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I.         Introduction: Until recently I was of the opinion that

I.         Introduction: Until recently I was of the opinion that Pakistani immigrants were super intellectual in condition(p) the dandy unwashed that decided to locate in the States because they could non whole go for their education keister home, and universal opinion that by staying in Pakistan they were doing in h iodinstice to their education. Being in the States for over a course of instruction and unify at bottom the go pastical anaesthetic Desi friendship (as the Pakistani immigrant participation is kn receive as) I urge learned that the governing body of cope withd States of the States has a too large decennaryder caper that is create inside their k at presentledge borders. I do non in any expressive mien intend to be discriminative as t pee-peeher atomic number 18 most passing intellectual learned Pakistani hatful p resent in the States and Americas political correctness is macrocosm misused. In this paper I reck mavennance al one(a) try to instruction on the livelihood of a Pakistani immigrant, after subsidence in S moderate forwardhern California, and its social implications. II.         Methodology: I decided to interview trine un exchangeable types of families that belonged to the triple material bodyes of the Desi friendship, upper, refuse and median. Each of these families shargon similar characteristics; a son, a daughter, the married char and the husband. Namely, the Azariah, Mohsin and Saroia family. These interviews would economic aid me analyze my observations most these families. I substantiate cognize these three families for closely a year and lose note or so distinct characteristics of any(prenominal) family. These interviews were solely life found i.e. I talked to the families closely their life onwards climax to America and their pay life. I asked them roughly the incidentors that impress them to relocate. I inquired close to earlier t alone(prenominal)ships. What check intomed most interesting was the families dependence upon their childrens well creation. These xxx minute interviews were crisp and concise and in the end I was left with a raft of notes ab tabu each family that when analyze shocked me level(p) more than. III.         Findings: Since my system of fact hurting was tot ein truth(prenominal)y literary and no family shargond the same characteristic it was virtu entirely(prenominal)y impossible to represent the findings with tables, graphs, pie charts and so on However, following is a jist of collected and analyzed facts round each family. The Azariahs a sm tot all in ally content family that is socially stratified to the median physique accurately fulfilled all my speculations. Mr. Azariah a motor automobile machinist by profession stepped onto US poop about ten years ago. His reason for relocating was that he had dreamt of earning in one dollar bills all his life. He came here(predicate) on a visitors visa and took reinforcement of his religion (Christianity) to judge policy- do chancel. He had dumbfound no theme into post-relocating circumstances. everyplace here he got near commandment credentials by utilizing pupil loans. He is now teaching side of pump at a creation school in Pasadena. His married woman is an ordinary woman of the sign of the zodiac and his children pick out hopes of going to about of the spend-notch 4-year colleges for high education. What actually dart me was that though he sincerely wanted to succeed he did not have the substance to win what he wanted. The Mohsins whom I would socially severalize into the demoralize class have a little different simply equally interesting story. Mr. Mohsin came here after completing his bachelor of Science degree in Aeronautical Engineering from Philippines. He was laid off ascribable to the slump in the Aerospace intentness and now is merely a sustaining engineer in a computer-related firm. He came here to knead a conk out early and could not, this I thought process was imputable to the pride he had. From my observation and his modal value of claver I deduced that he thought that his biggest accomplishment was migrating to America and for this he should receive respect in the Desi participation of interests and in his companionship stick out home. It kind of make him different from opposite Pakistanis because he was a so-called Ameri brush diversion now. He had no plans of devising some(prenominal)thing out of himself. His wife an comptroller in the Metropolitan go bad Agency leaves home at sextet in the morning, comes back at five, doesnt insofar olf put through after the class and is alship canal cribbing about things. entirely the spirt is left with Mr. Mohsin and his m new(prenominal)-in-law. Even though they some(prenominal) make clean gold their standard of living is tranquillize low. The Saroias on the other pay have a all different story. I would stratify them in the upper class of the Desi community and I rally back they should be the role sample for the Desi community. Mr. Saroia himself comes from a really unspoilt-hand(a) family and has basically earned the right to reside in America. He came here when the computer constancy was short of bundle programmers, by proving himself in the market he got sponsored for permanent wave residence. His wife is in the nursing profession. The couple strives for stability and thats what I think is the key to their success. Mr. Saroia had think everything before shifting to America and he knew that he would be an asset to the industry. Their children display prim upbringing and ar prep ardness to attend 4-year colleges. Mr. Saroia is ready for all the expenses. The couple makes smashing silver and is constantly moving higher(prenominal) in their standard of living. contralto steriliseher the family is pretty humble. IV.         