Saturday, October 5, 2019

Designing a course in technology-Enhanced learning for Adult learners Essay

Designing a course in technology-Enhanced learning for Adult learners - Essay Example This paper aims to present a discussion that revolves around principles of learning design. The focus is to design a unit assessment plan that will educate 65 year old adults on prevention, treatment, and management of foot related complications. Some of the skills that the unit assessment aims to establish among the older population include synthesis of instruction, exploration skills, designing skills, collaboration, and reflection skills. Technological transformations have prompted the majority of educators to adopt newer and advanced forms of newer technology in teaching. Teachers in institutions of higher learning have opted for the use of e-mails, PowerPoint presentations, education applications, and design Web sites to pass knowledge and information to learners (Caulfield, 2011). The mode of connecting teaching to learning has formed the center of current debate, with critics questioning the validity of the relationship. This is because they have argued that such learning techniques are vulnerable to losing their validity with changes in technology. On the other hand, proponents have highly held the phenomenon, citing their value in expanding the learning and teaching experience. Rogers (2003) maintains that the application of skills in learning and teaching is crucial, as it determines the effectiveness of the teaching and learning experiences. When a new technology emerges, there are various levels that educators should undergo in their endeavors to fully adopt any technological model of teaching (Rogers, 2003). However, recent research has revealed that some learning sessions have not fully benefited from the advantages of employing technological based teaching and learning experiences. This is because of the different degrees of adaptation by teachers. Analysts have argued that educators should follow the right procedure in their quest to make some technology based models of teaching part of their professional initiative. Some of the

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