Saturday, October 19, 2019

Legal issues in cloud computing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Legal issues in cloud computing - Essay Example Such clauses usually require the customer or a supplier to test the equipment according to specified testing procedures. The supplier is also required to rectify any defects on the equipment or allow the customer to reject the equipment and get a refund (Salido 21). There is always the risk of accidental or deliberate, but unauthorized destruction or modification of data by rogue employees of the provider. Such events compromise the quality of correctness, accuracy, completeness and the integrity of the data. In its contract, the customer should consider which party is best placed to handle those risks and, therefore, whether the arrangement with the provider should require the supplier to be accountable for the losses (Salido 22). A client may have statutory obligations to keep certain information confidential. Therefore, it is necessary that these obligations are also transmitted to the provider in situations where the provider is accessing or storing the customer’s data. Normally, the customer will want the provider to meet a minimum level of discretion for the customer’s information. In cases involving sensitive information, the degree of protection will need to be stronger. All systems of protection stated in this paper may potentially be insignificant unless the customer can approve that the required information security requirements are being satisfied. Audit of providers is one way of ensuring conformity. Audit of such arrangements is, however, likely to be complicated by location of the data- which may be mysterious to the client and could be located in foreign countries (Salido 23). Data ownership is the possession of and accountability of information. It denotes power as well as management of data. The supplier may own all of the property rights in the software or the supplier may be licensed to grant the license to the customer. It is essential that the supplier give the customer a permit that it has all the entitlements to

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