Tuesday, August 27, 2019

The Ways We Lie Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

The Ways We Lie - Research Paper Example ng copywriter, and an author to Companion through the Darkness, in her writing of â€Å"The Ways We Lie,† tries to bring to light the numerous ways in which human beings lie to each other. The lies are justifiable by those who tell while others are not. She argues that every one of us is bound to lie and we do find excuses to get out of it when caught. There are many types of lying, which are to be discussed in this paper, and giving some examples to show how they are told. Ericsson believes that it is practically impossible to live without lying. She even tried doing that herself for a whole week, and she says that it was ‘paralyzing’ and that ‘there must be a merit to lying’. When you lie, it puts an end to the pressing issue or the situation one is in, but others require a series of lies that could go on for a lifetime. If one is not careful, the truth comes out at some point. All they had told becomes null and they get into trouble. The white lie, we are all guilty of this. When we are with our friends, we often lie to them in their faces so that we cannot hurt their feelings (Krentz, 2007). ‘You look okay in the suit’ we tell this to someone getting into an interview room so that they do not panic before they get an interview for their dream job. If we were to tell them the truth at that moment, they may back out from what they were doing and try to concentrate on the not so important details, which may lead them to fail. Men lie to their women almost every morning before they go to work, ‘Honey, your hair is perfect’, yet they have not even given the hair a look at all. Bergen Evans, an English professor said: A man who will not lie to a woman has very little consideration for her feelings. Deflection is another type of lying. It is easily visible in court when you make an accusation against someone and do not have a way to defend themselves. The only option for them is to keep quiet until the other party says something offensive about

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