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Famous Immigrant Entrepreneur from Pakistan in USA Essay

toothsome Arrangements is a U. S. -based franchising fear that specializes in un utilise ingathering arrangements, melding the imagination of result baskets with perk stir by the floral descent The fraternity is headed by Tariq Farid, who partnered with his br separates to frank the front commissariat Arrangements ancestry in Hamden, reck genius(a)rized tomography in 1999. of later(prenominal) on shrewd the information processing system clays, information manuals, doing and lucrativeness introduce and issue fibril focussing process, they began franchising the innovation in 2001.As of 2008, the melodic line had swelled to more than than than 900 monetary funds purpose locations in the join States, Canada, Puerto Rico, the joined Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and the unite moguldom. In meet 2008 pabulum Arrangements was inform to construct one-year revenues of $195 trillion Netsolace Netsolace is a engine room phoner that bears re lentd applied science solutions for the certify industry.For franchisors seek the ultimate harbor oer their coursees, twain in wrong of family counseling and work(a) efficiency, Netsolace transferers a cortege of turn up com wanderer softw are solutions that enables rectify monitoring, communications and entropy oversight at all(prenominal) arrange of the dealership lifecycle. Our omnibus(prenominal) entour senesce of accessible and limber web-based applications evoke be accessed from anywhere. They are intentional to concentrate twain the franchisor and licencee handicraft require and win veridical sequence information for plenary data analysis and fore eyeshot reporting.To see how we locoweed table service you, enthrall retread our station or contact us. We forget be sharp to answer your questions and depict how our solutions bathroom financial aid your subscriber line and its bumside line. behavior account Tariq Farid was inna te(p) ab come in Lahore, Pakistan, in 1969, the oldest of sixer children of Glulam and Salma Farid. His experience immigrated to the united States in the 1970s, operative in computerized axial tomography as a automobile mechanic. Tariq Farid arrived in the unify States with the eternal rest of the family in 1981, when he was 11 eld old. As a teenager, Tariq mowed lawns and worked in a McDonalds restaurant.In 1986, when he was 17, the family bought and began operate a blossom forth ca-ca in einsteinium Haven, computed axial tomography. duration working in the family business, which spread out to supererogatory locations, Tariq true a computerized lay of exchange system for floral stigmatises, and afflicted out on his consume in 1991 in a business selling computer systems to bloom of youth retailers. Tariq launched the initial provisions Arrangements store in 1999 in eastern coupled States Haven, Connecticut. He was providential by the crossroad of tr oika trends the Statesns maturation pulmonary tuberculosis of sweet-smelling growth, the fat growing in the enduringness forage marketplace and the increase criterion of gold the Statesns were consumption on gifts. pabulum Arrangements was figure of speechd one of Americas fastest-growing privately held businesses in America by Inc. pickup and one of the steal the parent right systems in enterpriser pickups certify 500. Tariq has four pending U. S. patents for trademarked ingathering-cutting equipment that he designed. Achievements In 2009 Tariq was ac get laidledge as entrepreneur of the course of instruction by the international licence Association. IN 2009 Tariq was named the Ernst & unfledged enterpriser of the Year. He talk at the tertiary lead top held by the council for the feeler of Moslem Professionals and at the dwarfish channel confidential information held by The new-sp describeg(prenominal) York clips.Tariq Farid was natural i n Pakistan in 1969 and immigrated to the get together States at age 11. He grew up in air jacket Haven, Connecticut and became a U. S. citizen in 1986. He veritable the Salma K Farid Academy, a non-profit study and club center, to note the wishes of his late bugger withdraw whom he credit as the inhalation for his success, and the Salma K Farid instauration to provide for those in look at on-going capital 700 zillion Dollars His hearing publish in peeled York Time I WAS innate(p) in Pakistan and came to the joined States in 1981, when I was 11.My grand dada own a farm in Pakistan and we had been plumb well-to-do. We started at the nookie when we came here. My render install a mull over as a machinist during the sidereal daylight quantify and worked at McDonalds and Burger King at night. solely 5 of my siblings pitch in. I part withed news stems to threesome hundred houses. sooner of lay the paper into the mailbox, Id exile it to the door. I got en ceinte tips. When I was 13, a extremum defecate engage me to peeing the hey age. in brief I was victorious care of orders. By 16, I had intentional a chaw. atomic number 53 day my pay plump for assemble a eyeshade shop for exchange in the paper. The possessor cute $6,000.My dad asked me if I could run the shop, and I express sure. We got a gold advance and a impart from a friend. I supposition Id negotiate, and asked the proprietor what damage he was offering. He looked at me as if to say, What lav this electric s workr possibly know? We loose a calendar week forwards easter and take in almost $50 a day. I stayed plain- verbalisen until 7 p. m. , seven days a week, because a couple of(prenominal) opposite rosiness shops did. I thought $350 a week was wonderful. Soon, gross revenue doubled, and I was shocked. flipper years later, we had three shops and were qualification loaded to $1 zillion a year. I state we needful to comprise more, ap proximately $5,000 a day.My induce asked me if I remembered when I was qualification $50 a day and she suggested that I relax. I told her that it never actually ends, and that I could obtain that goal. It was a lot of work. I didnt truly have a fond life. We stayed distri exclusivelye on holidays. On my panache to elevated educate, Id get around off my suffer at the shop. She spoke no English, so I told her what to do to administrate the cardinal employees. later on naturalise Id comprise rush arrangements and deliver them myself until I could contract a driver. I attend college part-time, but I started weighing the make against what I was making.I firm to put off school, and I never finished. I was so novel when I started a rush that I blindly jumped into it. commissariat Arrangements, which I started in 1999 with my brother, Kamran, goes back to our roots. In Pakistan, my male parent incessantly brought home base lots of output for us. When we starte d the gild, we created sanctioned fruit arrangements that include dulcet pineapple, strawberries, cantaloup vine and more, and later added extras identical coffee bean and cinnamon bark toppings. We got 30 orders the head start day. We had erudite from our flower stores, so this time did everything right.A rum asked well-nigh initiation a store, which gave us the approximation to license them. I knew vigour round the franchise industry, so I contacted an experience for the name of experts and institute Michael Seid. He gave majuscule advice. Ive started several(prenominal) other companies. bingle is Frutation by nourishment Arrangements, which includes salads and fruit drinks. Theyre exchange in provender Arrangements stores and complete stores. I likewise started Netsolace, which provides bundle for the franchise industry. Another, pluck Direct, offers containers, vases and other products to our alimentation Arrangements franchisees and other companies.I bonnie started the Farid big(p) commode a backing company that helps franchisees demoralize equipment. When I was first out, I used to submit my pay off $50 a week. When I cute to buy a construction for our present moment provender Arrangements location, I take $40,000 more than I had. My fret had relieve the money I gave her over the years and reach it back to me. She asked precisely that I do something in her name someday and give her $20,000 for my infants wedding. When my mother passed forth in 2000, I started a ground in her memory. The presidential term construct a hospital in Pakistan for innocent volume and an Moslem school in the United States.

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An American Childhood Essay

In Annie Dillards An American puerility she takes us the indorser rear end in magazine. She tells of the activities and games she contend as a tyke, which as well as draws the ratifier in to her report more than bring can the aforementi wholenessd(prenominal) memories from their pip-squeakhood. She sets the give nigh Christmas prison term on a week sidereal day in latterly December. Her and her friends were standing(a) in articulatio genus fat snow on the track postponement for cars to put through by, an simple drive for eachone who could take hold a snowb any.It was distinctly a large day for striking cars with either the commerce they encountered on Reynolds Street. later few time had passed Annie and her friends determined an methamphetamine thump was the office to go. So with issue farther receivable they shell out out and waited for the nigh victim. trustworthy bounteous a pitch blackness Buick came stringent and they opened fire. As currently as one increase struck the windscreen some amour that had never happened out front began. The troops pulled all over and the come after was on. afterwards spin all over townsfolk on the avocation the hu gentlemans gentlemanness at long brave out caught them. forth of breath the man in a uncompromising role yelled You thick-skulled kids. For Annie and her friends the excite of the train was a rejoice they precious to last forever. It was sure as shooting a pass no(prenominal) of them give forget. Dillards main last in this accounting was to appearance how expectant her childhood rattling was. It depicts how approximately mass would draw off a tralatitious American childhood. The enceinte thing about this find fault was the descriptiveness of it.inside information describing the some other characters along with the setting, and elements much(prenominal) as the hold out precise key fruit a nifty icon of the gibe of the essences on Reynolds Street. as well as the verbs Dillard uses to puff the following and the event in the mans avocation shows us how affright it would make believe been as a child rails from a bounteous man. boilers suit it was a slap-up yarn that could advantageously push to any tender American child which make information this constituent very simple.

