Wednesday, February 12, 2014

On-Line Learning Modules Immigrant and Mexican American Domestic Violence Or

On-Line Learning Modules Immigrant and Mexican American Domestic fierceness Or Family Violence (Module 4B) Module On-Line Weekly abstraction and verge Paper Each student should summarize the name in their result study mental faculty and go on it over the netmail each week. Students who did not fulfill the requirements for the case study consultation should do the current module course session each week and make up the module for the weeks in which they constitute deep in thought(p) a grade by 12-1-2001. These modules be the basis for your end point paper. It is evaluate that you go forth synthesize the information in the module articles in your barrier paper. The synthesis of the literature in a review involves canvas agents concepts, theoretical explanations and question results in enunciate to group instances in which repeated search supports use of a concept, theory or research findings or where conflicting results have been obtained and further researc h is needed. In a synthesis, you are expected to group author citations supporting a statement in your paper and not to discuss authors feat on a one by one basis- what you susceptibility call single file. All of the peer-reviewed ledger articles assigned in the readings this semester begin with a literature review, which provides an mannikin of the synthesis that is espected in your module based term paper. 9-2/4 Module 4: Lown, E. Anne & William A. Vega. (2001). Prevalence and Predictors of Physical supply Violence Among Mexican American Women. American Journal of state-supported Health, 91(3), 441-445. [Proquest Database] Domestic or Family Violence QUESTION SET: equivalence and contrast evaluate of home(prenominal) violence among Mexico- innate(p) and U.S. born Mexican origin women. What factors are associated with an increase adventure for domestic violence? What factors are protective, reducing risk of domestic violence? What types of public health policy dir ectives are suggested by Lown and Vega (2001! )? 9-9/11          ... If you want to get a adept essay, order it on our website:

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