic number 42 day of life, even though this is medically impossible.It is common knowledge that people cannot begin to form memories that would be remembered into adulthood until the age of two or three. Yet, given a suggestion, people will just shape with it. It could be the imagination inflation theory at work, and it probably is. Many people are influenced periodic about what happens when children are born or how children are taken care of in a hospital right after birth. People hear stories, see the scenario in television and film, and perhaps have been on that point when a sibling was born.However, can certain people actually remember their births or shortly thenceforth? After all, there are exceptions to every rule. This article made for fascinating reading. The studies used are spectacular and it makes sense. It is hard to believe that psychiatrists can, either knowingly or unknowingly, give their patients suggestions in order to create false memories. How many people are really aware of what others say to them or how it might affect them? The article is compelling and it makes one think twice about how their brain works.It makes one think about how many of the memories one believes are true me mories from childhood are actually true memories or false memories. Where childhood is concerned, most individuals have to rely on parents or relatives to relay stories, but what if those memories are inaccurate? This is the point of the article. The human brain is so complicated and delicate that if one is not careful who knows what kind of prostitute can be done. Loftus, Elizabeth F. Creating False Memories. Scientific American. 277. 3 (September 1997) 70-75.

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Measurement Guidelines Essay Example for Free

cadence Guidelines EssayManagement guidelines must be developed to create a benchmark of expectations. Without measuring the strength of st accountgy on a timely basis, makes it not only difficult to determine alignment, management is unceasingly working with lagging information (The Executive Corner, 2004). Each step of the final solution will be measured to meet the businesses needs. The human resources division will define three main competencies of each department within sixty days. In order to ensure forte, the competencies will have to be approved and agree on by the CEO and senior management. Once this phase is completed, the human resources department will accuse to training managers on employee behaviors.To ensure training is successful, the managers are tested to assess material understanding. It is estimated that in a maximum of 90 days, Riordan should achieve a predetermined number company goals by their employees. Long-term effectiveness is measured by an empl oyee surveys. A recommendation for an additional survey between 6-12 months for employees to complete will go out. This survey will look for feedback on new processes and the current development and training strategies. The employee turnover rate should be less than industry standards to achieve success. A last of measure of success will be tied to Riordans performance output.ReferencesThe Executive Corner. (2004). Retrieved fromhttp//www.businessbuilders.bz/archives/06-15-04.htm

A multimedia Analysis of ‘A Doll’s House’ Essay Example for Free

A multimedia Analysis of A Dolls House EssayIn Henrik Ibsens A Dolls House, the1973 mental picture variate by Joseph Losey better depicts a more compelling story than the pen version, specifically with the character of Christine Linde. The play A Dolls House takes place in the late 1800s in Norway, where men waited more superior than women. encounterforce usually take up the role of the sole breadwinner and take care of the household. Christine is a friend of Nora, was at a time engaged to Krogstad who was convicted of fraud. Christine was forced into marrying another person because of her responsibilities towards her family. She became a very independent woman who worked very unattackable in her life. But with give away delay she came to Nora looking for a purpose to live for. She sees how happy Nora is with her husband and children. She wants to work for someone else rather than just herself. However, Krogstad was working at Noras husband bank and Torvald is to be th e now Bank Manager, is strongly contemplating on firing him because of his past and his reputation that he has at bottom the community. What makes the movie version a more compelling than the written one is that, the movie uses a new script to which gave more effectiveness in the scenes whiles creating a good path towards character development, another reason is that the order in which the three acts were played out were significantly different in the movie which helped in the audience to restrain a better mind of each characters background.In the written version, Christine is shown as a friend to Nora, however, in the movie with its first scene, shows how more deeply and death the relationship with Christine and Nora is. As in the written version, Nora is unable to remember her friend even though Christine is in front of her, Nora- (doubtfully). How do you doMrs. Linde You dont recognize me, I suppose. Nora No, I dont knowyes, to be sure, I seem to(Suddenly.) Yes Christine I s it really you? (Ibsen Act I). This scene took place in Helmers house according to the written version while the opening scene of the movie shows Christine and Nora chatting in a small diner, their conversation shows how close they are as friends. As Nora says to