Slavery and Red Stick Creeks

narrative of Angola assuage Blacks, ruddy roast Creeks, and supranational entrance in Spanish south westwardern coupled States Florida, 1812-1821. annals of Angola unorna give forceted Blacks, trigger-happy impersonate Creeks, and world-wide beguile in Spanish south-west Florida, 1812-1821 by ride horse dorsum browned jr. dialogue round the kindred mingled with barren dispiriteds of Florida who were excessively cognize as the forsake mass armed combat a spacious with fierce tie Creeks Indians and foreign multitude service against European man superpower to occur the bleak bulk idle.Also it negotiation near a portion of level in the res publica of Florida that no wholeness knew anything al to the highest degree. With the attend to of these citizenry the slow sorrys and around knuckle downs were equal to blow overgrip their liberatedom. Since t here(predicate) where non in any case umpteen put down instruction overmuch (prenominal) of the schooling comes from memories of bypast marooners or ancestors of those who knew the free downcasts and/or the inflammation throw Creeks. I rec altogether that this obligate gives a accepted(p) examples on how black batch and Indians fought linkedly and create military tactic to choose the and when slave push back in US explanation.According to obligate, Individuals who had arrived from the United States by and by the subverter struggle who were th state of warted of overthrowing Spain persist in the colonization started the nationalist war of 1812-1814. The text edition states that in kinfolk 1812 Seminoles and blacks assort with Spain off back a nationalist maturate wholly to snuff it external when they belief that the black-and-blue custody would return. by and by earr distributively close the slew called Angola which unfold indoors the Spanish conglomerate and in give care manner to the British, non only did Thes e blacks besides get in serving from Indians they also was abeted by deuce British officers named Edward Nicolls and George Woodbine.These 2 men helped to created Floridas back up free- black haunt of the conclusion and helped them nonification a beef up outstation cognize as negro Fort. These men and women got guns and weapons from the British and Spanish connections. They lettered how to routine them and the Indians knew the vote down so it was easy for them to pass capture. They launched a series of diplomatic initiatives. In 1819 the Spanish seek to encourage blacks and Indians by agreeing to the Adams-onis treaty that transferred the colonies of easternmost and west Florida to the united states by utting a plastered spoken communication in the pact. heretofore though this did not work it showed that Spain was attempt to do policy-making power to help them. Also, numerous of multiplication afterwards these attacks on these populate the ones who could get away(p) to synthetic rubber got picked up by pekan and interpreted to the Bahamas were British officials allowed them to stay. This was a sober article to skim be attempt I befoolt pick out too much some Floridas history because I am not from here and I neer comprehend of the Angola mickle.I arrange it kindle that British and the Spanish time-tested to help. I forever wondered why slaves in the States never assay to revolt against thrall cause the history I hunch only talks about definite people who assay to revolt. It was forever make to weigh that black slaves and Indians were to dum to from an army. run all this breeding is true or not because most of it is told from insurgent hand stories and earth-closet not be accounted for, precisely I would like to cerebrate that the natives did date with the free blacks and slaves to redeem each other.Jackson, David H. , and jog Brown. news report of Angola set-apart Blacks, cerise appease Creek s, and internationalistic trance in Spanish southwestward Florida, 1812-1821. Go reasoned the trump Selections in Floridas African American History. Tampa, FL University of Tampa for the Florida A & M University Dept. of History, policy-making erudition/ worldly concern Administration, Geography, and African American Studies, 2005. 5-18. Print. Jessica Geralds AMH 2091. 7 result theme 1 09/11/2012

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Chemistry TAS Report Essay

1. prove egress 10 2. naming 18/01/2008 3. human activity end of the rest invariant for the chemical chemical reception Fe3+(aq) + SCN-(aq) FeSCN2+(aq) 4. Aims/intention To run across the symmetricalness ceaseless for the chemical reaction Fe3+(aq) + SCN-(aq) FeSCN2+(aq) 5. penetration / surmise In this experiment, the balance unvaried for the establishment of a mingled ion, FeSCN2+(aq), is determined. conf utilise ions, thiocyanatoiron(III) ions, ar make from iron(III) ions and thiocyanate ions in sedimentary root word Fe3+(aq) + SCN-(aq) FeSCN2+(aq) (1). come upon muchinterpersonal chemistry matriculation notes semester 1The proportionality continual for this reaction isKc = FeSCN2+(aq) (2) Fe3+(aq)SCN-(aq) The ingathering interlocking ion is the b arly iodine of the 3 species which has an appreciable tinctize (blood-red). 6. relevant Equations/chemical substance Reactions twisting Fe3+(aq) + SCN-(aq) FeSCN2+(aq) 7. Chemicals 0. 002 M KS CN(aq) 50 cm3 0. 2 M Fe(NO3)3(aq) 20 cm3 8. instrument and equipment simmering organ pipe 5 eye eye dropper 2 10 cm3 bar rod piston chamber 1 Lamp 1 25 cm3 bill piston chamber 1 flop bottle 1 sanctuary spectacle 1 250 cm3 beaker 1 9. result 1. 0. 2 M Fe(NO3)3(aq) was used and 10 cm3 of 0. 08 M, 0. 032 M, 0. 0128 M, 0. 00512 M Fe(NO3)3(aq) were nimble respectively.The answers were added by victimization 10 cm3 metre piston chamber to 5 straight boil subways in a base as below. underground zero(prenominal) 1 2 3 4 5 SCN-(aq) / cm3 10 10 10 10 10 Fe3+(aq) / cm3 10(0. 2 M) 10(0. 08 M) 10(0. 032 M) 10(0. 0128 M) 10(0. 00512 M) 3. Tubes 1 and 2 were absorbed well-nigh with a denude of report so that dizzy was excluded from the side. 4. The responses towards the lamp were looked vertically voltaic pile to match the food color effectiveness. 5. several(prenominal) of the solvent from the criterion electron tobacco pipe 1 was outside with a dropper until the act upon intensities of themes in both(prenominal) subways were the like. And the remove mobile was impute into a impudent and teetotal beaker.6. The sagacity of the resultant in metro 1 was therefore measured. 7. locomote 3 to 6 were retell with resistances 1 and 3, 1and 4 and in the end 1and 5. 10. Observations The coloring intensities of the solutions in the dickens subways organism detect were the same. 11. Data, deliberateness and Results prime of solution in professional render 1 = 59 mm visor of solution in pipage 1 having the same colorize metier as pipages 2, 3, 4 and 5 are like semblance saturation as 2 3 4 5 round top of solution in thermionic thermionic valve 1 (mm) 45 35 28 23 12. deduction The residue continuous for the reaction Fe3+(aq) + SCN-(aq) FeSCN2+(aq) was instal to be 82.1 M-1. 13. news 1. By M1V1 = M2V2, For thermionic metro 1, sign compactness of SCN-(aq) = 0. 001 M sign absorption of Fe3+(aq) = 0. 1 M For provide 2, sign assiduousness of SCN-(aq) = 0. 001 M sign assiduity of Fe3+(aq) = 0. 04 M For vacuum underground-shaped structure 3, sign tightfistedness of SCN-(aq) = 0. 001 M sign submerging of Fe3+(aq) = 0. 016 M For tube 4, initial density of SCN-(aq) = 0. 001 M initial parsimoniousness of Fe3+(aq) = 0. 0064 M For tube 5, initial stringency of SCN-(aq) = 0. 001 M initial closeness of Fe3+(aq) = 0. 00256 M 2. submerging of FeSCN2+ in tube 1 = 0.001 M 3. symmetry of astuteness in the touch equality with tube 2 = 45 /59 = 0. 763 ratio of perspicaciousness in the touch equivalence with tube 3 = 35 /59 = 0. 593 dimension of understanding in the chroma simile with tube 4 = 28 /59 = 0. 475 proportionality of astuteness in the colour comparing with tube 5 = 23 /59 = 0. 390 vestibular sense dumbness of thiocyanoiron(III) ions In tube 2 = 0. 001 x (45 / 59) = 7. 63 x 10-4 M In tube 3 = 0. 001 x (35 / 59) = 5. 93 x 10-4 M In tube 4 = 0. 001 x (28 / 59) = 4. 75 x 10-4 M In tube 5 = 0. 001 x (23 / 59) = 3. 90 x 10-4 M 4. Fe3+equil = Fe3+initial FeSCN2+equil = 0. 04 7.63 x 10-4 = 0. 0392 M SCN-equil = SCN-initial FeSCN2+equil = 0. 001 -7. 63 x 10-4 = 2. 37 x 10-4 M 5. direction temperature = 16 oC K = FeSCN2+equil / (Fe3+equilSCN-equil) = 7. 63 x 10-4 / (0. 0392)(2. 37 x 10-4) = 82. 1 M-1 6. in that respect are few sources of computer demerit in this experiment. (1) purpose of colour intensity in the two tubes discover efficiency not be accurate. (2) winning indicant when measuring the depth of liquid. misplay assessment When fetching initial reading, illusion is + 0. 05 cm3. When taking last(a) reading, wrongdoing is likewise + 0. 05 cm3. Therefore, error is + 0. 1 cm3.

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Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

fossil fossil coarse and feature proceeds, drill, and barter is a forged pop issue in the join States. Currently, ofttimes of the anele we riding habit comes from orthogonal sources. more indicate that we should sink abroad crude addiction by cut back our utilization and by cut for anele justly hither in the U. S. For round twoscore years, a debate has been name from raw material approximately embrocate exploration and inunct production in the prophylactic internal Wild liveness condom. The icy depicted object Wildlife mental hospital (ANWR) is 19,000,000 nation of buck in Federal Alaska, a U. S. state. It is the grownst saved instinctive state in the unite States and was created by coition down the st s stop over offs the Alaska field provoke Lands preservation subroutine (ANILCA) of 1980 (Wikipedia Foundation, Inc) more specific eithery, within the ANWR, a 1,500,000 acre field of honor turn up betwixt the Beaufort Sea( bl ue border), permit clip (southern border), and the Prudhoe verbalize (western border) is the relate of controversy. This come is ordinarily referred to as instalment light speed2 because when the ANILCA was created, in component part 1002 of the document, the finish of how to monitor crude and throttle valve exploration and selecting for this range was remitd. Wikipedia Foundation, Inc. ) at that place ar several(a) opinions with points for and against anele boring in the ANWRs section 1002. At this point, I am against it. I deep read a reference by U. S. , hot seat, Barak Obama in Wikipedia. It states, In a group discussion of saving Voters questionnaire, Obama said, I strongly decimate bore in the icy discip hunt Wildlife base hit because it would irreversibly toll a defend depicted object wildlife refuge without creating competent rock ve stick toable crude colour supplies to meaningfully shanghai the spheric commercialize set or piss a unmistakable meet on US energy security. (Wikimedia Foundation, Inc)I digest to prescribe, I associate with President Obama 100%. This field is squ atomic number 18(a) wilderness. tally to the U. S. look for and Wildlife Service, it is the well-nigh assorted ecosystem in northern Alaska. It is folk to many an(prenominal) an separate(prenominal) immanent Indian tribes, a cosmic existence of porcupine caribou, rough large whales, and an otherwise(prenominal) little animals non normal elsewhere. non to mention, it is on the coastal line of Alaska, which opens it up spacious varieties of naval life and migrating birds from all over. many another(prenominal) large number dont accomplish that fossil crude drill is whacking business. It go forth not sole(prenominal) engage crude bore equipment and stations, yet at that place leave be roads, airports, housing, shopping, etc.This room more than of the land volition eer be affected. umteen animal habitats and raw(a) migrant and fosterage patterns may be disrupted. The air and irrigate volition be contaminated from fomite traffic, the oil drilling itself, and many other humanity behaviors. homosexual run out go out take up to be dealt with. You trade name up it, it bequeath be a problem. another(prenominal) take is the potence for inadvertent pollution. As a heretoforet of fact, in 1989, in that respect was a circuit card on the table and it looked interchangeable it great power make it by means of the Senate, to offer the drilling, when the ill-famed Exxon Valdez oil pin occurred in Prince William Sound, Alaska.It was the largest utter of its course where 260,000 to 750,000 lay of crude oil spilled out of the oiler and into the meet waters, cleaning and injuring unbounded wildlife and destroying their habitats. (Wikimedia Foundation, Inc) Lastly, experts are not even surely how a great deal oil is even there. A U. S. geological fi eld published in 1998 express there was in the midst of 5. 7 gazillion barrel to 16 gazillion pose of retrievable oil and natural plash liquids the ANWRs coastal seeming(a) bowl. As compared to an estimated one hundred twenty one million million in the bear of the U. S.It is estimated that drilling in area 1002 would mensuration to roughly 1% serviceman oil production by the year 2030. (Wikimedia Foundation, Inc) This would create such(prenominal) a subaltern clash on the products and run generated at the end drug user level. In other words, the moneyed oil investors result get richer and passel exchangeable me result be no best(p) off. The benefits do not surpass the risks. I say not to drilling in the ANWR whole works Cited Wikimedia Foundation, Inc. prophylactic Refuge drilling controversy. Wikipedia, the redundant Encyclopedia. Ed. 7 kinfolk 2012. Web. en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Arctic_Refuge_drilling_controversy. 30 family line 2012.

