Friday, August 9, 2019

Juvenile courts Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Juvenile courts - Essay Example hat, by creating a separate court system for juvenile offenders, these young offenders will not be punished in a way that will have effect on their current behavior. While he agrees that young offenders do not require the harsher punishments seen within the regular court system, he believes that treatment will still be dismal if the two courts were separated. In regards to changing the current state of the juvenile court into involving social welfare to the offenders, Feld is against this because, in previous attempts, there were odds between how the offenders were treated and punished. As nothing was being done as it should have been, Feld believes that there is simply no point in having a juvenile court. Feld would like to abolish the juvenile courts altogether because he has not seen anything to suggest that they are doing any good. He thinks that there is nothing wrong with juveniles being tried in the typical court, just as long as they are given proper punishments that reflect how young they are (as well as the crime that they committed). The "cushions" that Feld recommends for juveniles being adjudicated in adult courts involve the young offenders avoiding punishments that are meant for adult offenders; this is a fear that he has with keeping them in the typical court, yet he believes things could be worse if there were separate courts. These "cushions" include the creation of waivers for specific offenses - these waivers would allow offenders to go free without imprisonment or a lengthy punishment, but perhaps community service or something similar to that effect. Another "cushion" allows that young offenders will have a maximum punishment, so that they are never given the sam e punishment as their adult counterparts. These "cushions" can prove to be helpful as they do take into consideration that young offenders do not deserve the same punishments as people older than them, and those that might have committed more serious offenses. They can prove to be

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