Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Module 3 SLP Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Module 3 SLP - Coursework Example As of December 2012, The Kraft Food owns 34 manufacturing plants in the US and two plants in Canada. The plants are capable of accommodating multiple product lines. They manufacture Cheese products in 12 locations, Beverage products in eight locations, Grocery products in 15 locations, Refrigerated Meals products in nine places. Apart from this they also outsource the production of products, if found advantageous (Kraft Foods Annual Report, 2013). The company garnered net revenues of $18.2 billion while earnings before tax stood at $4.1 billion in 2013. The companys balance sheet as on December 28, 2013 shows assets of $23.1 billion. The companys market capitalization is close to USD 39 billion. The companys operating profit margin is 22.67%. Operating cash flow is $1.8 billion. The companys return on assets is 11% while return on equity is 45.45%. The company stocks are traded on NASDAQ Stock Market (Balance Sheet, 2014). Human resource is considered an important and vital resource at Kraft Foods for companys sustainable development. Based on 2013 data, the company employs 20,400 employees in the US alone and around 2100 people in Canada (Kraft Foods Annual Report, 2013). The company employs rigorous development plans to retain this important resource. The company puts a special emphasis on employee engagement for their overall development and growth. Kraft Foods has mastered the basic science of food processing and the art. They have developed savory flavors, cheese solutions, and enhancers for developing distinct taste of their products. The company has developed cost-reduction technologies for its numerous processes to benefit consumers. The technical resources help them to compete in the market. They are considered a leader in flavor technology and capable of identifying and developing the best solution for their food products. They have pilot plant facilities to developing ingredients for

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