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The company The Spykar story started way back in 1992, when Mr. Prasad Pabrekar led by ambition ventured into fashion apparels and accessories to make use of his vast repertoire of technical knowledge in processing of denim garments. He started the company with the firm belief that the best investment for the Co. was Human Capital, starting with a just a handful, and slowly built up a company with over 150 employees. He gave them the best possible infrastructure to work within, resulting in a strong & dedicated team.The company is based on strict code of ethics which is evident in its dealing with all its partners; namely employees, trade associates, vendors and the like. Its accent on the quality of its products has been unwavering right from its inception. It has always strived to produce a product, having a global appeal. Denims are the core of the company's business. This has been facilitated by the company's in-house processing unit and gives the company the competitive edge in consistently producing denims of international quality.To continuously innovate, and to bring new styles, cuts and fabric to the market, the company has a team of young and dedicated designers and merchandisers, who are extremely aware of the latest trends in the international market. The company experiments a great deal on new styles and accessories, making them trendy and accessible to the Indian consumer. Since Spykar designs specifically for Indian audiences, it has the best fits and designs in its repertoire. In 1994, Spykar moved beyond denims and introduced Helium's, a collection of cotton casual wear.This was followed by Forays in 1996; a brand with an attitude positioning that caters to the after-office leisurewear segment. SPYKAR products are available at over 500 MBOs across the country, apart from the large format stores like Shopper's Stop, Globus, Lifestyle, Pantaloons, Pyramids, etc. and at the Exclusive Spykar Jeans outlet at Ahmedabad, Ghazi bad, Hyderabad, Indore, Kolkata, Lucknow, Mumbai, Nasik, New Delhi and Pune. Spykar Jeans currently has 99 Exclusive Brand Outlet and plans to increase that number to 150 by the end of 2008.To mark its foray in the international arena, Spykar has also opened its first exclusive outlet at Glades Mall, London. The brand has always focused on the u: th and their aspirations and built up the product portfolio accordingly. All its marketing efforts are targeted at making the brand relevant at all times to this discerning audience. Strategic Intent The company is committed to being the first choice casual wear brand of the youth. The company’s brand does not have a fixed definition but has always been relevant to the u:th and also to the changing market dynamics.The company’s brand building activities will continue to maintain the premium positioning and make it one of the most inspirational, trendy and obviously the most sought after brand. The Company is compliant, eco friendly, socially responsi ble, evolving, profit oriented, always people-centric and doing justice to those who work for it. Though professional and passionate; the people will have their professional and personal lives aligned. First to the Brands Credit/Milestones Achieved.We revolutionized Cargo's in the country with the very non-conformist look and its innovative presentation. We broke all norms of how a pair of pants should be sold. Rolled and tied by a canvas strip and stocked in this form on the shelves – it defied conventional norms and challenged tradition. Target audience who identified with this Rebellious approach lapped-up the product and yet again Spykar scored in turning the table upside down. We sold nearly 70,000 pants and cargos with not even 60% of the demand fed.To cut the monotonous complacency of basic 5 pockets we stylized denims as flamboyant blues. This fashioned persona of denims was introduced as Actifs (Spykar's Fashion Denim Collection) with 5 fits – Stern, Rebel, Ma verick, Recruit & Renegade. USP Endeavor sustenance as a premium fashion wear brand, providing total casual dressing for the u:th's complete fashion needs. The entire offering is fashion and hence radical at times. The single line to sum it up is Spykar jeans: 18 till I die (ever young).Advertising – Frankly one of the reasons why Spykar has clicked so well is that it has not done much advertising and restricted itself to the Print Media and the occasional Bill Board. I believe that if a Brand overexposes itself than it loses it’s value and if it has just the right amount of advertising and has some good â€Å"mouth-to-mouth† advertising then it actually becomes more â€Å"hep and cool† as in the case of Spykar and this is all the more important on a brand like which is trying to appeal to the 17-25 age group, i. e. , Spykar.What makes it Click – The major thing that makes Spykar click is that it goes adding and bringing in new trends every now and then. They had that shiny jeans I told you about around 6 months back and 3 months back they got the Polynosic short shirt and the maverick wash and now they have the Contrast Stitching Cargoes. Innovation and new trends are what are most important in Garment Business. Without that you are going nowhere except downhill. The best example for this is Wearhouse. For those who do not know this is a retail chain from Bangalore. How the Spykar Franchise OperatesThe Spykar franchise wants to retain its position as the premium casual wear choice of the young generation. The garments retail franchise does not like to associate its brand name with a fixed fashion definition. The  retail services business keeps a close watch on the changing dynamics of market. T The Spykar franchise involves in brand building and other promotional activities, which are needed to maintain its leading position in the garment industry. The retail services business ensures that all its operations are eco-friend ly, people-centric, socially responsible and profit oriented.The garments retail franchise has literally revolutionised the cargo wear industry in India. The retail services business presented cargo materials in an innovative fashion by providing a non-conformist look to it. The Spykar franchise dared to break all conventions regarding the sale of pants. The introduction of the unique cargo style by the garments retail franchise was actually a challenge to the traditional concept of pants. Another milestone in the history of the Spykar franchise was the incorporation of the garment company by name Span Apparels.The quality services offered by the retail services franchise in the field of garment industry were acclaimed by declaring it as the Best Casual Wear Brand of the Year in 2006. The Spykar Franchise Excels in Denim Manufacture The Spykar franchise has been offering fashion wears and accessories since 1992. The retail services business was founded by Prasad Pabrekar who wanted to make use of technical knowledge in processing jeans garments. The garments retail franchise was set up with the belief that human capital as its best investment.The quality service offered by the Spykar franchise slowly resulted in the enhancement of the number of employees. The functioning of the garments retail franchise is strictly based on a code of ethics. It is the absolute adherence to this code of ethics, which has helped the retail services franchise in ensuring smooth relationships with its trading partners, employees, vendors etc. The Spykar franchise always ensures that its employees are provided with the best possible infrastructural facilities in order to enhance their productivity.The garments retail franchise wants a dedicated team of employees who are all committed to the core values of the company. The retail services business has been offering garments of uniform quality standards from the very beginning. The garments retail franchise assays to come out with qu ality dress materials that are of global standards. The Spykar franchise has its focus on the manufacture of denims. The Variety of Products of the Spykar Franchise The in-house processing unit of the Spykar franchise strives consistently to produce denims of international quality.The garments retail franchise keeps on innovating new styles by experimenting with cuts and fabric patterns. The vibrant team of young designers of the retail services business is well updated on the latest trends in denim fashion. The Spykar franchise has introduced many accessories which have become trend setters in the Indian market. It was in 1994 that the garments retail franchise dared to introduce Helium's in the Indian market. These cotton casual wears of the Spykar franchise were well accepted. The success story of helium’s made the retail services franchise experiment Forays, which was a unique collection of leisure-wears.The Spykar franchise has got its outlets opened in all the major Ind ian cities. The garments retail franchise presently has seventy eight exclusive outlets. The retail services business aims at increasing the number of outlets to 150 by 2008. The Spykar franchise has also ventured into the international market by opening a store in London. All the marketing efforts of the garments retail franchise aims at ensuring that its brand name does not lose relevance and its designs are not described as ‘gone out of fashion

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