Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Enviro Golf Tees Company Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Enviro Golf Tees Company - Case Study Example Golf tees are a necessity in playing golf, we all know that.   We can not just play out there without this gadget.   They are like golf balls; if there’s great demand for golf balls, so do with golf tees.   And they are also expendable.   This is the reason why the company’s objective of producing bio-degradable tees is a priority.   The product alone is beneficial to the environment.  Prices for the product should be consistent with the Enviro Golf Tees’ goals and mission.   Pricing decision should be set in accordance with organization’s objectives, costs for the manufacturing, other marketing mix variables, channel member expectations, buyers’ perceptions, competition, and the legal and regulatory issues. (Dibb et al, 1997, p. 567-568) Perceived or â€Å"real† differences in competitors’ products: Some competitive products are identical product.Price is therefore the only consideration. Marketing Mix VariablesAccording to Dibb et al (1997, p. 576), â€Å"Price is the value placed on what is exchanged. The buyer exchanges buying power – which depends on the buyer’s income, credit and wealth – for satisfaction or utility. Price is a key element in the marketing mix because it relates directly to the generation of total revenue.†Ã‚  While we depend on the price of golf tees for the generation of revenues, pricing has to consider many factors so that the company can proceed smoothly.... 5) Activities of Enviro Golf Tees in the immediate future will revolve around this concept: creation, distribution, promotion and pricing of a state-of-the art environment-friendly golf tees. Marketing a product with an objective of helping preserve the environment is the primary goal. However, the company will go through the process of regular marketing, surveying the psychology and culture of consumers and people, and making moves that will lead the company to a determined future. "Marketers must constantly assess their customers' requirements and be prepared to modify their marketing activity accordingly. An assessment of marketing opportunities is an ever evolving process requiring regular revision and up-dating." (Zairi, 1996, p. 5) Objectives and goals of Enviro Golf Tees are currently based on this. Core ingredients of our priorites Focus and thrust of the company's business will bear the "core ingredients of the various definitions that collectively indicate the basic priorities of marketing: satisfying customers Marketing of the product will be primarily based on a wholesale basis, not piece-by-piece. For as long as customers, in this case golf courses, tournament organizers, etc. - buy golf balls, golf tees will be simultaneously sold along with it. identifying/maximizing marketing opportunities This may be an easy way because marketing opportunities will always be there in the field of the countless golf courses in the country. targeting the right customers As has been said, the customers are not one or a few players of golf, but the thousands of golf courses and owners in the United States. facilitating exchange relationships Customer relationship marketing

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