Sunday, February 9, 2014


Recently, someone asked me to list the characteristics I valued most in other tidy sum. With no preparation, I was able to call up of some ten words, including honest, loving, and compassionate. I was told, Thats who you are; the set you anticipate in others are those you sport to offer. I have disposed(p) a great deal of thought to her statement. Although it was not a apparitional conversation, the identification of my most closely held values has helped me vocabulary my spiritual beliefs. While I do not point the question of my own(prenominal) spiritualty on a periodic basis, I have built a foundation of beliefs that gives me quietness of headway and helps me make moral choices. I believe in a connection among all things, and that my actions go out affect others; therefore, I yield to act ethically. When I behave ethically, with integrity, I life I am living in accordance with my spiritual beliefs. In this essay, I will first condone my somebod yal definition of spirituality and explain how I arrived at my real beliefs. I will then explore my belief that people share a connection, and it is therefore important to me to act with integrity. I will explain how I apply those values in my e very(prenominal)day life, although I acknowledge I have not always been successful. Spirituality, to me, is a state of mind that allows a person to feel his or her life has meaning and is part of a larger existence. I assume some people dominate their spirituality through and through religion; for example, thinking of themselves as beingness part of idols plan gives their lives meaning. My spirituality does not subscribe to a particular religious belief, nor does it necessitate solicitation or ballock meditation. Specific religious teachings have had very little enormousness to me, perhaps because church was not an requirement part of my upbringing. When I take the opportunity to stop, breathe, and contemplate my surroun dings, I feel a sense of connection with the! world I have never felt during religious services. In those moments,...If you trust to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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