Christine, We must write to each otherevery weekyou must come to visit us whenever you wish (Losey A Dolls House 1973). This drastically contrasts the written version, and while the movie scripts are not 100% in line with the written version, it does give a better understanding of the relationship between Christine and Nora.In the written version, Christine is shown as a woman that has gone through a lot, having experiences with life and its hardship, but somehow the notion that she feels she is more knowledgeable, smart, and even sometimes, discourteous face of friend, is embedded within the story. As in the scene, where Nora talks about Dr. Rank with Christine, Christines response is completely left out in the movie v ersion in order to have the characters relationship with Nora to seem questionable. Mrs. Linde Listen to me, Nora. You are still very like a child in many ways, and I am older than you in many ways and have a little more experience. let me tell you thisyou ought to make an end of it with Doctor Rank. Nora What ought I to make an end of? Mrs. Linde Of two things, I think. yesterday you talked some nonsense about a rich admirer who was to leave you moneyNora An admirer who doesnt exist, unfortunately But what then? (Ibsen Act II). That scene went on with Nora having no understanding of what Christine is implying or criminate her of but Christines response is, Dont palter, Nora. Do you suppose I dont guess who lent you the two hundred and fifty pounds (Ibsen Act II). The whole use of the word prevaricate highlights the difference between the two versions, whereas, in the movie, Christines response was Nora, dont you think I know that Dr. Rank loan you the money? (Losey A Dolls H ouse 1973) with Noras response, Are you mad? I wouldnt have dreamed of such a thing. The movie scene stays in line with each character and their development. The use of Christine in the story is to serve as a acquire comparison to Noras character, the movie supports this notion. So that Christine does not seem to be patronizing Nora and creating a type of conflict between the two characters since their decision at the end of the story are very different which makes their choice more effectively.

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The Communist Manifesto by Marx and Engels

The Communist Manifesto by Marx and EngelsThe characterization I have chosen to break d deliver critic tout ensembley is a part of the book The Communist Manifesto authored by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels who be both policy-making theorists. This particular passage has been taken from the warrant chapter of the book which is named Proletarians and Communists. The Communist Manifesto is considered to be one of the bravest books of all time. Karl Marx, after being banished from Paris for his comments on radical politics, he established a group of blendings class people from Germany and together they formed The Communist League. The testimonials of the communal principles of the group were written down which after took the form of the book, the Communist Manifesto.The book unwraps with the thought that- The history of all hitherto societies has been the history of class struggles. In the book, the authors talk about the drawbacks that have arisen in the society due to the forma tion of devil classes the bourgeois and the proletariats, and the ill will between these two classes. In the first chapter of the book Bourgeois and Proletarians, Marx and Engels describe the rise of the bourgeois class, in which he thought the French revolution had played a huge part. He also explains that how staggeringly the bourgeois class is harmful to the society and that it will be the cause of its own destruction.In the second chapter of the book Proletarians and Communists, the authors main focus is on the ideologies and features of the Communists and that they aim to bat on behalf of the proletariats. He also expresses own thoughts regarding the temperrn bourgeois property features, wage-labor, capital accumulation and lastly ends his argument by saying, In gear up of the old bourgeois society, with its classes and class antagonisms, we shall have an association, in which the alleviate ontogenesis of each is the condition for the free development of all.Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels in this chapter mostly talks about the determined will spring of the communists towards the formation of proletariat into a class, overthrow the bourgeois supremacy and the power governance/takeover by the proletariat class in this chapter. They discuss many of the reasons why property and capital argon at the power of the bourgeois class. In the passage I have chosen they argue that the wage labour creates altogether capital which in turn creates the property, provided solo for the bourgeois not the proletariats and this system needs to be changed in the society.In the first paragraph, the author talks about wage labour- the person who comes to work to earn a lower limit salary for living. There is a certain aggression in the tone of the make-up throughout the hale chapter which reflects their rage regarding the issue. They say that the average salary of a wage-labour is only the least possible amount of specie needed for the worker to only come to work eve ry day. What, therefore, the wage-laborer appropriates by means of his labour, merely suffices to confirm and reproduce a denudate existence.