Thursday, February 6, 2014

Community Colleges

Vinnie DiRenno 11/9/11 Prof. ZaludaArgument Essay The question of whether or non community colleges good the individual and its society people conk out to choose. I believe that community colleges do indeed realise both of these topics. federation colleges give those high tame pupils an demand so that they dont have to leave lawful residence or if there not set on what their life history path is yet or if they ripe want to be a part time student for some time. It excessively helps those who arnt well off financi onlyy grant a place where they slew get a higher education. Community colleges provide a good surroundings for students and the people nearly it. Community colleges ar good for individuals such(prenominal) as puppyish adults and older people with the education that is provided. When teen agers argon obligate to pick a college that they want to go to so that they git get that higher education but are not sure what they want to do so they go t o a community college to figure that out and get them ego on track. It also allows for people to take care of different things such as having a job or family situations. some other portentous aspect is the financial part of it not everyone can afford to go to a big time school so community college provides the same education at an affordable price. second community colleges benefit the individuals who attend it and the neighbor hooding tgets that abut it. financial support in Harrison and hanging out all over Westchester you experience that there is a lot of property going around. universe said this creates a better environment for everyone who attends the school. Especially with the great wealth around the campus this creates a better campus with higher paying teachers and better technology resources than other schools. The third gear reason wherefore community colleges are very advantageous is that it creates opportunities for people who are less financially s ound. Coming from my own home my parents did! nt have enough money to posture me through a big time...If you want to get a full essay, monastic order it on our website:

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