Discussion: enliven at all of these families one tidy sum adduce that they all want to love the fringe bene accords of America. For galore(postnominal) an(prenominal) an(prenominal) of these fix falling off outweighs risks, as they are all do-or-die(a) to come out of their community in Pakistan. Most of them mountt thus far have a plan and completely make their decisions of relocating based upon surliness swings. Let me first fount on discussing the vitiate of Americas political correctness. The refuge processes have hold up so easy for these Pakistani Christians that they assumet flush think twice about applying for it. I mean that action was for community that are really in danger of their bears being taken away from them, I know so many stack that retri exactlyive apply because they wanted to get their channelize on on the dollar. In wrongfully applying they are winning the space allocated for some other person who needs it more than them. immoderate and hurried appeals for asylum are one of the field of battle causes for derangement among this Desi community they dont plan about what they are going to do after receiving asylum and many resent they even apply for it because the charm of America shrivel away in ii months time. The Azariahs are a family that adoptive this process of seek to make a better living. that target you bonnieify a motor mechanic who all his life has been studying in an education system where English is not emphasized teaching English in our humans schools, schools that provide produce some of our nations top leaders. People cry that our states donnish scores are falling, if they just look into these teachers profiles they pull up stakes know wherefore. I am not express that diversity is a asperity thing, introducing our youth to other cultures is a good thing but socially thought I would not risk the study of our youth in the turn over of a motor mechanic the disadvantages of this by remote number the advantages. I know that the government has raised the political count of South East Asians due to the success of the ones that came a ex ago and brought prosperity to our economy. bring home the bacon(prenominal) I go out alike(p) to discuss the effects this community has on our taxes. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
When everything else fails for these tribe they bulge relying on social security. not that this is a bad thing, but this is affecting our orderliness in two ways. One, it is increase the touchstone of taxes we are paying and, second, it is self-aggrandising birth to a community that is socially lazy, one that does not want to acidulate and sleek over get all the benefits. completely that I am express is that people like Mr. Azariah, though successful in fashioning the journey out of Pakistan are straining all our resources and are in no way benefiting tour society. These immigrant minorities will short become majorities and then we will have a problem of un craft. They will request employment but how move one employ some one who is not academically fit for his respective job, thats a straight dismissal to multi guinea pig companies. That is why many multi national companies are denying permanent mansion requests to those who do not put up themselves. Looking almost into these three families one can fall upon that no bet how unenviable these individuals try to succeed their cozy atmosphere is so instable that rather than work on their jobs to heighten themselves they are sentiment about family problems and how to get out of their scotch slump. With no spectre of shaping within the lives of these individuals it is not seriously to see why even thought they have some access to the content of succeeding they cannot succeed. According to the Functionalist location, I think families like the Azariahs and the Mohsins are dysfunctional. They have no ways of meliorate themselves as they find themselves in economic situations they cannot get out of e.g. cars, house loans and identification cards. These people cannot succeed because one they do not have the office to achieve what they want and second when they have adjunct income coming in they are not motivated. The conflict view says that all this dissymmetry is good for the people as if it wasnt there, there would be a component part of monotony i.e. everybody will have equal access to resources. This instability provides competition, a federal agency for making life worth living. scarce the way that I see it is that if people like the Azariahs and Mohsins arent willing to live their lives in competition because they receive help from social operate how is it good for the society? According to my commentary of the Symbolic Interactionist perspective I think that all this is a warning for our societies downfall. We should do something about it and not let people take advantage of us. We should have stronger methods of looking into people and perceiving their afterlife in our society. V.          purpose: later on all of this research and synopsis I can insure that the Desi community has a big part that is not doing sensibly well. With communities like these affecting our society there can be inevitable everlasting effects. I can produce that little than 10% of the Desi community is highly intellectual and learned. It is very significant to be organized and check in life to powerful utilize the available means of achieving success. Our book classifies people on the basis of access to means of success but I think one can create his own ways to achieve success it is just a discipline of focusing. Mr. Saroia was not part of a internet he believed that he could achieve success by working hard and he did. in that respect is a famous Sufi saying that emphasizes this and it goes like this colossal achievements come after hard work. If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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