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Romantic Writing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Romantic Writing - Essay Example That aside, the city was covered with immense beauty with lovely people. There were echoes of good music across the city and many adored an advance of the majestic King from the royalty. His spender was a mark of beauty that drew the attention of everybody. The whole vicinity of the city was good for one to stay and it was full of comfort with the assurance of security and comfort of a friendly society. Everybody seemed to be calm and composed. There was no reason to cast doubt on anything or even to grow suspicious of any event that was to come. The society was accommodating with everybody minding own businesses. The paradox is evident when the poet makes an observation of a boy who they grew up and ended up in London after fate had forced him out of school because of his physical challenge. The boy upon return to his home was not the same as he had departed from a few years before. The boy who then had grown to a full man depicted an image that left everybody with little respect an d admiration of London. The boy was emaciated with a seemingly poor health. The health of the boy had deteriorated which was a thing that sent a signal that London was not a good place, as it seemed to be at the superficial cover. The presence of the boy revealed another aspect that the poet seemed to misunderstand. In the abode of the poet, things seemed to be normal and his perception was deceived to think that people in the capital city of England were nice. To the lame boy, things were quite different. The environment to him was marred with hostility and nobody seemed to care about anybody. Individualism befitted the description of the town dwellers and everybody minded their own business. Everybody was on their own; and worst of all, even the next door neighbors did not care about each other. Nobody cared about other peoples’ welfare and even the government did not mind of the welfare of the disabled and the destitute. The poor and the lame were left to survive on their own without any assistance lest they be eliminated by the cruel nature that was created by the selfish human beings. In England, people were permanent strangers to each other because unless there is a relationship that seem to benefit another person, then there was never a point of contact between people at all (Jeffrey 1992). People minded their own businesses without caring of another person. The city though had good people by site. They were very attractive with grin smiles all over their faces but this depiction was further blended with opposite thoughts of the time. Nobody was happy with one another and what seemed to be was just a mark of the opposite (Roe 1998). The environment was covered with beauty and the aesthetics of the city of a higher standard. The city was covered with imaginations of beauty and the calmness of ethos and morality. The presence of God seemed to be part of the city and accommodation of diversity seemed to be an accepted and an appreciable fact. Church es and religious depictions were many in the city. The increasing number of churches could send one to an imagination that folks there were following religious values and virtue taught by Christ. This was contrary. People were walking into churches, and hypocritically proclaiming goodness but immediately they step out of the church doors, life was taken as normal and the selfish lifestyle took effect. The poet is

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