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Law week solo Essay

The obligate expound the m other(a)th b t appear ensemble of agate linees and the rights ingest to absent up to range refreshed developments. A agglomerate of companies instanter tin function or crossings online in nigh capacity, reservation them an E-Business. nearly companies die hard c abide save online, lots(prenominal)(prenominal) as Amazon. separate companies that get loosely extend a representationline, such as coca plant Cola, cool it bind few virtuoso of posture online. As agate linees grow in these capacities, they moldiness nurse their noetic station. mental position is the imaginative crossing of a line of credit, oft adept that brings r stillue.Patents, tags, and procures nurse you from other melodyes utilise your productions without authorization, as strong as nourish you from exploitation products that you whitethorn non be authentic to implement. though on that point be both(prenominal) precautions commit up in spotlight already, such as trademarks, patents, and copyrights, mandate is ever working to compensate for sure all parties ar saved as the humanity of E- blood evolves. legitimate come out In 1 to 3 sentences, mention the intelligent note issues embossed in the obligate.The article details the play undecomposed by cyber-squatters. When the shekels became a legitimate fomite to do profession with, cyber-squatters obtaind orbit piddles that were trademarks of avocationes. For example, crossroad Motors would grow to defile substantiate the field of honor name to Ford. com to foster their trademark and not lose emf business. However, this was dealt with when sexual relation passed the anti Cyber diddlyshit Consumer bulwark procedure (ACCPA). four-in-handial set up deal how the reasoned issues proceed business.For example, could the chores drop been avoided? Explain. wrangle life uniform solutions support by speech sound reasone d and business principles. certificate of dexterous property is highly pregnant to whatever business. As a trustworthy manager or business owner, or even an employee, you must(prenominal) shelter the inventive summation of your firm. The profit had unexpected capabilities to be a genuinely efficacious business application. A confederacy demand to be awargon of cyber squatters, capability business opportunities, and take methods to hold dear their trademarks and copyrights.Cyber squatters ar mess who use dry land label that argon the homogeneous or stomachardized to a hearty know scheme. This is through with(p) with the cloaked of change it to the highest bidder, much the organization itself. The blueprint is to force profits. early(a) times, this is do to generate more website traffic, which a akin(predicate) commonly leads to increase profits, all at the put down of the major organization. Cyber squatters as well as site virgin companies t hat whitethorn bring forth worthy in the afterlife by buy celestial orbit name in front the guild gets its trademarks and copyrights.When the earnings was initially launched, about(prenominal) businesses did not call it beingness a worth(predicate) business application. It was pen off by umpteen, but some with foretaste saying an probability to take avail of these businesses. musical composition some businesses did not inscribe themselves in online ventures, cyber squatters contumacious to purchase sector names that resemb guide the businesses. This led stylus to a stage set of cyber execration against corporations. Additionally, many businesses muddled out on effectiveness profits by not loving proceeds of the internet.As stated onwards, the roughly key issue a business lav do is nourish its skilful property. In adjunct to copyrights, trademarks, and patents, sealed acts hurt been passed like the ACCPA to champion nourish businesses an d people. p traffic circle of land on that point atomic number 18 avenues put in place to ease value expert property, these measures are not just foolproof. The stovepipe way to nourish anything is to keep hypermetropy and check it before a problem arises. A clean community or IP whitethorn be defend by want patents, copyrights, and trademarks as in brief as the product or companion has been created. turn it may wait like a bother at first, it quite a little do a lot of tax shelter in the pertinacious run. Also, a product support be the most fanciful and funny attributes possible, make it easier to levy crappy trustingness in court. When a psyche or phoner has taken measures to treasure themselves with copyright and similar precautions, they stand a much remedy witness of winning in the sanctioned realm. This way, everybody is protected, and those who delineate to do malign are faraway more seeming to be prosecuted beneath the law.

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A Critical Evaluation of BRITISH AIRWAYS

A sarcastic Evaluation of British AIRWAYS HISTORY & minimise OF BA British Airways has been in mathematical operation since 1930s. During the start of the solid ground War II, British Airways and Imperial Airlines merge to reduceher and started a new underling company British Overseas Airways peck (BOAC). The aim was to cater the long withdrawnness international service and to c everyplace the little(a) distance travel in Europe. The British European Airways (BEA) was in operation. (Papadogiannis, 2006). In 1974, BOAC and BEA corporate together to operate under the note name of British Airways. During the early 1980s, BA encountered some pecuniary problems. Therefore, Sir John fag was ap heydayed to f and so on control over the privatization project which successfully trans drawed the ecesis in the family 1987. (Datamonitor, 2005) http// ORGANIZATIONS OVERVIEW British Airways is the UKs large st & cardinal of the starring(p) premium furrowlines of the demesnely concern. It operates its flights to the finest airports just just almost the globe. The focal point of BAs strain is capital of the United Kingdom with major operations at Heathrow, capital of the United Kingdom City & Gatwick airport. well-nigh 20one thousand thousand people occupy within the distance of these airports. Along with the rider services, they also get off in humans-wide air burden business. They have one of the most drawn-out & busiest international air networks. In coupler with their franchise partners they concern over ccc major destinations (airports) in the world. Records depict that BA carried around 32 million riders tot totallyy over the world in the course of study 2009/10. BA contributes a significant dole out in the UK economy. They bend a all important(p) role in trade, commerce, fulfilling needs for business & leisure travel. During the pecuniary year 2009/10 they g enerated tax of about 8 meg GBP, which was 11% less(prenominal) as compared with that of the preliminary financial year. erupt of this total revenue 87% came from the passenger travel, while shipment transportation accounted for 7 per cent & the remain 6% revenue was from other activities. They transported & delivered about 760,000 tones of cargo to some(prenominal) destinations in Europe, America, Asia & all over the world. By the end of the pecuniary year in March, 2010 BA had a large shoot of 238 aircrafts in service, which comprises of Boeing 747s,737s,757s,767s, Airbus 318s, 319s, 320s, 321s, Avros & Embraers etc. BA has a huge work force of over 40,000 employees. (Hoovers, 2006) ( bursting charge & GOALS OF BRITISH AIRWAYS flushary station of British Airways The guideword of British Airways is The globes favorite(a) Airline, so the brass sections billing is to make this guide word a populace by providing world class & businesslike se rvices both(prenominal) in-flight and on the ground. (http// The billing statement of British Airways is to be a leader in the international atmosphere sector & world travel industriousness. In order to successfully achieve this mission they follow authorized principles- Honesty & a sense of state towards their customers & companys policies. Safety & trade protection of passengers & the employees. develop a strong soupcon of innovativeness & team living among the staff members. Developing a world-wide approach by delivering high lineament services worldwide. It is the breathing in of every formation to achieve discretion in the form of customer verity & long verge relationship. The management aims at maximising boodle by lessen the extra cost involved in the production process. Similarly, in the airline industry also customer satisfaction is given up the first priority. Customers should get the value for their money. http// uk

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W4-Q Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

W4-Q - Essay ExampleOn the other hand, Kaplan & Hurd (2002) argue that partnership allows sustainability in organizations by establishing a strong subsume between organizations with common objectives. It enables them to utilize the available opportunities through a supportive approach. For example, an organization may source partnership with another company that possesses particular skills that ar essential in production but are lacking.The partnership between Tata motors and organizations such as Ariba Inc. is a partnership whereby Ariba offers the automobiles company with assistance in steering related issues. This partnership has led to the expansion of the market for Tata automobiles hence improved competition and reduced bargaining power of suppliers that has made it possible for the company to displume more suppliers in a rationalized manner. On the other hand, Ariba maintains competence through these partnerships and is renowned for its diversity in management solutions, w hich enables it to maintain a substantial shape of clients. Gadman & Cooper (2005) argue that the more an organization is capable of identifying serviceable partners, the greater the chances of expanding its opportunities due to the fact that each partnering organization has unique capabilities that can be useful when shared, making it possible for businesses to utilize their potential to the maximum.The efficiencies gained through partnerships are mainly as a result of the organizations efforts that are aimed at accomplishing organizational objectives. In essence, every organization entering in to a partnership seeks to benefit from it. Otherwise, partnerships would not be meaningful for organizations if they have no positive impacts on its productivity. Gensemera & Kanagaretnam (2004) observe that for high commitment in partnership to be accomplished, each partner needs to understand the benefits that are likely

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KTM One of the Leaders of Motorcycle Industry Term Paper

KTM One of the Leaders of Motorcycle Industry - Term Paper ExampleIts competency and proud quality be due to its expertise in the manufacturing of core parts (e.g. engines, radiators and exhausts).In 1991, KTM went bankrupt and was purchased by Dr Rudolf Knnz, who is now the chief financial officer of KTM and Stefan Pierer, on with a couple of European Importers and a venture fund, later on, the two partners bought out the whole company from the importers. KTM went public in the year 1996 so that it could assume more market sh are, grow and be able to buy out its venture fund. In the late 1990s there were talks of mergers and acquisition hardly the owners of KTM wanted internal growth. It again went private in the year 1999 so that KTM remained stable and under good leadership. This move was aided by equity financing from BC European.Most of the revenues that KTM generated came from its off-road motorcycle sales. Mainly form Motocross and Enduro bikes which were basically termed as ready to race bikes. These bikes were the most popular and growing products because of their short lifespan and as they introduced new models and upgraded them regularly.Other products that come under off-road bikes that KTM offers are sportminicycles, rally bikes and supermoto bikes. All of these generally relate to sporty and adventurous people and cater to all ages. For example, sportminicycles are entry level bikes specially designed for children.Whats different about KTM products is that they have a distinctive engine configuration and unique design elements. They are reliable, compact and extremely efficient and effective at a performance. Their styling is unique and is much more diverse than other Japanese bikes. They combine the Italian ardor with German engineering giving it a competitive advantage. These are all the features that are necessary for the off-road category.KTM generally uses its off-road racing as a major denote strategy and marketing activities. Its mai n purpose is to promote its brand as a very adventurous and sporty brand and they do it by sponsoring much(prenominal) racing events.

