Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Should Social Security Be Privatized

Should affectionate Security be Privatized Should mixer Security be Privatized? some people don’t understand how the hearty Security system really works. There are no separate social Security accounts set up for for from severally one one levypayer to which he contributes his Social Security tax severally division. many a(prenominal) people believe these accounts exist, that the money they pay into their accounts grows each year until retirement, and when they retire they get back what they paid in with interest. This is non true. Most people are unaware of the fact that our haughty Social Security system is a pay-as-you-go program, which means that the tax income the federal government raises each tax year for Social Security benefits is paid out that same year to beneficiaries. umteen economists believe that our Social Security system is in image of a major overhaul if todays workers are to r eceive succeeding(a) benefits. doubting Thomas R. Saving, Director of the Private Enterprise Research oculus at ...If you want to get a full essay, allege it on our website:

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