Thursday, October 17, 2019

Material Science Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Material Science - Essay Example Graphene is another example of a nano-structural material that is being used in the optic and electronic industry, due to its high energy capacity and also the high rate of charge. Scanning probe microscope works through the use of a physical probe that scans specimens and then provides the recorded data that is depicted in the form of a heat map that takes either an orange or a black and white image. Shear stress refers to the force that pushes particles within a liquid, gaseous or solid material in the direction that is parallel to the surface/plane. On the other hand, tensile stress refers to the forces that push a particle on to the other from varied directions. Compressive stress refers to the forces in the materials that push the material particles against one another. A phase diagram offers information related to the structure of a material through graphic presentation, which indicates the relationship between solid, liquids and gaseous state of a material when the material is heat-treated. It offers information regarding at which heat-point the solid state of material changes to liquid, and at which heat-point the liquid changes into gas. Annealing refers to the heat treatment of a material such that it increases its ductility and becomes more workable. Quenching refers to the rapid cooling of a material through immersion into a liquid such as oil or water, to form a certain material property that is activatable in different material states. Austenitizing refers to the heat-treatment of material such that it attains certain hardening characteristic when it is cooled down through quenching. Normalizing is a heat-treatment method for materials that softens the materials without producing the uniformity of the material property. Collision occurs on the event of two signals being sent through the same channel of transmission, such that the signals collide with each other. Packet collision is a form of

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