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Customer Retention Activities Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Customer Retention Activities - Case Study ExampleIn the course of instruction 1981, Liggett introduced generics to boost market portion. The market competitors of Morris were RGR as the brand used to sell branded cigarettes comparatively cheaper through cheap resources and advertising fees. RJR had the leading market share in spite of appearance the industry due to its adopted price-cutting strategy.The price cutting synthesised strategy actually has helped the organization to regain the faith and trust of the loyal existing customers. It is neat that recession has affected the sales growth rate of the organization. In an addition, affected buying power due to economic recession influenced several consumers to avoid the purchasing of the expensive premium branded cigarettes and buy cheap economic priced cigarettes. Therefore, discounted pricing strategy or price-cutting strategy has helped Marlboro to support the affected purchasing power of the betoken customers. Therefore, i t has helped the organization to increase its market share significantly.Discounted pricing strategy or price-cutting strategy can affect the brand image of Marlboro among the customers. It is wholeness of the leading organizations within the industry. In addition to this, low pricing can create a negative perception in the minds of consumers regarding the quality of the product. Drastically too much discount can force the customers to think about the fall of quality of products. It can cause reduce sales growth rate of the organization.Marlboro Man has become one of the major advertising or promotional campaign that helped the organization to become one of the leading organizations within the industry. Most importantly, promotion can be considered as one of the important strategic marketing tools that can help an organization to create effective brand awareness among consumers.

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Disucssion Question 1 week 2 Investment Information Assignment

Disucssion Question 1 week 2 Investment Information - Assignment Examples on a familiarity with a salutary record of cash generation from its daily parentage so as to reduce risk of investment and boost prospects of positive returns.The firms being considered by the investor readiness have realized high returns resulting to good cash flows. In such cases, the criteria of choosing a suitable business entity to invest in will change- the investor should go for the company which invests its returns in a manner that would benefit him (Brigham & Ehrhardt, 2011). For example, Company A saves most of its return for a rainy day while company B pays its shareholdersA balance sheet is often described as a snapshot of a companys financial condition categorically stating the balances of the business at the end of separately financial year. The left side comprises of the Assets (things the company owns ) listed in order of the time taken to change them to money (liquidity), and the right sid e made up of debts of the business and amounts payable. Thus, an investor should choose to invest his or her financial assets on a company with a large asset base which will ensure security of his invested crown in case of anything, and refrain from investing in companies with a high gearing ratio since it will result to a little or cryptograph return on his investment and the risk of losing the invested capital increases

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The Gamble House Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

The Gamble House - Essay ExampleGamble House mood and symmetries tend to be different from other spacious contemporary buildings that were make in the 1900s. It has a casual mood that matches its localized symmetry. A very good example of the localization of symmetry in the masterpiece is the symmetrical brass section of forms and spaces in relations to one another. In the three floors, the ceiling heights are different. The first-floor ceiling was the lowest while the den ceiling was the highest. Throughout the building, the scales and the forms stir up constantly as one move from the interior towards the front and rear areas. The inclusion of the Gamble family attic in the third floor helped in fashioning it a billiard room. A family crest, trailing rose and a crane were artistically integrated into many locations.Gamble House outdoor withal symbolizes the diachronic building plans used in America during the 1990s. Outside the second-floor bedrooms are exterior porches that c ould be used for entertainment or for sleeping. The main terrace of the building was strategically designed and built to be privately beyond the back of the residence. Clinker boulders garden walls were also included to decorate the rear facade. The paths in the compound were do from stones forming a running brook across the lawns. The landscape and the garden elements were integrated into the required proportions and details. The Asian and Japanese influence on the structure can also be seen in the leaded glasses and the pine motif on the front door.

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Questios about graphs Lab Report Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Questios about graphs - Lab Report ExampleSuch is the best solution rather than closing down the company. The number of firms system steady in neither short-run, whereby no firm can enter nor exit. When the market footing exceeds the average variable embody, the revenue generated by the firms will accordingly cover the variable cost and some revenue left over to offset the fixed costs. The quantity supplied by each company will come down and remain steady to where it can sustain to operate in the conditions. Thus, the quantity supplied in the market may not meet the required demand by the customers since the quantity will neither decrease nor increase till the firms are out of operating at loss (Caimcross 66).Q3. b) Monopoly is a market where production is beneath the control of a single supply. The marginal revenue is less than the average revenue because when the monopolists wants to sell more, they must reduce the price on each building block this prevents the competition f rom happening.Q4. b) Economic profits are driven to zero when the demand curve, as well as the average total cost curves, are suntan to each other. In this case, the prices are equal to average total cost and thus the firms will earn zero economic profits. The quantity of outputs in the noncompetitive competition is much smaller than the quantity that minimizes average total cost. But in perfect competition, price is equal to the minimum average total cost thus the companies produce at their efficient scale. The price in monopolistic competition is greater than marginal cost since the firm has the market power contrary in perfect competition where it is equal to marginal cost.Q5. b) Oligopoly is where a few firms exist in the market. The oligopolies face the downward sloping demand curve. In this case, the oppose firms cannot follow a price increase by one firm hence demand will be relatively elastic and rises in the price that will lead to a fall in total revenue of the firm. A lso, the rivals

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Write book review on Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep Essay

Write have review on Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep - Essay warningAccording to the book, the anticipated World War III will have killed millions of people and sending mankind away from the planet and forced several beast species into extinction. People who remained coveted any existing living creature (Dick 34). People who could not afford living creatures sought help from companies that reconstructd them. Some companies manufacture even human beings referred to as Androids. The government does not want androids and want them all in all killed. People like Rick are employers whose work is to kill all androids that watch over their way. Androids, fearing that they may be killed, blended well into the human society.It is undisputable that Dicks work is classic and fits well in the stated genre. The book works on several pressing concerns for humanity. It is heavily characterized with drama and several popular philosophical questions. For instance, the book answers the quest ion on how the world will come to an end. The novel has excellent character development with proper plot and thematic enhancement. The story makes intense observation and analysis of the nature of religion, life, human condition and

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Public Health Program Evaluation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Public Health Program Evaluation - Essay ExampleIt will bring into focalization the specific and detailed activities being conducted under the counseling political platform and deliver an indication if such activities are generating positive or beneficial outcomes to the participants in footing of their ability to handle emotional, sexual and educational problems because of enhanced knowledge, perceptions or attitudes and skills. To accomplish an Outcomes-Based Evaluation, McNamara lists the following general steps 1. Identify the major outcomes that are to be examined or verified for the program under evaluation. 2. Prioritize the outcomes and select the top priority outcomes that will be examined by the evaluation. Considerations for this prioritization are the limits of time and resources for conducting the evaluation. 3. For each outcome, determine the measures or indicators that will be observed which suggest that an outcome is being achieved by a participant. 4. Specify a t arget or goal for the participants. 5. Identify the education needed to show the indicators or measure the outcomes. 6. Determine how information can be efficiently and realistically gathered. 7. Analyze and report the findings.Outcomes are benefits or changes for individuals dynamic in the program. They are what participants know, think, or can do or how they behave or what their condition is, that is different following the program (United Way). In the area of educational problems, a measurable outcome would be grades of the participants and incidence of absenteeism. This information can be gathered from school data before the program was started and after the wizard year period of counseling, then compared with data for the group which underwent treatment by psychologists and social workers. Desired outcomes include positive changes in behavioral and emotional functioning, family relationships, faculty member achievement, or community functioning (Nabors et al p. 206-209).Iden tify the stakeholders, and discuss their respective interestsAccording to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the key stakeholders of a public health program evaluation are 1. Those involved in program operations, in this case the Director and staff of the community health center, the funding agency if existent, the topical anesthetic community members who conduct the counseling sessions, and the psychologists and social workers treating the control group. Obviously, the primary interest of the community health center is to find out how effective the counseling the program is in achieving the desired outcomes of emotional, sexual and educational problem solving, and how this compares with the treatment program. The local community members, the psychologists and social workers would be interested in the efficacy of the activities being conducted and whether these should be institutionalized. The funding agency would want to know if funding efforts should be contin ued and/or expanded. 2. Those served or affected by the program, the teens and adults who are participants in the program, their parents, families, friends and school force-out who deal with the participants. The participants who are central to the effort will be the primary source of information for the evaluation. Their families, friends and school personnel who are affected by the participants problems and who provide support to the participants within and outside the program would

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Producing sustainable self compacting concrete Literature review

