Tuesday, December 10, 2013

English Classroom Expressions

Classroom Expressions Seeking Clarification First: Expressing Lack of spirit ? Im not sure Im getting this. ? I dont recognize only what you spurious. ? Im sorry, I dont rather follow. Informal ? Huh? ? What? Second: Asking for more(prenominal) Information ? So, what argon you trying to range? ? Do you mean that ____________________? ? I didnt quite soupcon that last/ initiatory part? Could you go over it again, disport? ? Would you mind explaining that a little more than, entertain? ? Could you explain that more teemingy, please? ? Could you assort us a bit more bust that, please? Informal ? What argon you getting at? ? What are you driving at? Restating Your Own Ideas ? In other words, ______________________. ? To stop it another way, _________________. ? That is to say, _______________________. ? The taper Im trying make is that _________. ? What Im saying is that ________________. ? I mean (that) ________________________. Paraphrasing Another Persons Ideas ? What Tony means is (that) _____________. ? What Cathy is trying say is that __________. state Clarification ? Are you following me? ? Are you with me? ? Do you understand so far? ? Does this make sense to you? Giving an depression ? In my opinion, ______________________.
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? As far as Im concerned, ______________. ? Personally, I consider that ______________. ? As I see it, __________________________. Inquiring about symmetricalness or Dis conform toment ? What do you think about this point? ? Whats your opinion about _______? ? Do/! Dont you make, José? ? George, wouldnt you agree? Expressing symmetricalness ? Yes, that is right/true. ? You are right. ? I decidedly/completely agree with Tom. ? Thats exactly what I think. ? I agree with that. ? I couldnt agree more. Expressing Disagreement Start with this: ? To be frank, . . . ? To tell the truth, . . . Followed by one of these:...If you want to get a full essay, shape it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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