Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Letter Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 8

Letter - Essay Example German invasion of Poland and French declaration of war on Germany have resulted in a large number of casualties. I do not know why the main powers of the world have lost patience and have started the war but I believe that our army can lead the world towards peace and stability. We are determined to get victory in the pacific region. The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour and Hitler’s declaration of war are such issues which have forced us to participate in the war. We have the aim of helping the countries which are in need. We have to support British in order to stop Germans from conquering the land of Britain. We are the peacemakers, not peace destroyers. My dear sister! Do not get upset because of the situation. We are doing our best for the cause. Our physical condition is also good and we can fight for a long time for the cause of bringing pace to the world. You want, I want, we all want Britain and France to stop German invasion by winning the war against Germany. Our political leadership has given us a lot of support in aiding Britain and helping her win the war against Germans. It is very good to know that both political leadership and general public have the same mindset as they are supporting us in our mission of helping Britain. We want to stabilize democracy in every part of the world. To me, democracy is the best way of governance. When a threat to democracy occurs in any part of the world, its effects can be seen in all related parts of the world. Threat to democracy is also one of the main reasons of this war. The democratic powers have become passive. Here, I would like to tell you some of the main causes of this war in order to make you aware why we have been involved in the war. Some causes include Hitler’s aim to dominate the European countries, aggressive aims of Hitler’s allies, such as, Italy and Japan, failure of the Treaty of Versailles, and inability of the League of Nations to keep peace in the world. In the end, I would say

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