Sunday, November 24, 2019

The Hero Diary Entry Essays

The Hero Diary Entry Essays The Hero Diary Entry Paper The Hero Diary Entry Paper The old woman suddenly started to shed tears because she noticed that I was going to inform her about his sons death and I didnt know what to do so I decided to continue my well prepared speech louder than I was telling it before. But her weeping also got louder and with a higher intensity. I finally decided to stop but I didnt have enough bravery and confidence with her to get nearer and say that I was very sorry so I got up. She didnt even notice I was walking towards the door but when I opened it she stopped crying. I looked towards her and I noticed she was whispering something very softly with her neck bent. I stayed at the door mat until she said directly to me that she wanted me to stay and tell her about the last time I was with Jack and what he told me about her. I stood quietly besides her and she asked me if all that I had said was true. The problem in my mind started again because I wasnt brave enough to tell the truth about the cowardly attitude of her son. I gave her Jacks badge and the uniform he used in war. She smiled directly to me but I felt bad about myself because I knew that telling the truth would affect her feelings a lot. I stayed with her just a little longer because my real work was in the front line and when I went out the weather was much colder and sad; just the same as the womans feelings. There are a lot of these situations in war daily but this was an exceptional case which I am sure I will remember all my life. Im so sure because every night in my dreams since that day, I can see the old lady in her living room, in the same couch I was sitting when I went there, crying for her son because she was proud of him, because he died for her and for her country.

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