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group Os blood cellic public attribute is 8 which is as tumesce the sum up of electrons and protons the atom contains fiber Os megabucks number is 15.9994. A style of finding an chemical grammatical constituents mass number is to add the number of protons or electrons (the number of protons and electrons in an atom is equal) by the number of neutrons. atomic number 8 is in the daily carry over group 16, (the Chalcogen family) which consists of the members type O (O), second (S), selenium (Se), tellurium, (Te), and polonium (Po.) type O is in period 2 of the periodic table. oxygens state in board temperature is gas. Two physiological properties that cross out oxygen from any some new(prenominal) elements ar its thaw signalise and stewing crown. An elements boiling point is laughable and never the same as another elements warming point and boiling point. oxygens melting point is 54.36 K or -218.79 °C and its boiling point is 90.20 K or -182.95 °C. Oxygens slow-wittedness is 1.429g/L at 273K or 0.15 °C. Oxygen is much ordinarily tack as a increase rather than element. Oxygen is a very reactive element and it is not often lay down uncombined. It is believably easier to find an oxygen compound than an oxygen element. on that point are probably more compounds with oxygen than all other element. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
on that point are many oxygen compounds care carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, atomic number 12 oxide, sulfur oxide, nitrous oxide, rust, etc There are many uses for oxygen like the ozone layer, combustion, and liquid oxygen, and the nigh important use of oxygen is breathing. Oxygen has a raze of -2 when it reacts. Oxygen has 8 electrons, 2 of which is on the s orbital, and the other 6 in the p orbital and to puff it fixed when it reacts, it needs 2 more electrons. Therefore it has a -2 burgeon forth when it reacts because when it reacts it takes 2 electrons from the other element, do it have 8 protons and 10 electrons. So 8 subtracted by 10 equals -2.If you destiny to occur a full essay, methodicalness it on our website:

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