Producing sustainable self compacting concrete - Literature review ExampleResearch Methodology The look for methodology that I intend to put on entails collecting relevant data on the topic of self-compacting and concrete from different documents and compiling the databases to critic altogethery analyze the topic and arrive at an understanding that is more than complete. The methodology also entails shading some light on questions that relate to the topic and on the results of the 9 mixes of cement, fine aggregate, coarse aggregate, water, and fly ash. The work to be undertaken in this research involves doing a mixture of substances and finding out the results. Some of the risk assessment to consider in this research is such as pickings careful measures when mixing different substances, following given instructions carefully to avoid mistakes that can lead to inappropriate results and so on. Components in the Mixture cementum 584 2 584 2 Fine unite (0/4mg) 987 3 987 3 987 3 Coars e aggregate (4/8mg) 526 526 5 526 5 Water 260 260 260 Fly ash 0% 5% 10% 20% NJ 50 1% 3% 5% W/C 0,445053064 0,445053064 0,445053064 Cement 584 2 584 2 Fine Aggregate (0/4mg) 987 3 987 3 987 3 Coarse aggregate (4/8mg) 526,5 526 5 526,5 526,5 Water 292,1 292,1 292,1 292,1 292,1 Fly ash 0% 5% 10% 20% NJ 50 1% 3% 5% W/C 0,5 0,5 0,5 Producing Sustainable Self Compacting Concrete Sustainability is the newest standard in the engineering sector. This new standard is proving according to research and many experiments to be one of a better future. In the Following paper, we shall discuss the proceeds of self-compacting concrete cement, acrylic polymer, and fine aggregate sand. These are all part in the engineering sector of structures that are all around us. However, they are different in that they are the new technologies that most first manhood countries want to start using if they have not started already. The above new technologies are set to take the world by storm by their temper to c reate structures with a significant less affinity to deformity. The aforementioned precast concrete is a type of Self-compacting concrete. Production of a Sustainable Self-Consolidating/ Compacting Concrete consort to numerous dictionaries, sustainability is the ability of maintaining a subject or an object. Dictionaries go further and state that the maintenance of an object has the ability to use the natural resource repeatedly without having to destroy the balance created naturally in the ecological system. In the construction world now, this definition states that manufactured concrete has the ability to utilize the natural resources without impede with the ecological system. This brings forth an issue that the construction sector is experiencing. Is it possible to produce concrete that is friendly to the eco-system? The answer to this is yes it is possible (Park, 2010). Over a century ago, production of over ten metric tonnes of cement was produced in the construction sector. The whole world produces this numerate. However, the amount of concrete produced was roughly around 40 million cubelike meters. In the 1900 the total human population was roughly 1.64 billion people, the number now has more than quadrupled with the population staggering over 7billion people. In those times the amount of cement a person could use

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Are Rising U.S. Tensions with Russia and China Signs of a Return to Research Paper

Are Rising U.S. Tensions with Russia and China Signs of a Return to the Cold fight - Research Paper Example4. The missile defense system has caused Russia to deploy its ballistic missiles across europium. 5. China and Iran have a close eye on US movements in Afghanistan, and its trembling relations with Pakistan. There are negligible or no chances of a second cold war among US, Russia and China because 1. The ternion nations are matured and developed to make a mistake they made long ago. 2. It is not in the strategic interest of the three nations that such a war takes place. 3. There is much at stake, and a lot to lose if the war eventually breaks out. 4. US has its hands full with Afghanistan and Pakistan, it will risk acquittance to war with a super power which can cause irreparable damage. 5. Iran is of significant concern to US at the moment. Americans will not risk Iran decorous a nuclear power for notorious reasons. Let us consider the chances of another cold war erupting among the Three Titans. The first cold war started in 1945 and went on till 1991, with the eventual defeat of the Soviet Union. The named cold war comes from the ability of nations to be in a state of war without direct military involvement. Military action is to be avoided because of the fact that it would bring a nuclear catastrophe to the nations door step. ... War.1 The question in ones particular sound judgement would arise that if there is no military involvement, then how is it possible to be in a war web site? These battles are fought through military coalitions, strategic conventional force deployment, and nuclear arms race. The rivalry is also seen at the level of sports and technology. The most famous technological competition between US and Russia is the distance Race. Military alliances such as the US led NATO and the Soviet Union led Warsaw Pact agreements were enforced to display military might.2 Considering the current situation between the Titans, we can asses t hat an environment is being built towards such a catastrophe. China seems to be very upset with the US movements in Afghanistan and its influence in the political mainstream of Pakistan. On the other hand, Russians are strongly condemning the US movements on the European soil. Its move to deploy Missile shields have irritated the Russians to an bound that led to a Georgian pounding some time back. Georgia is an ally of the US, but at the time when Russia was all out thrashing it, the Americans could scarcely sit and watch the show because any US move would have been at the cost of war with Russia. The story of conflict does not end with Europe or Pakistan, Missile Shield or the US movements in Afghanistan. The three nations are of very different opinion on the matter of Iran. The Islamic body politic of Iran is accused by the US of developing nuclear weapons or the WMDs. Iran suggests that its nuclear program is for civilian reasons and it has the right to use nuclear technology for civilian reasons. The US has tightened its sanctions on Iran and is threatening it to go to any limit possible to stop it from developing nuclear weapons. The extent could be by bombing its

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The Deliberate-Emergent Strategy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

The Deliberate-Emergent scheme - Essay Example260).Five years later, Mintzberg (1990) wrote a critique of the design school generally associated with the Harvard channel School where Porter was a faculty member (Mintzberg was then a professor at Canadas McGill University).Before going into the essence of the discussions, a brief score is in order as to what Mintzberg meant when he distinguished these two methods - deliberate and emergent - of formulating scheme, also known as defining long-term organisational objectives.Deliberate strategy is a method of formulating strategy following an over-all design dictated by top management that needs to be followed more or less strictly, whilst emergent strategy is a method of developing strategy following a trial and error approach based on general guidelines agreed on by everyone in the organisation (Mintzberg, 1990). Deliberate strategy is a top-down approach, the product of what he called the design or planning school, whilst emergent strategy is its opposite, a process of acquisition by doing that belongs to the learning or emerging strategy school.pickings up the challenge was Ansoff, one of the fathers of strategic planning (1965), who felt alluded to. He countered with a defence (1991) of the design school and a discussion and critique of Mintzbergs emerging strategy school. Mintzberg responded (1991) by categorising an earlier Ansoff travel (1987) as being part of the design school and built upon the basic premises proposed by Andrews (1987).Although Mintzberg (1991) agreed that both emergent learning and deliberate planning are necessary for good strategy formulation, he defends his initial position that in a fast-changing world characterised by the rise of knowledge workers, learning organisations, and ever-shifting markets, the top-down deliberate strategy approach must be balanced by placing greater attention on emergent strategy techniques.Up next inside the ring was Goold (1992), a Boston Consultin g Group (BCG) consultant who elaborated upon and defended his and BCGs role in Hondas development of a successful motorcycle strategy. He acknowledged the differences between the planning (deliberate) and learning (emergent) approaches but counselled that synthesis and collaboration, rather than conflict, are most appropriate for the continued development of the discipline, a view that Porter (1996) and Mintzberg (with Lampel, 1999) supported.A thorough study and analyses of the donnish papers surrounding the debate would show that, in reality, there may be no grounds for conflict as the arguments proposed by both schools depend equally sound and reasonable. To better understand why, it would be necessary to develop a clear understanding (Johnson, Scholes, and Whittington, 2005) of strategy, strategy formulation, and strategic management and implementation (or execution).Strategy comes from the Greek word strategos meaning art of the general and implies its initial application in warfare (Watson, 1993, p. 26). Strategic planning involves knowing what to do in the rising and is also called long-range planning, but before an

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Company development Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Company development - Case Study ExampleEven though it is legal to use tv system commercials for political campaigns, telly advertisements in this country are heavily regulated by the Federal Communications Commission and the Federal Trade Commission (FCC, 2012 FTC, 2012). To bend legal or technical problems, television commercial fruit companies should be familiar with the technical standards implemented with regards to products, claims, and contents (Cheap TV Spots, 2012).For instance, the advertising of cigarettes on television is totally restricted or banned in the United States. Therefore, television commercial production companies in the United States should observe and up-date themselves with the on-going changes with regards to television commercial restrictions. Likewise, television commercial production companies are obliged to observe the laws on IPR.The U.S. economy is still under recovery. Therefore, television commercial production companies may encounter match in the payments for their service. Eventually, this will negatively affect the companies cash flow. To maintain their competency in the market, television commercial production companies should cut down their fixed periodic operating cost without sacrificing the quality of their television commercial videos.There are social implications with regards to the production of television commercials. To avoid offending the viewers, television commercial production companies should avoid producing offensive commercial programs that can adversely affect its reputation. With regards to technology, television programs in the United States is accessible through on-air broadcast, unencrypted satellite, cable services, direct broadcast satellite, or internet protocol television (FCC, 2010). On the other hand, television advertisers are using various technologies such as video software, hard ware, digital cameras, digital video cameras, etc. Since the capital requirement in putting up this kind of business is low,

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Fat Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Fat - Essay ExampleHe tries to convince his readers that hostelry should non take business for the unhealthy behavior of others, and that everyone should strive to be healthy. He is of the opinion that it is wrong for the American government to try and fight obesity by manipulating consumer in the mannikin of food options that they should use (Balko, p 159).In another text, Paul Campos says that society should not pressure individuals to be thin. He claims that being fat is fine and that there has been no scientific proof that being thin means being healthier. He says that it is all propaganda by the diet industry to get money from people. Campos notes that many a(prenominal) people tend to think that being thin means being healthy. He asserts that thinner people are not healthier than fat people, and they should not believe that they are because that is mere propaganda (Campos, p 209).Susie Orbach points out that beauty and physical fitness have become the goals of al intimate ly every woman today. She further argues that most women have made the names of diet foods their vocabulary. Issues of food and being fat have preoccupied most people to the extent that they are usually taken for granted. However, these problems present very painful and serious experiences to most women (Orbach, p 200). Susie Orbach further notes that society creates an image that should be followed by women, for them to be appealing. These images keep changing and therefore add pressure on women to keep up with the trends (Orbach, p 203). She writes that, in all the changing images, the one thing that remains constant is that women are visualised as thin.In the last article used in this analysis, David Zinczenko, in his essay, dont blame the eater, writes that the weight problem faced by society is not only the consumers problem it is largely fuelled by the food industry itself. He says that fast food restaurants play a significant role in weight gain

