Monday, September 2, 2019

Analysis of M.I.A.s Paper Planes Music Video -- Music Analysis

There is one universal language: the language of music. Music has a special quality and ability to bridge both social and cultural divides. A proposed theory by Dr. Gray, Founder and Director of National Musical Arts’ BioMusic Program; describes music has been around longer than human-beings have. Music is the one thing human beings from various backgrounds can relate to. Every living creature would agree. Music is heard everywhere not just among humans, but in nature as well, through the twitting of birds, winds blowing, the soft sound of raindrops against a windowpane, the ocean waves moving back and forth and the hum of the ocean rushing in a sea shell. There is no escaping it; music lives in and surrounds us steadily. While there are countless songs which confer social or cultural consciousness, this paper will analyze and address the dynamics of M.I.A.’s â€Å"Paper Planes†, video. Stylistically, the paper will examine the artist point of view, the unique use of lyrical analysis and sound description in relation to its historical, social, political and/or cultural context. This essay will also trace the lyrical analysis and sound description of song and discuss how the elements (visually, sonically, and lyrically) interplay with the theme of immigration and/or violence. Known in the music genre as one of the â€Å"most provocative pop star of her age† (Sawyer, Pg. 1). Mathangi "Maya" Arulpragasam or M.I.A. by her stage name was born in London in 1975. At 6 months, her parents returned to their native land of Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is an island which is located off the southern coast of the Indian in South Asia. M.I.A is considered one of the most controversial music artists of her time. Many agree that she has a unique way of com...>. M.I.A., â€Å"Paper Planes,† 2007, [Lyrics], Moraga, Cherrie, and Gloria Anzaldua. This Bridge Called My Back. New York: Kitchen Table Women of Color Press, 1984. N. pag. Print. â€Å" Interview†, [2010] Reed, La Trina L. "La Trina’s Mixx Tape: A Literary look in." Los Angeles. 22 Mar. 2012. Essay. Sawyer, Miranda. "MIA: 'I'm here for the people'." The Observer 12 June 2010: 1+. Web. 25 May 2012. . Stetler, Carrie. "Violent references raise concerns in Sri Lankan pop star's 'Paper Planes'." 8 Oct. 2008: 1+. Web. 20 May 2012. .

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