Wednesday, January 4, 2017

College Students and Cannabis

College students have a archives of struggling with melody when spill through college; sorts, studying, homework, jobs. Students are running(a) extremely hard with colossal sleepless nights studying for an run that will make or break if you pass the crystallise or non. Which by having them render so intensely oer such a diminished part of the rest of the life sentence they are going to live. Having the tiny rehearse of ganja brotherly could help relieve that stress and end up having a positive effect in the overall end. College students should have the select to use medical halter for the use of stress from college life.\nAs I dive recently in to the many an(prenominal) articles Ive been narration about cannabis and its affects, one of the messages stands out or so to me and thats the alliance between stress and cannabis and how the use of cannabis can be a successful route to reduce your stress levels. I used to use cannabis daily for my severe stamp symptom s and for the unfortunate events that led up to it Im am no longer equal to. But whenever I was victimisation it was never to hold fast broad(prenominal) simply to help me cop out of that tactility of sadness. In an article they did a test on students to find if the medicate would be followed by shout or have colony towards cannabis. What they found doesnt ramp me, Despite the prospective relationship to marijuana use, problems, and dependence symptoms, inform patterns of pros did not significantly calculate marijuana abuse, and cons did not shout problems, abuse, or dependence symptoms (Jennifer C. Elliot and Kate B. Carey, 232). I was using anti-depressants for my depression many years before I would start using cannabis, but after taking nine-fold different pills and finding cryptograph was coming from it but that feeling of emptiness it would make me angry.\nI always found myself not being able to get through homework and acquiring stressed with my grades getting worse and worse. What was wrong with me? I would al... If you privation to get a ample essay, order it on our website:

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