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Wo custody Decl atomic number 18 Sentiwork forcetsWomen from Seneca County gathered in the Wesleyan chapel service for ii days last July 19 and 20 to discourse issues regarding the roles of women in the political , civic and religious realms of stuffytspot . The high spot of the assemblage was the so-c altogethered result of Sentiments , drafted and proposed by Elizabeth Cady , likewise a tie in the abolitionist movement . The Declaration pointed out that men and women were created catch and should have the same rights to liberty and pursuit of gladness . It attacks the legal system formula that many laws on pairing are hurtful to womenThe laws criticized by the Declaration included those nigh marriage opportunities to good pay or even match and the elective franchise condemned the present laws on marriage face t hat women who get married become civilly dead because of the difference to her rights to own property and exemption . concord to , women are overly subjected to immorality because she has no right to go against her conserve s questionable dictates . Having no liberty to voice out opinion , condemns the concomitant that women become merely objects used and taken advantage of by their husbands also declared that women were getting unjust provisions from their labors because of the hand-to-mouth(prenominal) salaries being given over by employers She also criticized the closed doors of universities to women which kills their freedom to pursue their potentials also declared that women should have the right to clean out . She insisted that because women are subject to the laws of the country , she should have equal queen to change and enact the laws that concern her This point in the Declaration was the only issue that met great opposition from at heart the activists themselves . umteen believed that fightin! g for women to join the electoral process was futile .
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An unidentified source spoke that the proposal given by Elizabeth on the voting rights of women were heavily met by her own husband , also a popular freedom fighter account , henry . However , others such as abolitionist leader , Frederick Douglass , make effn their support for the position . Douglass says that he adage right to vote as the right by which tout ensemble others could be securedOf the ccc attendees of the convention , only 100 mint signed - 68 women and 32 men . The audience and signees were serene of people from all classes of societ y and different ages ranging from 14 age old to 81 years of ageA male listener at the convention explicit his view that women want to be fe-he-males because they are just non satisfied with the accord already being given to them . According to him , women are already enjoying their husbands wealth while property huge power over his decisions and it is pure selfishness to ask for more rightsReverend Horace. Bogue , government minister of the Presbyterian Church in Seneca Falls , says that women should know their roles in society better because God created men and women in different spheresAnother participant in the convention...If you want to get a full essay, golf club it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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