- Marx and Engels seem to write this with complete offence and disbelief. Because the scenario which they are talking about, which in fact still exists now, is that workers put their effort and are exploited constantly by the bourgeois class.The two dollars therefore expresses the relation in which labor-power is exchanged for other commodities, the exchange value of labor-power. The exchange value of a commodity estimated in money is called its price this is an extract from Karl Marxs constitution Wage Labour and Capital in which he clearly explains that the wage labourer only receives the money in exchange for his work. This turns to the fact that a proletariat sells its own flesh and meat in exchange of a minuscule amount of money, which is all undeserved.Moving on to an example from Adam Smiths book The Wealth of Nations. He says that a commodity is only priced at the cost of what it requires for the person to bring the product into the market. He explains the factors that are looked into while pricing a commodity where wage of the labour is only one of the factors hence it is very distinct that the wage labourer cannot even afford to buy the product he himself has produced in the factory. His salary is just a bare minimum for him to afford some food and clothing so that he can come to work the next day to be exploited again by the bourgeois.The two kinds of societies that are talked about are the bourgeois or todays capitalist society, and the other is the imagined communist society which communists aim to establish. The authors expresses that in the capitalist mode of production, the workers are only seen as the work power or the force that will earn more than capital for the bourgeois through their effort. But in the communist society, the whole proletariat class is a way to promote and enrich themselves and their lives too and not only serving the bourgeois. In bourgeois society, therefore, the prehistoric dominates the reach in Communist society, the present dominates the past- this statement is not very precise or clear, solely from the lines written just before and after this statement it appears as if Marx and Engels think of the accumulated labour as the past and living labour as the present. Hence, the motivation and ambition to produce more labours will confuse rise to exploitation by the bourgeois on the present working labour. The labourer only exists because it has to work for increasing the capital which brings me to the point that capital is materialistic, an inanimate object whereas the proletariat is a living person with will, wish and needs. Despite this being a fact, in the capitalist society, the bourgeois dominate the proletariats for which they gain no power or anything and are not free willed. Whereas capital, when controlled being a material object, has complete power to run anything or anyone. It is possible for the owner of capital to run his work without any particular labourer amongst the millions, unless it is the labourers who are entirely and in a very complexed way dependent upon selling their labour. Also, the labourers do not have the opportunity to choose between a numbers of capitalists. In this way the labourers are destined to cope up with conditions in which they always give more labour power as an input than they get back in reward as the incentive.In the last paragraph from the suggested passage I have chosen, the authors seems to talk about the fact that the destruction of this cycle of manipulation and corruption, which is desired by the communists is thought to be unreasonable by the bourgeois society. The bourgeois society holds the communists accountable for depriving them of their individuality and exemption. By critically analyzing it appears that Marx and Engels critiques the existing capitalist society by saying that By freedom is meant, under the present bourgeois conditions of production, free trade, free selling, and free buying. In Capitalist mode of production the freedom is the freedom to buy and sell in the market for free, but only for the bourgeois. Bourgeois desire to earn as much as capital they can earn needed that is crucial to acquire all the neighborly power in the society.Throughout the whole writing it is very evident that Marx and Engels have persistently envisioned that the whole society is about the exchange of the propertied class and the property-less class. But this is only for profitable development of the former class by the help of the latter. The Communist Manifesto, being one of the most influential semipolitical theory books has been an inspiration for many also in the contemporary society today. It has very boldly address the social relations and structure of power in the society and how it depends on the production process. It has shown that proletariats ar e only worth to the bourgeois as long as it brings profits. But there are some aspects of the writing which makes us think about the usefulness and consequences of the establishment of a communist society. Marx and Engels point out several(prenominal) times that if the bourgeois possess majority of the property then exploitation will continue but an argument they also make is that the owner of the means of production do not work but make others work for them. Therefore, if proletariat forms into a class and earns property for them, they are also bound to give way idle. Proletariats will also not work and fall under the bourgeois class and use their force to compel others to work for them. This circle of power struggles is bound to continue in different forms probably, which is why Marx and Engels writing is still essential.

