Friday, August 23, 2019

Second Language Acquisition Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Second Language Acquisition - Essay Example This enables a tutor to use the same technique either in learning or making then learn new things. Schulze (2003) points out that a tutor should understand most comfortable way in which a learner can acquire new knowledge. Additionally, acquiring a new language may be a requirement in the classroom and a tutor should be able to understand the learn preference of the learner. The concept of universal grammar may be useful in the way in which the universe shares in the same language and understanding. However, acquiring and implementing effectively universal grammar may be a difficult task due to the difficulties that might be experienced enabling all people to adapt new and common language. In the modern teaching practice learners adopt new cultures. For this reason, they have diverse languages. A tutor has a responsibility of ensuring that there are no language barriers in the classroom setting By implementing a universal grammar the teaching practice could be changed significantly. The teaching practice could permanently eradicate the language barrier in the system. Relating to the compilation of Cook (1985), a universal language may equip tutors with the opportunity to embrace a more diverse teaching environment. Education has been globalized which has made it a more language affiliated sector. For this reason, tutors should be enabled to handle learners from diverse cultures In my teaching practice, universal grammar may be an important inclusion in the system. On many occasions the practice encounters students with different first and second languages. For this reason, a tutor should be able to understand the most preferred language by students. Cook (1985) continues to argue that making a student understands a universal language at a young age may be an important possession in the future when they seek education. In the article, Vivian Cook raised issues on the will and ability of a learner to learn a second and third language. In addressing

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