Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Romanian Adoption :: Romania Adoption Adopted

Romanian Adoption Abstract During my research on Romanian Adoption, I first believed that the law had no relevance and was just a stupid law so that Romania could get into the European Union. However, during my research I saw that Romania did have the children at interest but the law was too extreme. The law has both upsides and downsides to it. The most effective and persuasive evidence that I have found is the letter from Emma Nicholson. This quote is pretty strong: â€Å"Adoption is the giving of a family to a child and not a child to a family.† This statement was made by the Stratsburg Court when they ruled in favor of the two Romanian girls who wished to stay in Romania but was adopted against their wishes. Even though I do not agree with Emma Nicholson completely, she is very persuasive and she makes very strong claims. Emma Nicholson does not live in Romania but she is very concerned about the children of Romania. Since she doesn’t live in Romania she doesn’t have too much concern for the country which makes her seem she is more for the children. I understand that Romania does not want to be a â€Å"baby producer† for other countries and I understand that European Union was threatening Romania about adoptions and I also understand that child trafficking is a problem in Romania. I do believe that Romania has interest for the child but the law is too harsh and some exceptions should be made to the law. The process of the assignment was tiring. Although there was not much more to do then research, pulling all the research together into one cohesive paper was tiring. My most valuable research tool was the internet. With my topic there were not any books. Most of my research was done on the database search on the Penrose Library. But I did have a lot of research through the US embassy and Joint Council. During my research I learned a lot about the history of Romania. I learned that the orphan problem in Romania was because of the Communist Regime and the Dictator.

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