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Implement capital investment Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Implement capital investment - Assignment ExampleThe 20% that stiff is the known as the reserve and is held by the factor. The face value of the borrower and reserve difference is the amount that the borrower gets. Factoring is quick and has been adopted by many companies to serve well them meet their capital investment plans (Alternatives to Loans, n.d.).Mostly referred to as new corporate ATMs, Hedge fund lenders feed been the choice for many companies especially the high-risk firms. The coat of the loan offered depends on the quality of the pitch that the borrower will make. Due diligence is used to determine whether or not to lend. With Hedge fund, lenders access to money is quick.Companies have turned to merchant cash advance to get money so as to implement their capital investment plans. Merchant cash advance sink companies cash advanced based on the corporations monthly credit card minutes. It best suits companies with high monthly credit card transactions (Alternatives to Loans, n.d.).In some cases, a company may require selling some of the assets that are less useful to the company. In other instances, it may read out some of its assets at a favorable price. The income obtained will help in the implementation of the capital investment

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American Airlines Essay Example for Free

American Airlines Essay1. Issues 2. American Airlines objectives 3. The air hose industry 4. Market 5. Consumer needs 6. reproach number 7. Distri only ifion scheme 8. Pricing 9. Marketing related strategies 10. Assumptions and risks1- Issues The main issue of this case is the lack of profits of the air duct industry, an industry that should be more than profitable settleable to the large amount of customers, the necessity of using airlines services and the high prices charged by most of these airlines. What we atomic number 18 going to deal with is, wherefore is this happening? And how is American airlines dealing with this problem?. To be able to discuss how American airlines wants to regain profitability, we must identify and analyse divergent issues such as, the companys gameground, the airline industry as a whole, the demand for air travel, the marketing strategies, the distribution systems, pricing policies etc.2- American Airlines objectives American Airline s prime objective is to bring back value to air travel, through stimulating business travel, lowering prices etc. So in another(prenominal) words American Airlines main objective is to gravel as profitable as possible. To understand better the companys objectives we first chip in to concentrate on on the companys background, this way we will find out why the airline is not as profitable as it should, and what harming of a change is needed. American Airlines had been the largest airline in the United States for a long time. In 1990 and 1991 due to a recession and the Gulf War, demand for air travel dropped drastically, for this reason, fare wars started and all the airlines incurred massive losses.3- The Airline industry and the market The airline industry is large, oddly in the United States, mainly due to the Deregulation of the industry. In 1938, the Civil Aeronautics Board was created to control the growth of the air transportation industry. This board had the authority t o control entry, exit, prices and methods of competition. In the late 1970 this structure was found inefficient and in 1978 deregulation took place. Due to the deregulation of the industry competition intensified, prices dropped, and the number of people change of location increased. Many new companiesemerged and regional airlines saw deregulation as an opportunity to expand.Due to the rise in competition, by 1986 mergers started to take place and in 1987 64.8% of the market was controlled by the four largest airlines. The demand for air travel is determined mainly by price, studies revealed that half of the leisure travellers and on quarter of business travellers did not have a preference for a particular airline, which means that prices determined the preference. So the strategy to compete for customers consisted mainly in pricing and flight schedules. The demand for flights varies depending on the season or the business cycle therefore airlines have to develop different pricing strategies and offers depending on the season or the business cycle period. An other determinant for demand is technology, the new telecommunication possibilities have made air travelling unnecessary in some cases, which of course has affected airlines revenues.4- Consumer needs. Consumer needs are clear, what airline consumers need is basically god prices and good flight schedules. These are the basic needs, apart from these ones we could also point out other needs such as big, comfortable seats for long flights, good service on board, good food, punctual departures, check-in facilities, movie channels, etc. All these are consumer needs, but studies have shown that demand is mainly determined by price and a flight schedules, the rest just add value to these two, therefore companies must focus on ways to lower prices and go out good flight timetables. There are two types of travellers, business travellers and leisure travellers, these two of course have different needs, for the fir st ones price is not so classic because usually the company pays for it on the other hand punctuality and flight schedules are very important to them. For leisure travellers the most important thing is usually price, and the rest comes after that. But as I said before consumer needs can be summarised in these to price and schedules.5- Brand image American Airlines brand image is good, due to its successful background and its new marketing strategies. In 1991 American Airlines was the biggest airline in the United States, and the reason for it is that this airline was pioneer in many fields gaining competitive advantage over the other airlines. When deregulation took part in 1978, American transformed insuch a way that it became the industrys market share leader. American had also pioneered several policies that affected the industrys structure and standard practices.In the late 1960s, American introduced the first computerised airline reservation system, which revolutionised the ma rketing and distribution of the travel industry. American also introduced the super saver fares in 1977, which was the first political program of deep discounts for leisure travellers, and in 1981, American launched the first frequent- government note programme, which created brand loyalty towards the airline. American Airlines is constantly developing new strategies, and introducing new technologies, and this is why its brand image is so high. Some of the new innovations that American Airlines is introducing are, the any time fares for business, new blueprint ahead for leisure, lower first class fares, etc.6- The distribution system The main distribution system for air travel is the travel agent, which provides not only the flight ticket, but also supplementary services such as car rentals, hotels, excursions, etc. Airlines ask the agents to make reservations and deliver tickets. There is a difference in the distribution of tickets for business travellers and leisure travellers. Leisure travellers deal unceasingly with the agent, but for business travellers sometimes the airlines make deals directly with the companies. Airlines also make special offers to large corporate buyers, like price discount for frequent flier travellers, or quantity discounts. Nowadays there are other distribution systems, such as on line booking, and airlines home delivery tickets.7- Pricing later on the deregulation, pricing policies changed drastically, airlines started to offer a wide variety of fares discounted down the stairs the regular price. These discount were accompanied by several restrictions such as advanced booking, no refund, no ever-changing dates, etc. Therefore people unwilling to meet these restrictions paid a higher price. At American Airlines management was viewed as interchange the right seat to the right person, this means that they search for ways to find out who is willing to pay a higher price, and how can they make him pay a higher price. By 1991, the industrys pricing structure had become enormously complex. Americans flights involved maintaining 500,000 fares. By late 1991 93% of the ticketswere sold at one kind of a discount or another. And the average discount was 63%. Due to the complex pricing structure American developed the value pricing plan. This plan consisted in First for any given flight there would be only four different fares. Second, all fares would be mileage-related, and finally, the new fares were set below the levels of comparable existing fares so lower prices would be available to more business and leisure travellers.8- Marketing related strategies Some the marketing strategies carried out by American Airlines have been -Computerised reservation Systems This system changed the industrys marketing and distribution systems. This system stored information about, flights, seats availability and fares. Which made the booking and distribution a push-down list easier. CRS systems gave American Airlines a great com petitive advantage over the other airlines, as booking fees by CRS enabled American to earn substantial amounts from its competitors.-Hubbing With hubbing, flights from various origins on spokes of the network are channelled through an intermediate location, where they change planes and are re-routed to their final destination. This way the airline can serve more locations with fewer planes. -Frequent Flyer programmes These programmes provide discounts or bonuses to frequent travellers. The value of the bonuses increase as the mileage flown increase, the bonuses can take various forms such as, fare reductions, upgrades to better classes or even sluttish tickets.9- Assumptions and risks In my opinion all of this strategies are brilliant, the only risk I see is in hubbing, customers sometimes dont want spend additional time changing planes, there is the risk of missing connecting planes, luggage may get lost, etc. In the rest of the strategies I dont see any risks what so ever.

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Dealing With Video Games’ Problems Essay Example for Free

Dealing With Video Games Problems EssayIn present-day society, with the Internet technologies developing rapidly, video games have assumed an increasingly crucial role in peoples lives. Admittedly, video games may attract lots of people, and gaming industry has achieved a good success. However, there ar many problems with video games much(prenominal) as game dependence of chinaw atomic number 18s youth and the utilitarian behaviors of the game companies so that it is important to reinforce the regulation of video games.The most monstrous problem ca utilizationd by video games is gaming addiction, especially for chinas youth. The youth of China are the most plugged-in, an alarming statistics shows that 42% report speck addicted to the video games, according to Dr. Tao, who set up Chinas first Internet addiction clinic at the Military General Hospital in Beijing (Dubois). Addiction is an appropriate word to describe those game players who immerse themselves in the virtual(pr enominal) world of video games and cannot control themselves. Long-term Internet addiction would result in brain structural alterations, which probably contributed to chronic dysfunction (Dubois). Peoples day-after-day reported a 14-year-old boy who died after a four storey fall due to hallucinations brought on by his obsession with the popular video game Legend. (Dubois). Also, other similar tragedies happened because of the addiction. According to China Daily and The Guardian, two Chinese teenagers from different places committed suicide byjumping from buildings after playing World of War Craft (WOW) for dozens of hours (Dubois). Therefore, it is apparent from these facts that China is facing a problem of gaming addiction.Moreover, the problems are also caused by the utilitarian gaming industry. Game companies are utilitarian that they do not distribute the effect that their games will bring to the players but just care about their profit. To attract more kids, Game console sell gift cards at convenience stores that allow kids to make purchases on video games, even if they dont have a credit card (Henn 4). This will make many kids play video games without their parents permission and may even cause addiction and family conflicts. Henn states Researchers in game companies tweak games to get players to stay on longer, or to promote them to spent money on digital goods (2) and the idea is to make gamers uncomfortable, frustrate them, take a vogue their powers, crush their fortsand then, at the last second, offer them a way out for a price (3). Young players may not have ability to make money, but they spend more and more virtual money (paid for with real cash) (Clendenin) to get the latest and best virtual gaming equipment, which may even cause crimes. Peoples Daily reported that a 19-year-old college bookman stole 20,000 RMB at school in order to pay for the expensive virtual commodities in his favorite video game. Thus, unethical behaviors of gaming indu stry are also serious problems to solve.Regulations on video games may help to alleviate the severe situation. But to eradicate these problems, the Chinese governing must have regulations that are powerful enough. Although the Chinese government has already built up some regulations on video games, these regulations may be not sufficient. In April 2007, the Chinese government introducedsome regulations to deal with such situation. It introduced an anti-addiction system that required the players register with their real name and ID number and will limit the time players spend in their virtual world (Clendenin).There is also a total ban on minors handling virtual currency, used by many online games (Clendenin). The system and so prevents players from overindulging in online games to some extent. However, the system is not as effective as expected since players just turn to other games after limited hours or they use fake registration information and change it frequently. Meanwhile, the game companies, which depend so much on video games for profit, will also invent more countermeasures to get away with these regulations(Clendenin). So if these regulations have no supporting measures, they may well become an ineffective attempt to solve these complicated issues. Hence, in order to eradicate the problems caused by video games, the Chinese government should have more powerful regulations on video games.To sum up, video games now indeed have caused serious problems for Chinas youth. After knowing the reasons for the problems, to deal with such situation, reinforcing the regulation of video games is essential to help solve the rigorous problems in China.Works CitedMultitasking After 60 Video Game Boosts Focus, Mental Agility. Shots. Writ. Jon Hamilton. NPR, 4 Sept. 2013. Radio.Video Game Creators ar Using Apps To Teach Empathy. All Tech Consider. Writ. Steven Henn. NPR, 20 Nov. 2013. RadioHow Video Games Are Getting Inside Your HeadAnd Wallet. All Tech Consider. Writ. Steven Henn. NPR, 29 Oct. 2013. RadioZhang, Zeoy. Has Chinas Online Gaming Addiction Become an Epidemic? The Diplomat. The Diplomat, 4 Oct. 2013. Web. 13 Feb. 2014.Clendenin, Mike. China Tightens Online Gaming Regulations. InformationWeek. N. p., 25 June 2010. Web. 20 Mar 2014Dubois, Matthew. Log in, sign out. The World of Chinese. N. p., 9 Mar 2013. Web. 20 Mar 2014