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Internet A Blessing Or Curse Media Essay

network A Blessing Or ab single-valued function Media EssayThe Internet is a global system of interconnected computer networks that dos the standard earnings protocol suite to serve billions of c eitherrs worldwide .It is network of networks that is consist of private, public, academic, profession, and government networks of local to global scope (from Wikipedia).Internet is oft(prenominal) networking which connects the people of different ara and give them chance to know rough the culture of apiece former(a) and division their ideas. It is one of the great inventions of science, which has removed intimately all complexities of life and had made the life much easier. Nowadays profits is vastly utilised some of the facts say that about 48% population of Asia use network. In some countries deal USA, UK, Japan about 4 out of 5 person use meshing.Internet has vast use in our daily lives, it is source of selective development where you mickle find the information abo ut each topic. There ar billions websites which contain different information about different things. soldieryy search engines such as google.com, yahoo.com, ask.com ar some popular the sources of information. All scientists, engineers, doctors, teachers and more another(prenominal) arouse slowly do their research on net and can find everything with in no quantify. Internet is the sea of information, where everything is avaible and you can avail it if you ask.Internet is the source of communication which connects you with the people who are sitting in the other corner of the world. It connects you very fast and the important is that it is spare of cost. You can make idiot box calls via Skype which is on the whole free of cost. There are about 31 gazillion people who use Skype for communication. There are also so many serv nuts on net for communication such as Chatting rooms, E-mails, Facebook, and so many others. According to a survey made in 2011 about 750 million people use Facebook , which is a fast growing source of communication. Through Facebook people know about the culture of each other and many people get chance to speak and share their ideas the people of other countries which without internet is impossible. You can visit the whole world just sitting in your room. There are so many Facebook accounts which are just to promote the religious teachings, culture and tradition and so many other. We share so many important things on Facebook. The E-mail is the cheapest and easiest way through which you drop your mess term to your friend, proportional or someone whom you want to send with in no time fifty-fifty if he/she is offline.In addition internet is nice source of entertainment where we find so many interesting things kindred videos, games, movies, music and parole .According to website comScore about 217 million people play online games. You can find the music you want to listen totally free and can download it instead of going Ba zar to purchase the bad-tempered album and sometimes it give-up the ghost difficult to find that album on shop so your time is wasted but now you can find same thing on internet free which save your money as well as your time. There are so many other interesting things on internet, we sometimes make new friends on internet, when we get bored we just go online chat with them and have fun.The business has the important role in the development of countries and to improve the business the internet is very much assistive. Business man meet internet as blessing for them. It has made business easier for everyone to carry out, with very small investment they can have much profit, now the businessman can boost their give wayicular business easily without wasting money. There are about 12 million business websites. Now it has become possible that you can do shopping sitting at your home, in that respect are so many online stores and shops where you just put the order and you get your t hing at your home. By online shopping your precious time (for which one great scholar had said that time is like ice if you would not use it at time it will melt away and will be of no use) is saved and your money for going out ,having taxy will also be saved . There are many people who are earning just sitting at home by doing online jobs. Currently about () people are doing online jobs to fulfill the needs of life and for them internet is nothing less than blessing. Most of the organizations, institutions, and departments advertise their va pharisaism seats for job on internet and someone who is looking for job can easily find it. So it has also an admirable role in employment of the countries.A healthy man has a healthy mind, and to be healthy the sports has great role. So now internet is not only(prenominal) helping in business, communication, information but it also helps in the sports as well. There are about 2 million websites on internet , Many people are advertising about games on internet, inviting people to join them in games competition to make fun. So many games competition are held on national and international level and their registration is done on internet which is the cheapest and easiest way for people to( compass ). Many games videos are uploaded on internet you can find any match of cricket, football, basketball and volleyball played even in past. You can find many sports tricks on internet and now it has become possible that there are sports tutors available on internet who can teach you exercise even in home through internet that is why mostly the people who are interested in sports claim that its blessing for them.Professor Hector Alwarez-Trujillo writes in his essay (Benefits and Challenges for online learner) technology has become the key to a new world of learning. He further writes that online development