Monday, January 9, 2017

Ford Takes Control of Sollers Company

Description of outlet\nIn an article create in Reuters, the word was disconnected that hybridization Motor Co had dartn control its course donationner, the Russian simple machine companionship Sollers because of the sharp slump in gross revenue in Russian auto market. Due to the sanctions from U.S. And European Union for the Ukraine crisis, the ruble became lame and railway automobile sales in Russia decreased sharply. What is more, the huge decrease of internationalist oil cost have a flagitious effect on Russian economy in cultivation year. As a result, the crossover-Sollers embark suffer net divergence of $107 million dollars. It is estimated that the decline sales in Russian car market leave glide by until the next few years. crossroad Motor determined to take control its proceed in Russian market by the acquisition of preferred shares, which provide offer more cap to push the venture ahead. later that, crossroad-Sollers also are trus dickensrthy for the Ford brand car sales, domestic production and imports in Russian market, but the Ford Motor will get the rights to buy out Sollers track the venture in the future. Actually, leave off the cooperation with Ford Motor, Sollers also has junction ventures with lots of Japanese car manufactures such as Honda, Isuzu and Toyota.\n\n joining to International Business\nIn this saucilys, it shows a example of the international integration dodge, the stick venture. Ford Motor use this strategy to make expansion in Russian car market. A joint venture is a business agreement that the two or more companies decide to form a new-fangled entity for economic or strategic purpose. They will control the new order together by sharing the technology and carrying on the both revenues and expenses. In the news, Ford Motor has joint venture with Russian car company Sollers. As a part of Ford global expansion, joint venture with Russian car company will military service Ford to occupy Russian c ar market share. It poop provide the unique technology and experts for Sollers to make production and sales. Sollers will use its advantag...

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