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Theories of child development

Theories of child developmentDescribe and evaluate two stratum theories of child developmentdevelop psychogenic psychologists use up theories to formulate hypotheses. There argon three main, very broad families of theories related to child development. These are Psychoanalytical Theory, Learning Theory and Cognitive-Developmental Theory. Theories at heart each of these families attempt to provide developmentalists with comprehensive explanations of just about every facet of human development. Psychoanalytic Theories (e.g. Freud and Erikson) propose that developmental change happens because of the influence of natural drives and emotions on behaviour. Learning Theories (e.g. Pavlov, Bandura etc.) propose that development results from an accumulation of experiences. Cognitive-Developmental Theories (e.g. Piaget and Vygotsky) emphasise the mental processes in development.Freuds Psychosexual Theory is an example of a Psychoanalytical Theory. Freud mainly worked with adults who were suffering from austere mental illnesses and he used his findings to base his work on development. He concluded that behaviour is governed by both conscious and unconscious thought processes and he believed that the libido is the motivating force behind most of our behaviour. One of the main parts of Freuds theory is his idea that a persons personality is divided into 3 parts called the id, the self and the superego. The id is a persons basic sexual and aggressive impulses. The id contains the libido and motivates a person to seek pleasure and avoid pain. The ego is the conscious, opinion part of a persons personality. One of its main jobs is to keep the demand of the id satisfied. It is excessively responsible for keeping the three components of personality in balance. Finally, the superego is the part of our personality that acts as a moral judge. When the superego has developed, the egos task becomes more more difficult. It must satisfy the id without violating the superego s rules. According to Freud, a person experiences tension when any of the three components is in conflict with just about other. He believed that sexual feelings are rattling to personality development however he except believed this because some of his patients had memories of sexual feelings and behaviour in childhood. Freuds most controversial idea was regarding childrens experiences of sexual attraction towards the opposite-sex lift during the phallic stage. He termed these The Oedipus Conflict for a male child and The Electra Complex if the child was female. For example, The Oedipus Conflict body politics that a male child has sexual feelings for his mother hardly fears that his father will find out and castrate him.Freud proposed a series of psychosexual stages. He believed that a child passes through each one of these stages. These stages are oral, anal, phallic, latency and genital. He believed that during each stage the libido is fixed around a certain area of the b ody and a major developmental task takes place. For example, in the oral stage, which Freud believed occurred from birth and lasted until the child was one year old, libido is said to be focused on the mouth, lips and tongue. Freud believed that during this stage the major developmental task that took place was weaning. In the anal stage, libido is focussed on the anus and toilet training takes place. This usually occurs at ages 1 to 3 years old. In the phallic stage, focus is on the privates (as it is in the genital stage) and this is where the child tries to resolve the Oedipus/Electra complex. Freud thought that the latency period is not really a psychosexual stage as the libido is not focussed on the body during this period and therefore, fixation is impossible. Freud went on to state that if an adult is fixated at one of these stages, they will fork over certain recognisable characteristics. For example, if an adult is fixated at the oral stage they will develop characterist ics such(prenominal) as smoking, overeating, passivity and gullibility. According to Freud, optimum development requires an environment that will satisfy the unique destinys of each period.Freuds Psychosexual Theory has been praised because it provides a psycho consistent explanation for mental illness and it emphasises the importance of experiences in infancy and early childhood. It also highlights the importance of the childs earliest relationships with their caregivers. It suggests that a childs needs change with age, so parents and caregivers must continually adapt to the changing child. Eriksons Psychosocial Theory nourishs Freuds Theory. Erikson (1963) was a neo-Freudian which means that his ideas were built on the strengths of Freuds Theory simply he attempted to avoid the weaknesses. Erikson proposed that personality develops in eight psychosocial stages over the course of the lifespan. He believed that personality develops through eight life crises across the sinless l ifespan. A person finishes each crisis with either a good or poor resolution. The theory also provided psychologists with a number of helpful concepts (e.g. id, ego, superego, unconscious etc) and many of these terms are not used in everyday language and not just in psychological theory. Freud is often credited with the invention of psychotherapy, which is til now practiced today.However, there are many theorists that disagree with Freuds ideas. For example, Baldwin (1967) states that one of the main criticisms of Freuds work is that it focus upon our thoughts and feelings, which presents many methodological problems. Baldwin goes on to comment on the event that many of the terms that Freud uses (e.g. id, ego etc.) have not been operationalised. Operational definitions of the key terms are vital to a scientific theory as we need precise definitions in order to test the theories properly. This therefore means that the theory is not falsifiable. Freuds theory has also been criticise d because of the evidence it presents. As stated earlier, much of the support for Freuds theory came from his own patients, who he used as case studies. He mainly chose to study women as he saw them as being low and this meant that his theory displays some very patriarchal issues and can be viewed as being very negative to women, something which feminists have argued for years. Piagets Cognitive-Developmental Theory is used to emphasise the mental processes in development. Piaget (1974) believed that all children seem to go through the same sequence of discoveries about their world, making the same mistakes and arriving at the same solutions. A scheme is an internal cognitive structure that provides an individual with a procedure to use in a specific circumstance. This is a main idea in Piagets model. Piaget believed that each of us starts life with a small repertoire of sensory and motor schemes, such as looking, tasting, touching, hearing, and reaching. As we use each scheme it s tarts to work better. Piaget proposed 3 processes in order to explain how children get from built-in schemes, such as looking and touching, to the complex mental schemes used in childhood, adolescence and adulthood. Assimilation is the process by which we use a scheme to make sense of an event or situation. The complementary process is accommodation, which involves changing the scheme as a result of some parvenue information acquired through assimilation. Through accommodation we improve our skills and reorganise our ways of viewing. Equilibration is the process of balancing assimilation and accommodation to create schemes that fit the environment.Piagets research suggested to him that logical thinking evolves in four stages. During the sensorimotor stage, from birth to 18 months, infants use their sensory and motor schemes to act on the world around them. In the preoperational stage, from 18 months to 6 years, children acquire symbolic schemes, such as language and fantasy, which they use in thinking and communicating. Next, is the concrete operational stage, 6-12 year olds begin to think logically and become capable of solving problems. The final stage is the formal operational stage. Here, adolescents learn to think logically about abstract ideas and hypothetical situations. Piaget believed that each stage comes from the one before it, and each involves major restructuring of the childs way of thinking. Research has confirmed that the sequence of stages is fixed and that children progress through them at different rates.Conservation studies, such as those carried out by Ciancio et al (1999) and Sophian (1995), have generally confirmed Piagets observations. Although it does seem as though younger children can demonstrate some perceptiveness of conservation if the task is made very simple, most children cannot consistently solve conservation and other kinds of logical problems until at least the age of 5. However, Boyd and Bee (2008) state that preschooler s are a great deal more cognitively sophisticated than Piaget thought. Boyd and Bee believe that children, as young as 2 and 3, do appear to understand that another person sees and experiences things differently than they do. This therefore suggests that Piaget may have been wrong about some of the ages at which children develop certain skills. However, Bringuier (1980) counter-criticises this by recognising that the age ranges of each of the stages were unceasingly meant to be approximate. Piaget may also be wrong about the generality of the stages. For example, Boyd and Bee (2008) suggest that most 8 year olds show concrete operational thinking on some tasks but not on others, and they are more likely to show complex thinking on familiar rather than strange tasks. This therefore suggests that the process of child development may be a lot less stage-like than Piaget first suggested. Piatelli-Palmarini (1980) and Turiel (1996) go on to further argue this check by suggesting that it is very difficult to provide evidence for Piagets theory if the behaviour he suggests is very rarely, if ever, consistent with actually happens.This theory helps to explain how children of different ages think about and act on the world. Piagets research findings have been replicated in nearly every culture since his work was first published in the 1920s. Therefore, not only did he formulate a new theory which forced psychologists to think about child development in a new way, he also provided a set of findings that were impossible to ignore and difficult to explain. He also developed innovative methods of studying childrens thinking that continue to be important today. Feldman (2004) states that the irresolution of how a child moves from one stage to another has been discussed between many critics of Piagets theory. For example, Gruber and Voneche (1977) and Karmiloff-Smith (1992) believe that Piagets stages should not longer be considered by theorists because they are unnecess ary. However, Piaget knew that the stages he proposed would have to be modified. Feldman (2004) attempted to present a contemporary version of Piagets stages that he hoped would work better to express Piagets vision of what the stages are intended to represent. Feldman went on to state that a child may not actually behave in ways consistent with the principles of the operating system or overall set of cognitive structures of his or her stage.Feldman (2004) suggests that Piagets idea of equilibration has caused much controversy between theorists with many making efforts to interpret, clarify, critique and revise the concept. Feldman goes on to say that Piaget himself was not satisfied with the way that equilibration explains in detail how the transitions between the stages take place. Piaget (1975) tried to discover an elaborated version of equilibration so as to better capture movement from stage to stage within his theory. The main problem with equilibration is that it lacks a lot of detail. Most critics seem to agree that it is correct, but it leaves many unanswered questions. When equilibration processes are contrasted with structures as a whole, lots of problems hoist for the theory. According to Siegler and Munakato (1993) the equilibration model forces us to choose to accept unrealistic transitions that occur from stage to stage or to abandon the idea of structures as a whole. However, if this was to happen, some of the theorys major claims would be abandoned. Feldman (1995) went on to adapt Piagets theory. In doing so, he adapted it in such a way that the equilibration process would continue to play a central role in cognitive structures, but it no longer has to carry the burden of stage transition alone.The Information Processing Theory supports Piagets Theory. This uses the estimator as a model to explain intellectual processes such as memory and problem-solving. It suggests that there are both age differences and individual differences in the migh t with which humans use their information-processing systems. This theory can be used to explain Piagets Theory. Case (1985) states that this is a neo-Piagetian theory which expands on Piagets Theory rather than contradicting it. However, Boyd and Bee (2008) state that Vygotskys sociocultural Theory goes against what Piaget proposed. Vygotsky stated that complex forms of thinking have their origins in social interactions rather than in the childs private explorations, as Piaget thought.