has become the most popular source of learning. A great scholar MitchellKapor say getting information off internet is like taking a drink from fire hydrant. It has become now easier for education seeker to gain education on any time they want, there is no restriction of timings. There is no need to purchase the expansive books to instruct but now you can find all good stuff of your course on internet. Online learning has brought new possibilities in education to all potential students if you cant go to school, we shall send the school to you(Dwyer, and Doerr,1995). The internet has tremendous personnel on the education, it has made possible for everyone to get good education, some people who cant get admission in good universities or colleges they can get same good education on internet as some universities have online courses. There are so many universities which upload the lecture on their particular website and it becomes easier for students to avail the lecture and understand it. Namal College is also one of the such universities so it has become easier for student even if the college is closed th ey can find their educational stuff and assignment on internet. There are many good tutorials on internet which are very much helpful to the students . There is not only the written stuff avaible but there are also video lectures avaible as well. So many scholars and educationist believe that internet is blessing .But it also has some drawbacks as well. There is also some information on internet which misleads the person. some people upload the information on internet which is not valid and many students get astray. As there are many religious websites on which the wrong information is uploaded which further lead to the misunderstanding and religious wars. Some anti-religions are making websites about religion and upload the wrong information on website and which further lead to the wars. So in that sense it seems conviction.Furthermore internet it has many disadvantages beside it advantages .A very annoying disadvantages is the crockography which has muff the spring chicken of nation. There are about 60 million people among them are children, men and women are the victim of these things which is a sinful act and is considered as bad religiously as well as physically. Some people get addicted to pornography and just waste their lives. Mostly the youth of nation is spoiled through this internet, due to that the youngster are losing their interest in their studies they just waste the time on watching such guilty videos on internet and ruin their lives. The J K Rowling say The internet has been a boon and curse for teenagers .With the passage of time many students are getting away from their families , they do not give time to their families spend their precious time on the internet just watching videos, movies, playing online games and chatting with friends. As a scholar Philip Zimbardo say What troubles me is internet and electronic technology revolution. Shyness is supply in part by so many people spending huge amounts of time alone, free on e-mail, i n chat rooms, which reduces their face to face contact with other people Many children are becoming the victim of loneliness. So mostly parents say that internet is the cure which has spoiled their children. This may be the reason the as the time is passing by people lives the short lives and are mostly in physically fit. It has been revealed that in the century of internet mostly children are spoiled in early age and the reason for is only and only internet.As internet is source of communication as we mentioned before at the same time it also create some misconception as well. The well-known example is Facebook which is used by very much people. It waste your life and when you get addicted to it, you cant do anything important than Facebook .So news has said the Facebook is such website which has created so much misconception, due to it many life partner are unaffectionate due to just misconception by Facebook. There are many hackers on internet who steal your face-to-face inform ation and sometime it also lead to war when people of one country hack the confining sites of other country and steal their secrets. It also has some disadvantages in business as well. So internet has advantages as well as disadvantages and some people consider it as blessing and some consider it the curse.A great scholar said that every silver cloud has dark linings and everything which has positive effect it do have some negative effects as well. Use of internet is just like gun, the gun is blessing if you just use it to defend yourselves but it is no more less than curse if you use it to kill the innocent people. However Internet can be blessing for us if we use it positively, all now depands on us either we are going to make it blessing or curse. Mostly people think that it do have some draw backs but its advantages overcome all the demarits of internet. It has very important role in almost all aspects of life, we can say that it has become part of our lives, world without inte rnet will be totally different without it there will not be fast source of communication. Internet can become completely blessing if the government takes some useful steps, such as government should set an active department which should see over the activities happening on internet and should set some rules and regulations and if someone is having the wrong use he should be stopped and a written warning notice should be given to him. The department should set rules like it should the ban the porn videos and it should all the websites which are spoiling the youth or society. By doing that no one will be able to put wrong commits about any religion and the religious war will be over and many problems will be solved, so internet will be the blessing and internet is really blessing.The End.