Saturday, September 28, 2019

System-Beaters: On the Road to Heartbreak

System-beaters are basically lazy people that do all this thinking and try so hard to figure out a way that will help them beat the system. What they don’t know is that they hurt themselves more than helping. They are not only hurting themselves but their families as well. These kinds of people always search for the easiest way out of things. For example, they make up excuses of why they didn’t show up for work or why they miss important meetings. These people are capable to influence others to do their work instead of doing it themselves. These kinds of people think that by doing all the work they are suppose to do to accomplish what they have to is just a waste of time when as to them there is an easy way out. System-beaters are capable of making themselves and their surroundings believe that they could survive out in the real world by their beliefs. When their luck comes to an end, they start pointing fingers to those who always tried to help them. They make everyone feel guilty except themselves. At the end of time most of these system-beaters never achieve their goals. System-beaters loose trust from all the people that once trusted them. Some of them actually have to start all over again to fulfill their goals and that will take time to accomplish them. If parents feel like their children are leaning towards that way, they have the power to make them better human beings. Parents have all the power of saving their children. This article is very important. It contains powerful and truthful information. This is actually the first time I read about these kinds of people, the system-beaters. I didn’t even know that these people even existed. Now that I think about there is people like this I know few. I think that where it all starts is when we get to high school. Most of the students take high school as a place to hangout with friends instead of the real purpose which is education. We start to realize how serious education is when we graduate from high school. We are nothing without an education. I could say that I was one of these people when I was in high school, but I didn’t know that it could be dangerous. I liked to go to school just to see my friends, know all the new gossips, just have fun and not care about school related information. It is very true when it says that these people use a lot of their time and energy on trying to beat the system. I never thought that being this way could really make me an untrustworthy person or lazy person. I agree with this advice. By reading this article, I learned that these people could have very serious difficulties in the future, especially when it comes to school and jobs. I actually thought that I was the only one that was like that. College for me is being difficult because I was being use to high school. I used to do whatever I want when I wanted. I was always missing school or ditch and when I was in the class I would always be talking or not paying attention to the lecture. Even though I did not take high school very seriously I graduated. My grades where always passing, I never got in trouble with the teachers or the principle. I can say that I knew what to do so my teachers wouldn’t be on my back all the time. Every time I miss a class, I would go and sometimes make up an excuse as to why I was absent that they and that way they would let make up any missing assignments. I would always ask them what the homework was for that day and take it to them, so that they could see that I was really serious about passing that class. When I was in elementary school I would always get good grades, honor roll, homework hero, all the possible recognitions that there could have been I would get. I was a very bright child. It all started when I entered high school, I guess I changed because of all the things that go on there for example, the parties, the liquor, friends, and all those little things do affect someone. I being like this did not affect anyone in any harmful way. I think it is not too late for me to change my way of taking school seriously. Now more than ever I want to finish my career, get a job, and hopefully get married with children. I never thought that this could actually have some seriously bad consequences. Never in my mind would I imagine that this could affect me and my loved ones in my future. This stage of my life I am taking it very serious especially now that I read this article. I want to learn as much as possible so that when I transfer to a university I would not struggle as much as I am in college. I guess I was so used to high school always being so easy that I thought college was going to be the same, but now I realize that it’s not. College is just preparing me for university, now I can’t imagine how difficult it is going to be there. This is why I do agree with this article hundred percent. The audience the article is addressing to is the ones that are like this. These are people that do not care about absolutely nothing but themselves. They would do anything to achieve their goals even though they are hurting others. To the ones who know that they are going on the wrong path because there are people who are like this, lazy, but they do not know that they can hurt or struggle more in the future. It is not fair if these people achieve their goals by doing what they do, cheating the system. I really enjoyed reading this article about system-beaters it taught me a really good lesson, try to make a plan so that you won’t become a system beater.

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