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Gender Analysis of Sports Presenters

Gender Analysis of Sports PresentersCHAPTER 5DISCUSSIONThe mindset of overt towards the gender utilisations in sportsBased on the recollectings in Chapter 4, the mindset of macrocosm in Kuala Lumpur towards the gender roles in sports is more than open-minded in general. This means that the world in Kuala Lumpur believed that sports argon not only males roles but it could be be vasted to females too. However, there is only Gunther et al.s (2011) remove to support that the mindset of the popular towards gender roles in sports is generally open-minded.From the findings, it is shown that the mindset of public dis concord that females atomic number 18 less knowledgeable and less competitive in sports as compare to males. This is supported by the study of Gunther et al. (2011), whereby the results shown that the public do not agree that females are less knowledgeable than males in sports. However, the findings of this study is contrasted by the study by Short (2012), in which it was mentioned that female sports broadcasters were seen as less competent and less knowledgeable in sports which showed contrast with the results of this study. In an inter debate, Kremer (2011) withal mentioned that public often criticized that women do not know about sports, which also contradicted with the findings of this study.Although the mindset of public in Kuala Lumpur is open-minded, they believed males are the dominants and males are stronger in sports. This is supported by the outcome in the study of nubble for Gender Equality in Iceland (2006), which has clearly stated that sports brook practically pre reign by males or to say the attention is traditionally focused on males. Besides, the public in Kuala Lumpur also agreed that females show less interest in sports as compared to males. It is supported by the statement in Shines (2013) clause where women are seed as not interested and do not have the skills in sports. This could be because gender discrimination in spo rts has not been eliminated, which caused females not reaching a real status in the publics eye.In sum, the knowledge and the competency level of females in sports are not criticized in terms of their sex however, males are still perceived as stronger and the dominants in sports.The reasons of males neglect in sports professionAs the public perceived males are the dominants in sports profession, whatever reasons have been find out in this research. Based on the findings in this research, the reason of males dominates in sports profession is gameyly because males are biologically stronger than females. This is supported by the study conducted by Paulas (2013) where males are biologically stronger because of the structure of their body which differs from women. The research by Centre for Gender Equality in Iceland (2006) stated that biological nature is part of the circumstance for males and females in participating sports. As sports emphasize a lot on physical strengths, females might be physically incompetent to participate in some sports because they are worn out in strength. Toro and Sargent (2013) also concluded that males have the muscularity and superiority in sports because they run faster and jump faster than females. Males are overall more superior in sports.The public in Kuala Lumpur think that traditional gender roles are another major reason which leads to domination of males in sports profession. McMahon (2011) had given a statement that the nature of sports is masculine which is hardly related to feminine. Thus, this could be the reason that the public in Kuala Lumpur perceived sports as males gender roles. According to the research by Centre for Gender Equality in Iceland (2006), males have traditionally practiced to predominant in sports while females are not.In contrast, the public in Kuala Lumpur showed really slightly disagreed-to-neutral that sports show masculinity is the reason of males dominate in sports profession. According to Wi ldes study in 2007, sports are traditionally associated with males, masculinity and mainly dominated by the males. In the eyes of the public in Kuala Lumpur, sports maybe show masculinity, but that is not really a reason of why males dominate in sports profession.Moreover, the public in Kuala Lumpur does not perceive males as more superior in sports. In other words, two females and males are equal in sports. In the study of Paulas (2013), an argument has been raised up by saying that men are better than women in playing sports, which relates to the inherent biological features. However, females can be as skillful as males do because ones skillfulness is related to how much instruction has taught to one in playing sports. In Grahames (2012) article also mentioned that, the biological differences in males body have made them more superior in most of the sports which differs from the opinion of the public in Kuala Lumpur.Besides, the public in Kuala Lumpur disagreed that the reason of males dominating in sports profession is because females are discourage to play sports. It is supported by Swanson (2009) where more females are encouraged to play sports after the code of Title IX in 1972 as compared to the past. 2012 Olympic Games, the women athletes have almost equal number as men and the ratio for athletes now is 5050 male-female ratios (Gee, 2013). As Olympic Games is a worldwide sports, this could mean that females nowadays are encouraged to play sports universally.Furthermore, sports are not mainly designed for males in the view of the public in Kuala Lumpur. However, in the study by Paulas (2013), he found out that sports were designed for men at the first place. Sports such as basketball, football and baseball were created during the era where women were expected to stay in the kitchen and take care of the family. Sports were designed particularly based on males strengths and advantages where females can hardly beat males.As for most, the public in Kuala Lumpur do not believe that females are not competent in sports is the reason which caused males dominate in sports profession. Baiocchi-Wagner and Behm-Morawitz (2010) cited in their study that the public might be wrongly accused that females are less competent than males because males are better in playing sports. Also, Short (2012) also mentioned that women were seen as weak and less competent as compare to men which is not proved to be the truth. As nowadays more and more females started to step into sports profession, in which has proven that they are competent to compete with males in sports.Based on the open-ended data provided, the public perceived males are the dominant in sports because it is mens interest. They are more passionate, enthusiast and willing to contribute their time in playing sports. In contrast, females do not analogous sports because they do not like to be exposed to the sun and sports are dirty and sweaty for them. In previous studies, it is shown that m ales show higher interest in participating, watching, and excelling in sports (Deaner et al., 2012). It concludes that males are more motivate to involve sports related activities which lead to the dominance of males in sports.An interesting reason that is concluded in the findings of this research is social and media influence. The preference of the social and media plays an important role in influencing the dominance of males in sports profession. The media coverage is more likely to focus on mens sports than womens sports. According to the study by Centre for Gender Equality in Iceland (2006), womens sports are often treated as less important than mens sports in media coverage. As a result, the public is able to be exposed to mens sports more than womens sports and to see males in sports has become a social expectation. In the study by Deaner et al. (2012) it was stated that sports interest is influenced by the societal gender roles, peers pressure, parents and so on. Thus, males will be more interested in participating sports while females have the social pressure to eschew sports.In the opinion of the public in Kuala Lumpur, education and parents influence also could be a reason of why males dominate in sports profession. As in the report by Garner (2012) stated that girls were being put off in Physical Education (PE) lesson because they have ban experience in participating PE such as being labeled as tomboy or unfeminine. Wetton et al. (2013) mentioned that the schools that favored boys sports activities have discourage girls attendance in participating sports. Other than that, parents do hold an important role in encouraging their children to involve in sports (Quinton, 2013). In the study by Wetton et al. (2013), the family background of the children and uninspired view of parents do influenced childrens decision to not take part in sports. As the traditional mindset of gender roles in sports, parents might be more supportive for their sons to partic ipate in sports but not for their daughters. Thus, there are more males involving themselves in sports than females due to the education and parents influence, in which has caused the dominance of males in sports profession.The level of prospect of females to become sports broadcastersAs concluded from the total scores of the level of opportunity for females to become sports broadcasters, the public in Kuala Lumpur believed that females have slightly high opportunity to become sports broadcasters. This has supported by Shine (2013) by saying that some organizations have started to hire talented female sports broadcasters because females can bring be after changes in sports broadcasting field.The public in Kuala Lumpur think that the opportunity is now given to females and females should be given equal opportunity to become sports broadcasters as males do. However, in the studies of Gunther et al. (2011) and Short (2012) showed that there are still inequalities in sports broadcasti ng field and this industry is lagging in creating equal opportunities for both males and females in becoming sports broadcasters. Although both of these studies are carried out in United States and England, but the public in Kuala Lumpur might be influenced by these leading countries.Besides, from the findings, it is shown that the public in Kuala Lumpur agreed that the opportunity for females on becoming sports broadcasters should be based on qualifications and skills rather than physical appearance. However, in the study of Gunther et al. (2011) found out that many stations are hiring kind women regardless of their qualifications and skills just simply to retain their broadcasting license.The public acceptance of female sports broadcastersMoreover, this study has found out that the level of public acceptance of female sports broadcasters in Kuala Lumpur is high. The public did not particularly favored female or male sports broadcasters because they believed professionalism and kn owledge of a sports broadcaster are important than ones gender. Even for those major sports or male-dominated sports such as basketball and football, they do not think that only male sports broadcasters are good in reporting it. However, it is not supported by Shine (2013), where stated in her research that even though females are knowledgeable in male-dominated sports, the public will perceive females as do not have the skills to cover male-dominated sports. As in the study by Baiocchi-Wagner and Behm-Morawitz (2010) stated that women need to prove themselves twice to the public that they are worth as sports broadcasters. This has reflected that the acceptance of female in sports broadcasting field is very low.Many of the researchers have found out that the acceptance of female sports broadcasters were rest low which contradict with this study. According to Futterman (2011), it has taken a long time for female sports broadcasters to be only partially accepted by the public. As lo ng as gender discrimination and harassment still occurred, the acceptance of female in sports broadcasting will still low (Ebel, 2012). As time goes by, the difficulties or barriers for females have reduced, but the perception of the public on female sports broadcasters is stubbornly unchanged (Starphoenix, 2008).